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BE UPLIFTED Massage Blend 100mL Zoom

BE UPLIFTED Massage Blend 100mL

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Ingredients: Bergamot, Geranium, Lemon, Lavender and Lemongrass blended in Sweet Almond, Wheatgerm and Macadamia oils.

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A positive touch to so many lives Review by Gloria Devlin
Dear Cheryl,

You and your team have brought a positive touch to so many lives with your amazing healing oil blends My sister is desperately trying to lose weight, therefore I am surprising her with the Complete Detox pack to boost fluid loss from her limbs and body, as I know there is nothing else that truly works as effectively as BE Lite.

Also my son (who was a non-believer of Aromatherapy) is amazed at the difference that BE Relieved and BE Sport has made on his sore muscles after working out with weights.

My young grand-daughter keeps her “magic oils” in a special cupboard near her bed and the first sign of a sting, bite, knee scrape or tummy pain she calls to her mother “My oils, I need my oils”. My favourite is BE Uplifted, the aroma is divine as well as lifting my spirits every day as I help my dear elderly mother to cope with dementia.

BE Confident Deodorant, at last a beautiful product that does not irritate my underarm skin and keeps me smelling nice all day.

Each of your products that I have used over the years has lived up to expectations. I keep spreading the word. Thank you oh so much for Balanced BE Essentials. Lots of love and best wishes to you. (Posted on 18/03/14)
Have been suffering bad neck and headaches Review by Dianne Bryant
I would like to inform you that I was a non-believer in aromatherapy. Since watching TVSN and seeing your products I thought I would give them ago. What a miracle they are. You are to be congratulated. They are the best thing since sliced bread. I have used almost all of them and have stopped using pain tablets. I have been suffering bad neck and headaches for a long time. Just been told arthritis has started.

Since using BE Relieved and BE Calm I feel much better. I have been watching TVSN to see if any of the BE Uplifted is available. Usually I get the twin pack of BE Calm and BE Uplifted and now I have lots of BE Calm and none of BE Uplifted. Can I buy direct from you or only TVSN? I use the BE Relieved every day and it is wonderful. Please let me now if I can purchase products direct from you as sometimes I miss the programme. Once again you are a miracle worker and keep up the good work.

Thank you for all your help. Hope to hear from you soon. (Posted on 19/07/13)
It really does reduce the pain Review by Mary Thomson
I would like to thank you for your wonderful products. I think I’ve used nearly all of them – from the massage blends to the concentrates and even some of your skin care. I am a grandmother and I have had custody of my 20 month old grandson for the last 15 months. I have 2 slipped discs in my lower back plus arthritis in my right thumb and picking him up can be difficult. By using the BE Sport and BE Relieved daily I find I cope very well, it really does reduce the pain extremely without me taking a whole lot of tablets. Last year I started taking him to swimming lessons and as I have been using BE Lite for some time now twice daily my cellulite has nearly all gone and I found I was not so self conscious about how I looked in a pair of bathers, especially with younger mums around. I also use BE Uplifted and BE Calm daily as well – I massage my grandson with the BE Calm each night as well – he sleeps much better and so do I.

I also want to thank you for the scent of the blends. I am quite often asked what perfume I am wearing as it smells so good (someone even thought it was an expensive French perfume). I always get into a panic if I am down to my last bottle of any of the main blends I use as I cannot get through the day without them. (Posted on 19/07/13)
Would like to share with you my personal results Review by Frances Ambrose
I have been using your products for about a year now and would like to share with you my personal results.

BE Relieved: I have used this on a recurring neck/shoulder injury – it does not completely deaden the pain but on a scale from 1-10, it brings it down to 2 – it just lets you know that the problem is still there and needs other treatments i.e. stretching, massage etc. This stops you from re-injuring (which is a possibility if something was used to deaden the pain).

BE Lite: Love it!! – I use it every day on my stomach thighs and upper arms. I use it mixed with the toning lotion – I have worked out I only need 10cent size of oil and 20cent size of lotion. It just doesn’t feel right if I miss putting it on.

BE Vital: I use this under my moisturiser on my face, neck and décolletage.

BE Sport: I have problems with my feet, so I use this around my ankles and the back of my heels.

BE Calm: I use this all the time when I feel I need it – it’s like a security blanket.

BE Uplifted: I have been using this on the sides of my neck to lower intensity of ‘hot flushes’ (pre-menopausal). I also use it in the vapouriser to keep me feeling balanced. (Posted on 19/07/13)
I am just so in love with Balanced Essentials Review by Anne-Marie Ebert
I am just so in love with Balanced Essentials.

I started out buying the small massage blends and aromatherapy oil set as it was on special and I thought I would give it a go as I have trouble getting started in the morning and going to sleep at night. I am also a Uni student and find it hard to concentrate. Not anymore. The first time I used BE Calm I had the best night’s sleep ever, I had the oil burning in the bedroom, I also rubbed it into pulse points. My partner even commented he had had a sound sleep too.

I tried BE Uplifted the very next morning and I felt like facing the day ahead not hiding. I used BE Aware while studying and rub the massage blend into pulse points before exams or tests. It was great, it helped me to relax and focus, it is great. Then I was watching TVSN one Monday after being injured playing netball, so I hobbled to the phone and placed the order for BE Relieved. I haven’t looked back since it relieved the pain and reduced the swelling. I use it on everything, insect bites, period pains, and injuries. My partner also uses it all the time too now to relieve the pain of work injuries and stiffness.

The only bad thing about Balanced Essentials is running out of stock. I can’t live without them. (Posted on 19/07/13)
Always keep the oils in the house Review by Margaret McCarthy
My favourites are BE Lite, BE Calm, BE Relieved, BE Uplifted and BE Sensual. Love them ALL. Always keep the oils in the house, hate to Run Out! I use BE Lite on my tummy and arms to help keep my skin firm, also the BE Lite Lotion on top of the BE Lite oil, for twice the effect. I use BE Calm on me at night. Also I gave a bottle to my daughter and she uses it on her 8 ½ month old daughter, she is teething. She can’t seem to settle without it, it’s saved my daughter’s sanity. I use BE Relieved on all my aches and pains, it goes to work so fast! Love it! And BE Uplifted I just love when I’m feeling a bit down it works a treat! And of course for my skin (body & face) I love BE Sensual. (Posted on 19/07/13)
Thank you for your beautiful products Review by Jeanette (Grech)
The Guarantee card for the Electric Vapouriser is filled out and enclosed and I just couldn't resist the opportunity to type a few (!!??) words to you. I can't thank you enough for your beautiful products; I only wish I had heard about them years ago but have only recently had Foxtel installed and discovered TVSN. I have been using your massage oils, concentrated oils and soaps for just over a year now and they have changed my life and my mother's.

As I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I have to be very careful with what I put on my body, I seem to be allergic to almost everything. My back and bones in general are a bit of a problem what with osteoporosis, arthritis and a couple of degenerated discs. Along with the CFS comes a bout of shingles every few months - rather weird. The only thing that has helped with the pain of that little problem is BE Relieved. I was just about going up the wall one day with it and I gently massaged the oil right along the nerves that were screaming blue murder. Cheryl, it was like a miracle; I felt the relief almost at once and I actually prayed and thanked God for it. I have a lot of adhesions in the abdominal area that cause a bit of a stir every so often and also have IBS and recurring bouts of a urinary tract infection. BE Lite has done wonders in those situations. BE Lite eases the pain of the adhesions, relaxes the bowel and helps balance the urine output which helps with the burning and pain. I couldn't be without it.

At the risk of sounding like a walking medical dictionary, I have also suffered from depression and anxiety attacks for most of my life. BE Uplifted and BE Calm come into their own. I cut out all of my medication some years ago and do not even see a psychiatrist any more. They were not doing any good, only making me worse and feel quite ill. My family doctor is very good and a talk with him does much more good. Thanks to Balanced Essential massage oils and the concentrated oils I am able to use relaxation and meditation to keep me on an even keel. Other oils have helped me to cut down enormously on painkillers and other medication. My doctor is very interested and I wouldn't be surprised if he has tried some for himself. I guess you would call me a spiritual woman as I have a deep faith that has kept me going through some rather rough patches. Added to that my weird sense of humour has been an extra bonus. Using your products and being able to do without so much medication has helped me to feel 'whole', in charge of my life and more in tune with my maker. My mother is 95 (96 in June) years old and in a nursing home. I just wish I had those oils when she was home here with me and I was nursing her. When I or my ex-husband, who is still a very good friend to us both, go to visit Mum or bring her home for the day, this is the routine: On goes the BE Relieved for her arthritis, a little BE Calm if she has any anxiety, BE Uplifted if she is a bit depressed and sometimes BE Inspired if she has any breathing problems. For good measure any places missed get some BE Vital to moisturise her skin. She just loves the massages, feels relief straight away and the nursing staff always comment on how lovely and soft her skin is after her 'Pamper Days'. Balanced Essentials have certainly enriched her life. You might have gathered that my Mum and I are soul-mates and I love her dearly. It is wonderful to be able to help her in this way, I am so grateful to you. She is feeling a little poorly today with a UTI so Joe, my ex-husband, has gone down there armed with the massage blends, some PowerAde and some rhubarb and custard of all things. I am left at home nursing another bout of shingles so the BE Relieved is very busy today!

Mum and I are both on the Aged Pension and are far from wealthy, but we both feel that the BE products are a must and well worth the prices for the quality of the oils and the results. I keep a good stock as it would be a major tragedy to run out of any of them. The TVSN packages are great and I have ordered online from your web site when there is something needed that they don't have in stock. Meanwhile, back here at the ranch, I am very busy with the BE Relieved or BE Sport, BE Uplifted or BE Inspired massage blends, the new BE Electric Vapouriser is filling the room with BE Inspired today, that will vary with my moods as I have the full range (of oils not moods). Later on I will have a bath with BE Calm/ Uplifted/ Inspired/ Aware soap, then BE Lite oil on my tummy, thighs, arms. On will go BE Lite Firming Lotion on to the saggy places with BE Relieved on the bits that hurt and any other blends that I need at the time. By then I will be feeling very much better and smelling beautiful into the bargain. My skin would also like to thank you, as it feels much softer and moisturised and at 66 years of age that is a blessing.

The Home Library just been and gone and I have told Isabella, the librarian, all about Balanced Essential and she has gone off with one of your booklets with information on all of your products. She will log on to your web site to order for herself, her husband and her friend. You certainly don't need to do a lot of advertising, as we users of your products just love to talk about them. I love the message on the back of the registration card. Is it a quotation or your own thoughts? Have you ever thought of making a plaque or postcard sized card with those words written on it? I might just make one of my own if that is OK with you as that thought makes us feel very special and that is a wonderful thing. Sorry to ramble on as I do, I know I get carried away, but just wanted to let you know what an important part Balanced Essentials plays in my life and that of my mother.

Thank you again, Cheryl, and God bless you. You are a very special and unique woman. (Posted on 19/07/13)
The small wart that had started to grow Review by Yvette Whiteman
Firstly I want to tell you about my experience with BE Uplifted.

I have been meaning to write to you for a while & I did briefly speak to Cheryl on TVSN one night. In April this year my daughter had a small Plantar wart on her foot. I went to the chemist & she gave me some mixture & told me to paint nail polish around the wart on the fresh skin to protect it from the acid. Very messy & tedious job, & it would probably take a min. of 6 months before we would start to see any results. We were going on a holiday & decided to start when we got back as the wart wasn't in a painful position. After 2 weeks away it had doubled its size & looked horrible. (It was almost 1cm across) I decided to ring Cheryl & ask if Lemon oil would help & she suggested the BE Uplifted.

Well, I never!!! were the words. The small wart that had started to grow fell off in 3 days, & the horrible great big one took 6 weeks. No pain, No chemicals, No fuss from my 5 year old. She actually wanted to use the oil twice a day, because each day we could see results. You should market that as a wart buster at the chemists.

Thank you for your wonderful advice, & your wonderful products. (Posted on 19/07/13)
After surgery I had a lot of swelling and bruising Review by Lidia Scanu
Thank you for responding first of all, the reason why I’m writing to you is to thank you for producing such wonderful miracle oils as I so call them. In December 2004 I had major surgery. I had a breast reduction and a benign tumour removed from my left breast at the same time. After the surgery I had a lot of swelling and bruising which took a few weeks to subside.

After three weeks at my post operative visit my Plastic Surgeon suggested to use some sort of vitamin E cream which I did and it did nothing for me. Then my sister Josephine Mennillo suggested that I use your oils, so I gave it a go. She gave me a few samples to try which are, BE Uplifted and BE Vital.

Well guess what? It was like putting water to fire, it soothed my breast, eliminated redness and I now have hardly any scarring. I use them religiously morning and night, This is why I call them the miracle oils. I highly recommend these oils to anyone whose had surgery or even just to soothe and make your skin or body feel great. Thank you once again. (Posted on 19/07/13)
Diagnosed with Iritable Bowel Syndrome Review by Sharon Evans
I have been an avid user of Balanced Essential products for about 4 years, adding to my collection over this time. I love and regularly use BE Lite, BE Lite Body wash, BE Calm and BE Uplifted. I watch you on TVSN and I am always keen to discover new uses for the products. The latest addition to my collection is the miracle in a bottle - BE Relieved.

About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Two weeks ago I had what I call an "attack" (severe stomach spasms and cramps along with hot & cold sweats from the pain which means at least 3 trips to the bathroom over a couple of hours). After my first trip to the bathroom, I gently rubbed BE Relieved on my stomach and after 5 minutes the pain had all but disappeared and there were no more visits to the bathroom that night. Over the years living with this sometimes debilitating syndrome, I have discovered many preventative solutions to IBS but I never dreamed that I could find something that brings "relief" in the midst of an attack. I really thought that it was something that I just had to deal with when it happened. Please pass this feedback onto others who live with this problem - I can't recommend it enough!

Thank you for your wonderful products. They make a real difference to people's lives! (Posted on 19/07/13)

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