All our products are made using the highest quality therapeutic essential oils and other natural botanical extracts. However I never realised that as well as helping people that they would also help the pet and animal family of our customers as well. How wonderful!  And as our products don't contain tea tree or eucalyptus and are also blended in the correct ratios, they have been so very comforting and appropriate to help them with their pain and anxiety. Cheryl Gilbert

"Dear Cheryl, I have been using your BE Relieved & BE Sport now for approx. 12 years after a car accident I had back in 2001 that left me in a lot of pain. I use it these days for my chronic arthritis pain; it is honestly the only thing that gives me any relief so believe me when I tell you I can NOT live without either of these oils. I have to tell you I have recently been using BE Calm on my dogs during thunder storms, my dogs are absolutely terrified of the thunder (like most dogs) and  my older dog Rebel who is now 10 years old would get so scared at times I thought he was going to die. I now rub the BE Calm on them the minute I know a storm is going to hit and as God is my witness it calms them down during the thunder. I have recommended BE Calm to a few of my girlfriends who also have dogs that are terrified of the thunder and it has worked for them also, and like me they will never be without it, EVER I had tried everything from thunder shirts to Valium ( on vets recommendation) but nothing worked till BE Calm. Thank You Cheryl for creating these amazing oils that have honestly changed my life & my family’s lives and now my dogs lives for the better." Kind Regards, Kim Hannell

"This is for all the people who think aromatherapy is all in the mind. I have a dog with a collapsed disc in his back and he has also had a couple of operations for cancer. The vet placed him on tablets that disagreed with him and gave him the runs and not so nice side-effects. This did not give him any pain relief and in desperation I tried the BE Calm oil on him one night and it helped him.  I have also used the BE Relieved on him and now if he is in pain and can’t sleep at night he comes looking for the oils.  I now keep them on the coffee table and he will get the bottle and bring it to whoever is at home to apply it to his tummy. So for all the non-believers out there my dog has no idea what it is – just that it helps with his pain." Marie & Rod Penhall.

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