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Colloidal Gold Mineral Water 100mL Zoom

Colloidal Gold Mineral Water 100mL

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Colloidal Gold Mineral Water 10ppm HVAC

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GOLD & SILVER...Ancient remedies finally realised

Silver has been recorded through history as a preventative and as a treatment for disease. Silver is a powerful, natural, universal prophylactic and antibiotic, which can kill 650 disease-causing pathogens and organisms. In fact, the ancient Greeks and Romans put silver in their urns and in the middle ages, traditional Chinese medicine uses silver to fight infection and disease and in India's Ayurvedic medicine, silver is prescribed to build strength and character.

Ancient Egyptians used silver "scalpels" for surgery. Crusader knights shared and drank from silver cups to prevent the spread of disease. Silver cutlery, afforded by the rich, was used for health, hence the term "born with a silver spoon in their mouth." Silver coins placed in milk and Christmas puddings prevented spoilage and until recently doctors used silver to hold bones together and in surgery for covering holes in the skull. Dentists still use silver today to fill some small root canals and silver is also used in water purification today.

SILVER COLLOIDAL MINERAL WATER has wide ranging benefits, but is more commonly used to fight infections, relieve colds and flu, as well as mouth, throat and ear infections and skin complaints. SILVER COLLOIDAL MINERAL WATER was developed to be taken internally or used externally (although absorption into the blood stream is faster and more effective if taken internally).

Gold has also been used for centuries and is known to be effective in easing pain and swelling associated with arthritis as well as a remedy for digestive disorders, circulatory problems and burns. Gold is also known to heighten the functions of the pituitary gland and have life extension and heart regulation possibilities. It is also of benefit for those who suffer from emotional problems.

Taken as a tonic, the ancients believed that gold extended life by enhancing spiritual awareness through activation of the heart chakra and the pineal gland, which is the source of the phrase "a heart of gold". Gold Colloidal Mineral Water can also be taken internally or used externally.

Combining the properties of these two colloidals, Balanced Essentials has also created BE EMPOWERED Colloidal Mineral Water, a 50/50 blend of colloidal silver and colloidal gold for those who wish to use both solutions as one remedy. Taken together, colloidal silver and gold tend to augment and enhance the qualities and benefits of each other. BE EMPOWERED can also be taken internally or used externally.

Quality and Purity of Colloidal Silver & Gold
Definition of Colloidal: A suspension of finely divided particles in a continuous medium, from which the particles do not settle out rapidly and cannot be readily filtered out.

Most colloidal silver and colloidal gold (which is rare) on the market today are manufactured by direct current low voltage (9 volt) batteries. This produces a very ordinary colloidal with large particle sizes (approx. 0.01 microns) which are not as easily absorbed into the blood stream. Our particle size is between 0.001 and 0.005 microns, which has a larger relative surface area due to its smaller size and is much more easily absorbed into the blood stream.

Secondly the manufacture of colloidals using low voltage current also means that they are light sensitive and only have a shelf life of about 3 months. In order to extend shelf life (and to make more concentrated dosages) some manufacturers currently selling colloidals in Australia have chellated the solution using salts. These colloidals then contain Silver Nitrite or Silver Nitrate, which is toxic with prolonged use.

Our high voltage method of manufacture means we need no salts or additives therefore the colloidal is pure. Because of the high voltage manufacture (approx.10,000 volts) the colloidal is also not affected by light - giving our product a long shelf life. Our gold and silver electrodes are assayed and do not contain lead, mercury, cadmium or aluminium. Our colloidals are manufactured and stored in glass vats to prevent leaching and do not contain petro-chemicals, phyto-oestrogens and/or phenyls.

Some colloidal solutions are sold in plastic bottles. This renders the product ineffective as the manufacturing process makes positive silver ions, which are attracted to plastic, leaving behind a solution of distilled water minus the silver ions.

Because our colloidal particles are so small they can be used in suspension with essential oils and creams for topical and external application, which means they can be easily absorbed into the blood stream and muscle tissues.


"I will never forget what you did for my son as his quality of life has really improved with your products. There is another product that my son Bubbles will not go without and that is BE Silver, it acts as an antibiotic, it does not replace it, but BELIEVE me it works as my son has not been in hospital since he has been taking it. He had a lot of infections such as U.T.I.'s, Staph, bone infection, pseudomonas and various other problems and now he has been healthy within himself. The BE Silver is also good for pressure sores as it helps them to heal as the carers are now putting the BE Silver on sores and he heals quicker, also it is good for putting on the catheter bags tube around the top. The BE Silver is a wonderful product and Bubbles has been taking it everyday and believe it or not it has been keeping him out of hospital. He takes the BE Silver twice a day morning and night, you should have seen his face light up when I walked in with the box of oils, he said, ‘Mum, please thank Sheryl as she is the only one who cares enough to help me have a better quality of life. I told him I would and he tells everyone who will listen about your products. Many thanks." Dot Burnley

"As I have mentioned before I suffer from an auto-immune disease a very rare condition called Dermatomyositis. I also have lupus and other associated conditions, so I have been taking a capful of BE Empowered morning & night. After being on a neverending course of antibiotics for pneumonia I have actually managed to avoid going back to the doctor for more. The rash on my body has also cleared I deliberately did not look up any info on colloidals but decided to wait and listen to my body. I had no reservations about the integrity of the product as I have been a BE devotee for many years. The colloidal seemed to have a detox effect. One morning I woke with a raging sore throat which disappeared as soon as I gargled with the colloidal. So I am including an order to try the gold and silver separately." Elizabeth (surname withheld)

"Have had a few teeth probs lately, swishing silver/gold seems to really help." Judy McCarthy


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