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BE SENSUAL Luxurious Massage/Facial Oil 100mL Zoom

BE SENSUAL Luxurious Massage/Facial Oil 100mL

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BE SENSUAL Luxurious Massage/Facial Oil is a sensual fragrance that contains the unique aroma of 7 of the most expensive essential oils – Rose, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Benzoin, Patchouli, Rosewood and Frankincense blended in the nourishing properties of jojoba and sweet almond oils. As well as being a wonderful moisturiser for the skin it is also a natural perfume based on “ancient traditions” that can be used as an all over the body application.

The Garnet Crystal bead included in BE SENSUAL helps to disperse and enhance the natural benefits of the ingredients.

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Ingredients: Rose, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Benzoin, Patchouli, Rosewood and Frankincense blended in the nourishing properties of Jojoba and Sweet Almond oils.


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Size 100mL
Product Code BE0100
Ingredients Benzoin, Frankincense, Neroli, Patchouli, Rose, Rosewood, Ylang Ylang View Essential Oil Properties


  1. Who would be without Balanced Essentials? Review by Cathy

    Who would I be without Balanced Essentials? Their exquisite perfumes, enriching
    ingredients, healing properties are part of my daily routine, have become an essential part of me. 'I knew you'd been in the cubicle before me, I could smell you,' my friend and colleague broadcasted across the open plan office after visiting the toilets, 'I mean you always smell divine,' she added quickly.

    I have been stopped in Bunnings by the man stocking shelves, already overflowing with joiners, pipes, brackets; basic plumbing accessories, and he was the type of man you'd expect would look after plumbing and keep the shelves well stocked. Large, gruff, capable, not the type to wax lyrical, yet he suddenly turned took a deep breath and said: 'You smell like a spring morning,' and gave me a smile like one.

    I'm no longer the type of girl that encourages such comments, actually I'm no longer a girl, I'm a grandmother, but I was smothered in BE Sensual because it seemed the perfect antidote to Bunnings. I also use BE Lite every morning and I'm still happy to wear a short skirt. My husband tells me I have lovely legs and although they're not airbrushed, just bristle brushed before applying the oil, they are not bad for someone in her mid fifties.

    BE Vital is my morning slap on the face and decolletage. It knows that the day is for living and quickly brings me to the same point of view. It can be replaced by BE Sensual on weekends, special evenings or occasional trips to Bunnings.

    BE Sport and BE Relieved are shared with my daughter. I prefer BE Relieved for my tight shoulders; the result of computers, work, daughters. She favours BE Sport, but I'm the sort of person that needs to be calmer and she's the sort that sometimes needs a bit of a prod. Her son is like his grandmother, so that brings me to BE Calm. We both love it and so does my daughter who would bath him in it if I let her. The thing is I pay for it. BE Calm has become my dearest friend in those middle of the night hours that never used to exist before menopause. Its' scent is like a reassuring chat.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your essence has become part of our family; I sometimes wonder, without Balanced Essentials, where we all would be.

    Kind regards, Cathy (Posted on 29/05/15)

  2. Always keep the oils in the house Review by Margaret McCarthy

    My favourites are BE Lite, BE Calm, BE Relieved, BE Uplifted and BE Sensual. Love them ALL. Always keep the oils in the house, hate to Run Out! I use BE Lite on my tummy and arms to help keep my skin firm, also the BE Lite Lotion on top of the BE Lite oil, for twice the effect. I use BE Calm on me at night. Also I gave a bottle to my daughter and she uses it on her 8 ½ month old daughter, she is teething. She can’t seem to settle without it, it’s saved my daughter’s sanity. I use BE Relieved on all my aches and pains, it goes to work so fast! Love it! And BE Uplifted I just love when I’m feeling a bit down it works a treat! And of course for my skin (body & face) I love BE Sensual. (Posted on 19/07/13)

  3. BE Inspired is not given all the accolades it deserves Review by Margaret McCarthy

    I have written to you before to tell you how I love and Use ‘BE Lite’, ‘BE Calm’, ‘BE Sensual’, ‘BE Relieved’, but had not used ‘BE Inspired’. I am on blood pressure medication and I listen to all your shows on TVSN. I noticed you had mentioned about ‘BE Inspired’ being good to lower blood pressure so I thought I would give it a go. I had used about 3/4 of the bottle when I had to go back to the Dr’s and he said my blood pressure was still too high.

    I was taken aback because with using your oil I had expected my blood pressure to be lower so I rang you and said ‘BE Inspired’ had not worked for me! To lower my blood pressure the Dr suggested I buy a blood pressure monitor to use at home so $150 later I did. I had to take it (BP) 3 times in the morning at 5 min intervals and the same at night for a week then go back to the Dr’s. I was so pleased it was 133/79 to 112/71 which is below normal, going by the graph in the book which came with the Blood Pressure Monitor. As it turns out my BP only rises when I go to the Dr’s as I am a very anxious person.

    So I just thought if other people have the same situation it might be worth a second opinion. So Cheryl this letter is to tell you ‘BE Inspired’ is not given all the accolades it deserves. It Really Works. I could not live without it now. It is my new favourite. It also helps with my sinus. Once again Cheryl you have hit the spot.

    Warmest regards to a Wonderful Lady, (Posted on 19/07/13)

  4. BE Sensual & BE Empowered regularly Review by Janet Hinchey

    My husband and I have been using BE products for approximately 12 months (as my sister told me about them quite a while ago as she is a fan of them as well). We both find the products do what they say. I absolutely love BE Sensual, especially before I go to bed at night and I have also used it as a moisturiser. I have also found that it has started to make the red blotches on my neck disappear.

    I must admit I was always cautious about using anything that says 'try this, it works' as most of the time it never did but I have found the BE line of products actually do work. I have a form of Lupus (blood disorder) and I have been taking BE Empowered regularly as I was constantly getting pins and needles in my fingers. I have noticed they only come very rarely since I have been using this.

    Also, do you have any so-called 'beauty salons' that use your products for massage therapy? If so, I would love to know where they are (we live in North Strathfield). You have wonderful products that actually work and we will be using them as long as you keep producing them. (Posted on 19/07/13)

  5. It is a must in our house Review by Delores Booth

    I would like you to know how much my daughter and I think of your products.

    No 1 on our list is BE Relieved, it is a must in our house, it’s wonders never cease, from restless legs to reduction in inflammation, from ears (due mainly to hearing aids) and tooth ache (massaging gently around the area.)

    No 2 BE Lite for the Australian wasp sting, almost instant relief. Two massage oils (BE Sensual and BE Vital) marvellous for the face. Your boxes of soap are much appreciated for friends and family, as Christmas and Birthday gifts.

    Thank you once again for all your products. (Posted on 19/07/13)

  6. My first happy experience Review by Merilyn Godfrey

    I am writing to say firstly thank you very much for the BE Vital and BE Sensual you sent me As yet I have only used the BE Vital on my face for 2 days but already my skin feels softer and my skin tone appears more even. As for BE Sensual I don’t think I will ever go back to using other perfumes again. My sister lives in the USA and she is always buying me really expensive French perfumes duty free but I really don’t think any of them are as nice as BE Sensual. For the last 2 days everywhere I go people have been asking what perfume I am wearing? I tell them BE Sensual and where to get it. Thank you for such a lovely gift. Being diabetic my first experience with BE oils was for a condition called Bilateral frozen shoulder. I had suffered with it for 2 years and had many nights of agony. I purchased BE Sport and BE Relieved. I would rub BE Sport into my shoulders and neck of a morning and BE Relieved at night what a relief they worked! The biggest surprise came after just six months the frozen shoulders went away they have not come back in 4 years.

    My first happy experience. Then after having 5 heart attacks 2 of which I nearly did not recover from I started having panic attacks. My doctor put me on anti-depressants and diazepam. I would wake up in the morning feeling so sludged out and demotivated. I was watching a BE show one day when a lady rang in who was suffering panic attacks you told her to try BE Calm or BE Uplifted. I got both and within 4 months I was having no more panic attacks and had weaned myself off diazepam and ant-depressants. I also purchased your electric oil burner and a pack of oils and found BE Inspired made me feel really good and everyone whoever comes to my house always remarks on how good my house always smells.

    My next experience was having a cracked heel turn into an ulcer just under the heel of my right foot. It took four years to finally heal but in the mean time I had started walking on the inside of my right foot and in doing so I have caused a postural deformity in my right foot. The pain in this twisted ankle is almost unbearable at times so every morning I rub BE Relieved into it and at night I use BE Relieved in that right foot and BE Calm on both feet and arms and most nights can enjoy a decent sleep. I have watched heaps of shows and thought I’d give BE Lite a go so I bought a BE Lite Pack Buyer’s Choice and within a couple of months, still eating lots of rubbish, I lost 7 kilos. “Whoa” I thought (I was 107 kilos!) so I began to eat more healthy. I changed my diet to eating more healthy fruit and vegetables and watched everything that passed through my lips. I also purchased from TVSN some MI VITALITY. So between BE Lite, my diet and MI VITALITY Now I’m down to 84 kilos and I hope it’s just going for me. Everyone, family and friends tell me how well and happy I look. I am dying to have my foot operated on and my oils will be going to hospital with me. Two years ago I was on 23 tablets a day (what a chemical cocktail) I am now on 12 a day. I used to have 56 units of insulin AM and 28 units PM. I am now down to 12 units AM and PM. I tell every person who is prepared to listen about aromatherapy and what it has done for me. I have converted several and they thank me for it.

    I am sorry this letter has turned into a bit of an epic but I just wanted to tell you how much BE has changed my life and to you Cheryl, all I can say is a deep sincere heartfelt “thank you.” You are a wonderful person and I hope that one day you will be rewarded with the recognition you deserve. You may use any part of this letter and my name for any testimonial. I will keep in touch and let you know of my progress. May God Bless You. (Posted on 19/07/13)

  7. I am a devotee of BE Review by Roslyn Mansell

    I am a devotee of BE and I have spoken to Cheryl many times - I know you are dealing with Be Relived today but I just have to tell you that I have been using Be Vital as a face moisturizer for at least l8 months and I cannot bear to use anything else on my face it is absolutely beautiful - I also use Be Sensual as a face moisturizer and the comments I receive about the aroma are many - I dont receive as many comments when I wear my French Perfume. It is such a lovely product and I will be using it forever - it is such a lovely experience using it every day - thank you for such a fantastic product!!!!! I will definitely be getting the Buyer's Choice! (Posted on 19/07/13)


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