Arnica - Very effective in healing bruising, muscle strains and sprains, swelling and cramps. Helps damaged, inflamed tissue recover quickly.

Basil - Assists blood circulation & respiratory problems. Has antispasmodic & emmenagogue properties (effective for menstrual problems).

Bergamot - Anti-spasmodic helps prevent and ease muscular cramps, relieves muscular aches & pains. Carminative, useful in relieving colic, flatulence & indigestion.

Cedarwood - Diuretic, circulatory stimulant, helps relieve symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and congestion. Its expectorant properties help ease bronchitis & coughs.

Geranium - Assists poor circulation, muscle tone, bruises, broken capillaries & wounds. A lymphatic stimulant helps relieve congestion, fluid retention & swollen ankles.

Lavender - Assists healing of bruises, wounds & skin complaints. It promotes tissue regeneration & prevents scarring if used to treat damaged or injured skin.

Lemon - Temporary pain relief from the symptoms associated with arthritis and rheumatism. Aids poor circulation.  Stimulates white blood corpuscles.

Lemongrass - Excellent for aching muscles - relieves pain making them more supple. Assists in recovery from illness, stimulates glandular secretions & digestion.

Marjoram - An analgesic (pain relief) for muscular aches and pains associated with arthritis, lumbago, sprains, & rheumatism. Helps ease menstrual cramps.

Neroli - Cleanses the blood and helps with poor circulation.  Has excellent cytophylactic properties (encouraging the formation of new skin cells).

Orange (Sweet) - Assists with calming palpitations, helps build muscle tone and helps reduce water retention. Used in the treatment of constipation & chronic diarrhoea.

Petitgrain - Digestive aid and tonic, helps to prevent excessive perspiration & tones the skin. Has properties similar to Neroli. Used for rapid heartbeat & insomnia.

Pine Needle - Eases muscular cramps. Aids poor circulation. Helps respiratory problems & diseases of mucous membrane. Good for rheumatic conditions such as gout.

Rosemary - Temporary relief of pain associated with muscles, neuralgia and rheumatism. Assists circulation, respiratory problems & tired, stiff, overworked muscles.

Sandalwood - Eases muscular & intestinal spasms. Skin moisturiser for dry & cracked skin. Assists respiratory problems & dry cough. Reduces inflammation & itching.

Vetiver - Temporary pain relief for joints & muscles. Has an effect on hormone secretions of oestrogen & progesterone. Good for exhaustion and insomnia.