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BE AWARE Massage Blend 100mL Zoom

BE AWARE Massage Blend 100mL

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Ingredients: Basil, Bergamot, Geranium, Lemon, Orange, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Sweet Almond, Wheatgerm and Macadamia oils.

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I am just so in love with Balanced Essentials Review by Anne-Marie Ebert
I am just so in love with Balanced Essentials.

I started out buying the small massage blends and aromatherapy oil set as it was on special and I thought I would give it a go as I have trouble getting started in the morning and going to sleep at night. I am also a Uni student and find it hard to concentrate. Not anymore. The first time I used BE Calm I had the best night’s sleep ever, I had the oil burning in the bedroom, I also rubbed it into pulse points. My partner even commented he had had a sound sleep too.

I tried BE Uplifted the very next morning and I felt like facing the day ahead not hiding. I used BE Aware while studying and rub the massage blend into pulse points before exams or tests. It was great, it helped me to relax and focus, it is great. Then I was watching TVSN one Monday after being injured playing netball, so I hobbled to the phone and placed the order for BE Relieved. I haven’t looked back since it relieved the pain and reduced the swelling. I use it on everything, insect bites, period pains, and injuries. My partner also uses it all the time too now to relieve the pain of work injuries and stiffness.

The only bad thing about Balanced Essentials is running out of stock. I can’t live without them. (Posted on 19/07/13)
Balanced Essentials greatly improves my life Review by Maria Landrelli
I will give you 2 examples of how Balanced Essentials greatly improves my life.

The first was just this week I sprained my middle finger and unfortunately did not have my BE Relieved with me. I put some Nurofen Gel on it, but by the next morning, it was swollen double the size and I could not bend my finger. I got home that night and immediately put the BE Relieved on my fingers and up the hand. I then put the residual on my temples (as I find the nights I use BE Relieved I sleep better as well). Next morning, I could bend my finger and the swelling had gone down and I was able to type normally. A small purse pack of BE Relieved would be wonderful.

My other big saviour is BE Aware. I recently attended a 2 day seminar and by the afternoon my head was swimming with information. I put some BE Aware on my temples and within minutes I was awake and able to concentrate. I always carry the small bottle in my briefcase and if I start to wander, out comes the bottle.

I thank the late night I first heard about BE range on TV1 and have introduced many people since then. (Posted on 19/07/13)
Severe allergic reaction Review by Faith Born
Over the last few years I have used all of the BE massage oils and keep replenishing them as I could not manage without them. BE Relieved is no doubt my favourite as it has proved many times to be my friend during bouts of severe back ache or headache.

What a blessing!! BE Sport always clears the cramps in my legs at night and BE Lite has often helped with bloating and discomfort in the abdomen. BE Calm helps me to relax after a very busy day and my 7 year old Grand-daughter has to have her BE Calm on before she goes to bed here at Nan’s. It’s a ritual!! BE Aware helps me greatly with concentration when I am working as some days the hours of teaching are very long.

Finally I have just returned from visiting my daughter in London and I gave her some BE Relieved. She had a very severe allergic reaction while I was there and broke out in a terrible rash on most of her body. She finally had to seek medical aid but, during the whole experience of probably 4 weeks, BE Relieved was the ONLY product that gave her enough relief to carry on her routine.

Both of us are very thankful Cheryl for your products. (Posted on 19/07/13)
I am currently in my last year of studying law Review by Annette Wojtyna
I wanted to let you know a story I had with a new product that I bought from you. I purchased the BE Aware as you advised on TVSN that it was great for study so I thought that I would try it for my exams. I am currently in my last year of studying law and June was our exams. I ordered the product after my first exam but it arrived in time for my last exam (which was the most difficult of all of my exams). I put it on before the exam and did exceptional in the exam and I even walked out of the exam with 40 minutes to spare which is unusual for a law exam as no one finishes them within the 3 hour time limit. But not only did I have 40 minutes to spare but I received my mark and was amazed at how well I did in comparison with the other 3 exams that I had the previous week without the help of the oil.

Anyway it worked and I now carry the little bottle of the essential oil to uni to help me concentrate on my lectures. I only wished I had learnt of the benefits at the start of my university degree. I would recommend this to anyone. It really works and my grades reflected its benefits with last semester being my best achievement to date.

I have another question and would appreciate if you could answer it for me. I bought a heavy beaded wedding gown in silk and unfortunately I had to postpone my wedding several times due to my studies and have had to store the dress in its bag in my cupboard. Can you recommend anything that would stop silverfish from eating my dress, as it was really expensive. Also my other clothes in the wardrobe would benefit from something that smells nice instead of the old mothballs. Maybe you could call it BE Gone for all those nasties that live in our linen and clothes wardrobes and it would leave a really nice smell. Again thank you and I look forward to receiving my BE Relieved and BE Sport from TVSN.

Thank you for your assistance and great product. (Posted on 19/07/13)

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