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BE AWARE Pure Essential Oil Blend 15mL Zoom

BE AWARE Pure Essential Oil Blend 15mL

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Ingredients: Basil, Bergamot, Geranium, Lemon, Orange, Rosemary, and Sandalwood pure essential oils.



BE AWARE Pure Blend 15mL stimulates focus, inner strength and achievement.

It contains essential oils that are energising and stimulating.  Use it at home for study or in the workplace when knowledge retention and productivity are needed.  A unique blend of ‘Grade 1' therapeutic quality pure essential oils of Basil, Bergamot, Geranium, Lemon, Orange, Rosemary and Sandalwood pure essential oils.

The Amethyst crystal bead included promotes intuition, creativity and motivation.  A stone of spirituality and contentment it presents an opportunity for complete metamorphosis and change.

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Additional Information

Size 15mL
Product Code BE0002
Ingredients Basil, Bergamot, Geranium, Lemon, Orange, Rosewood, Sandalwood View Essential Oil Properties


  1. My Story Review by Elaine Spedding

    Dear Cheryl & Crew, I truly thank you for providing such a wonderful product. I hope that you enjoy my story of which every word is true. I have enclosed a copy of my diploma and extract from an article as proof! My friends & family purchase your products for both themselves and for me as birthday & Christmas gifts as they know I will definitely use them…how fantastic! Elaine

    My Story

    I’ll tell you all my story
    In hope that you will see
    The therapeutic benefits
    Obtained from using BE

    I always knew that nature
    Held secrets yet untold
    Abound with ageless remedies
    Passed down from days of old

    The smell of grandma’s lavender
    And homegrown herbal Tea
    Were just a part of childhood
    Familiar to me

    But in this mad and busy world
    I somehow just forgot
    And opted for commercial brands
    Seen advertised a lot

    I just assumed they did their job
    With nothing to compare
    Until a friend suggested
    I purchase BE Aware

    She knew that I was studying
    And always under stress
    And felt that natural remedies
    Would help sort out the mess

    The Basil & the Rosemary
    Would stimulate my brain
    And help me both to concentrate
    With data to retain

    I passed my course and topped the state
    Diploma truly earned
    But felt that in another sense
    That something else I’d learned

    It helped me to remember
    Those things I always knew
    And as I used your products more
    My optimism grew

    Returning back to basics
    Instilled an inner calm
    Without the use of chemicals
    That cause us so much harm

    I carried on with busy life
    3 Children now in tow
    But there was something sinister
    That I was yet to know

    My health was on a downward run
    I felt a proper mess
    And after weeks of testing
    They said I had MS

    I found it hard to grasp at first
    Not sure which way to turn
    But knew there must be something more
    From nature I could learn

    I studied all the different oils
    And properties they hold
    And read the testimonials
    That people often told

    I found that through my illness
    Although I often grieved
    I gained enormous benefit
    From using BE Relieved

    The Marjoram & Lavender
    They calmed and helped me rest
    While Petitgrain & Rosemary
    For nerves they were the best

    Neroli & Sweet Orange oil
    & Bergamot were sure
    To rid me of anxiety
    With sleepless nights no more

    My friends they all passed comment
    Of change they saw in me
    And all the credit given
    Just comes from using BE

    So many now converted
    They’re numbers, I’ve lost count
    And further testimonials
    Continue now to mount

    I sense a certain shifting
    From all those modern ways
    And getting back to basic things
    Like in those early days

    So overall the question is…..??
    To BE or not to BE
    If my recount is not enough
    Just try them and you’ll see

    Like many more before you
    Who’ve put it to the test
    You’ll prove that these essential oils
    Are truly just the best!

    Thank You Cheryl Gilbert for You & BE!
    (Posted on 11/08/17)

  2. Was amazed at how well I did. Review by Annette

    I ordered the product after my first exam but it arrived in time for my last exam (which was the most difficult of all of my exams). I put it on before the exam and did exceptional in the exam and I even walked out of the exam with 40 minutes to spare which is unusual for a law exam as no one finishes them within the 3 hour time limit. But not only did I have 40 minutes to spare but I received my mark and was amazed at how well I did in comparison with the other 3 exams that I had the previous week without the help of the oil. Anyway it worked and I now carry the little bottle of the essential oil to uni to help me concentrate on my lectures. I only wished I had learnt of the benefits at the start of my university degree. I would recommend this to anyone. It really works and my grades reflected its benefits with last semester being my best achievement to date. Thank you for your assistance and great product.

    (Posted on 11/08/17)

  3. ... because it does wonders for my concentration Review by Kerry Jackson

    Having just started back at school for this term, I'm using BE Aware every morning again because it does wonders for my concentration, which can often lack at school… I don't have any particularly serious ailments which Balanced Essentials has helped with but it's the little things which have made my life so much better and I know it will continue to do so. I like to share these little stories of how Balanced Essentials has helped me in these small ways, and I'm sure you enjoy getting the feedback on your wonderful products. Thank you very much.
    Kerry Jackson
    (Posted on 11/08/17)

  4. Within minutes I was awake and able to concentrate Review by Maria Landrelli

    My other big saviour is BE Aware. I recently attended a 2 day seminar and by the afternoon my head was swimming with information. I put some BE Aware on my temples and within minutes I was awake and able to concentrate. I always carry the small bottle in my briefcase and if I start to wander, out comes the bottle. I thank the late night I first heard about BE range on TV and have introduced many people since then.

    (Posted on 11/08/17)

  5. I recently tried BE Aware – Wow! Review by Robyn

    I recently tried BE Aware – wow – another amazing story. I needed to stay on the ball at a meeting concerning my Father’s estate (it’s been a long, stressful experience – 2 years) and so I put BE Aware on a cotton hanky down my cleavage – all through the two hour meeting I smelt and felt with such clarity – I will not be without this fantastic oil, especially when in a situation of pressure and uncertainty. People need to know the wonderful benefits of using nature’s gifts. Our health system would be a lot healthier if people took responsibility for their own health (mental and physical) and instead of clogging the system with bullshit things they applied to their own devices and healed their own bodies with gentle, environmentally friendly products. The possibilities for this form of healing seems to be endless and all in the comfort of your own home….no visiting doctor waiting rooms etc. The smell of these places make my blood pressure rise – it’s so sterile. As a farmer smell is such an integral part of everyday so that sense is highly developed. BE opens doors – in every sense – mind, body and soul. I would be very happy to invest money in your company if you ever went public because I totally believe it is the way to go….to health and happiness. I hope Balanced Essentials will continue and with Cheryl’s guidance and creativity be a world beater….because in my mind it is now. Well done BE, people do enjoy and appreciate all you do.

    (Posted on 11/08/17)

  6. I was blown away with the focus I experienced Review by Tina Cushman

    My circumstances in life changed dramatically several years ago – and I found myself (in my mid 50’s) having to retrain. This has been quite difficult – but the rewards of going back to ‘school’ have been tremendously enlightening. Assignments have been a struggle – but the last one was done with the aid of your wonderful ‘Aware’. I was blown away with the focus I experienced! It was the speediest assignment I have ever done and I managed a B+ for it! The factor which I’m sure sets your product apart from others is the concept of having crystals in the bottles – I feel this really makes the difference – can’t wait to finish all the bottles now to collect them all!!! Crystals have become part of my life on a daily basis and I have witnessed how powerful they can be. I think your products are really wonderful – they must help so many people.

    (Posted on 11/08/17)

  7. BE Aware encourages me to clean up! Review by Rosemary

    I use your BE Aware essential oil on my vacuum cleaner filter when I vacuum it makes the house smell great and encourages me to clean up!

    (Posted on 11/08/17)

  8. BE Aware has helped her to focus on her studies Review by Tracey

    Hi Cheryl, My daughter is in Yr 11 & the work load is pretty heavy, she was telling me how she had a test the next day, she didn't think she would do very well, I suggested that she use BE Aware while she studies, & to put BE Aware on before she goes to school. She came home from school and thought she did very will in the test. Since then she uses BE Aware when she studies & puts it on before school each morning. Her results have been A's & B+'s in her tests since using BE Aware. She believes that BE Aware has helped her to focus on her studies and retain the knowledge for her test, as these are the best results she has achieved. My 13yr son has also been using BE Aware, as he does the paper run and has to be up early, I suggested after his shower he put on BE Uplifted and before he goes to school to put on BE Aware. The 1st time he used this, he came home & said "it really works", he couldn't believe how focused he stayed in class.
    Now for my 10 year old son he has some learning difficulties in the area of English, each morning we have a routine BE Uplifted is massaged into his feet, then BE Aware goes on the rest of the body & last of all a few drops of the BE Aware concentrate added on to a tissue then pinned on to the inside of his collar. After using these products for about a week, he came to me one afternoon after school & told me he feels he is learning more & doesn't get into trouble in class, "I just sit in class & learn"! He even seems to be coping better with his homework. Now I know that these products work but to actually have him come to me & tell me, was wonderful to hear. With extra support from school & at home & BE Aware I'm sure he's going to do fine. I'm so glad that my kids are doing well at school and THANK YOU so very much for great products its wonderful that there are people like you, to care enough about the well-being of others. THANK YOU again.
    (Posted on 11/08/17)

  9. Nothing comes close to the quality and fragrance Review by Moira McEwan

    I have been meaning to write this very important testimonial for some months, but I am sure you’ll forgive me because life just got in the way.

    I have been a Balanced Essentials devotee since the very first time I saw Cheryl on the Shopping Channel. I use most of the Balanced Essentials range, but my BE Relieved is never far from reach.

    I still use my Balanced Essentials every single day, I’ll never be without it, I even treat myself to the Pure Concentrates in a burner to fragrance my home. There is nothing that comes close to the quality and fragrance of those blends.

    My belief in the Balanced Essentials range has never changed. It does exactly what it is supposed to do for pain and for comfort, but I think there’s a little bit of magic in it too!
    (Posted on 6/08/13)


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