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BE SPORT - stimulating relief of pain and inflammation 100mL Zoom

BE SPORT - stimulating relief of pain and inflammation 100mL

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BE SPORT is ideal to use before or after physical exercise as it assists in preventing muscle cramps and spasms and reduces swelling, while also providing temporary relief of muscular aches and pains. It contains essential oils that are stimulating and increase blood circulation yet relax tight muscles.

As seen on A Current Affair.

BE SPORT is listed with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) as a medicine and can be used for a variety of conditions such as arthritis osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, joint inflammation, joint swelling, muscular aches and pains, muscular cramps and spasms, maintenance of peripheral circulation and blood flow, gout, headaches, migraine, menstrual pain, breast tenderness, dysmenorrhoea, sprains, soft tissue trauma, low back pain, fibromyalgia, stress and mild anxiety, stress, sciatica and whiplash, nerve pain/mild neuralgia, sciatica, shingles, dry skin, minor burns (including sunburn), minor wounds (cuts, scratches, abrasions), wounds, scratches, cuts and abrasions, enlarged and varicose veins and improvement in well-being.

The Clear Quartz crystal bead included in BE SPORT helps to disperse and enhance the natural benefits of the ingredients.

* Free delivery within Australia.

Download Product Brochure Pain Management Using Essential Oils And Aromatherapy Validated by Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology

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MIRACULOUS Review by Joansie
Thank you Cheryl for these miraculous oils, you are a Godsend. I cannot thank you enough for helping so many of us. My son had knee surgery and i applied the oils to his knee and his reaction "Mum these oils really do work" they helped with his pain management and movement of his knee. I woke up one morning with a painful ankle, it felt like it was all bruised and the pain went up my leg, again i applied the oils and it has taken a week of regular use (morning and night) but the pain is nearly all gone and I am just so, so happy. I didn't need to go the Doctors which i was dreading as I knew they would send me for tests or prescribe strong medication. I know it has been said before so many times but PLEASE Cheryl never stop making these beautiful oils xx (Posted on 23/11/19)
"BE SPORT product that came as a package deal was just left in the cupboard and forgotten about. My mother has arthritis in her knees and it was too painful for her to do the walking she needed to do to keep her weight down and fitness up, so I took the BE SPORT down to her to see if it would give her some relief from her pains. Not wanting Pa to feel left out, I decided to give his legs and feet a thorough massage too with the BE SPORT.

He said that the treatment felt good at the time and after I finished the massage, I put his shoes back on for him. We then helped him to stand up, he commented on a pain in his hip; he shuffled to the toilet, came out and was amazed at the difference the massage had made to him. He couldn’t thank me enough for whatever I had done. He had a new lease on life – he went shuffling around the house at a rate of knots, to the extent that he got out of breath from trying to do too much too quickly, and mum yelled at him and told him to get his walker. He sat down himself and told me to sit down and join him so I could tell him everything about the oil I had used on him.

I didn’t understand the full extent of how much the oil had helped him and his condition, and went home to my place. Imagine my surprise when I went to visit the next day and he told me that “I haven’t been able to walk like this for the past 2 years!” – he was simply overawed by the change the oil and massage had made to him. I gave him another treatment to see if we could maintain the improvement. In less than 2 weeks he was out walking, with my mum and their pet dog, around the neighbourhood and to the shops, talking to people he hadn’t seen for quite some time – it has made such a difference to his life, he is out enjoying it again. He continues to have regular massages given to him by his nurses when they visit, and while not exactly Fred Astaire, he feels he could probably go dancing next week – the BE SPORT has made that much difference to his condition and improved his quality of life." Lynette I. (Posted on 31/05/19)
BE Relieved truly is a relief Review by Margaret Kemperman
I have been using BE Relieved since I first found it on T.V.S.N. and have not stopped using it, frankly I don't know what I would do without it! I have suffered from severe headaches most of my adult life and was taking very strong painkillers, and as you know the longer you are on them the more you need. Then I found BE Relieved. I was skeptical at first but I massaged the oil into my forehead and within 10 minutes the pain was almost gone. No more need for strong painkillers. Lately my husband has been getting pain in his foot and began finding it difficult to walk, I handed him the BE Relieved and he rubbed it on his foot, 10 minutes later he looked at me and said; "I can't believe it, the pain is gone!" I have also used it on my dogs when they have a sore paw and are limping, they love the smell and within a few minutes they were walking normally. So Cheryl, please don't EVER stop producing this wonderful oil as we would not know what to do without it! BE Relieved truly is a relief. Thank you!!! A customer forever. (Posted on 26/09/17)
Arthritis and 'Doggy' Story Review by Kim Hannell
I have been using your BE Relieved & BE Sport now for approx 12 years after a car accident I had back in 2001 that left me in a lot of pain. I use it these days for my chronic arthritis pain, it is honestly the only thing that gives me any relief so believe me when I tell you I can NOT live without either of these oils.

I have to tell you I have recently been using BE Calm on my dogs during thunder storms, my dogs are absolutely terrified of the thunder (like most dogs) and my older dog Rebel who is now 10 years old would get so scared at times I thought he was going to die. I now rub the BE Calm on them the minute I know a storm is going to hit and as God is my witness it calms them down during the thunder.

I have recommended BE Calm to a few of my girlfriends who also have dogs that are terrified of the thunder and it has worked for them also, and like me they will never be with out it, EVER. I had tried everything from thunder shirts to Valium ( on vets recommendation) but nothing worked till BE Calm.

Thank You Cheryl for creating these amazing oils that have honestly changed my life & my families lives and now my dogs lives for the better. (Posted on 9/03/16)
This had us in tears. Review by Fiona
Oh I have been meaning to write a letter about the life that Balanced Essentials has given not only me but my whole family. It was around 18 years ago I tuned into TVSN to watch my favourite bear show... But it wasn't to be, instead they were having a long event celebrating a new supplier and Cheryl was there to chat with customers and answer questions.

I watched thinking maybe this could work... When they started talking about BE Sport and BE Relieved I was more intrigued... You see I had a young child who was born with cerebral palsy and as such had lots of muscle spasms and was about to have major orthopaedic surgery and I was concerned of the amount of medication that would be needed to ease his pain.
So I took the option to call up and explained this to Cheryl, she was lovely and advised that the BE Sport and BE Relieved would be a great help to him ( as I was only on a pension the send it back if not satisfied option sold me) I placed my order and eagerly awaited the first shipment.

A few days later I got the blends and straight away started using them on my son. Best was when I gave him a nice long soak in the bath and placed some BE Relieved in the bath with him, he would drift off to a peaceful sleep within an hour of his bath and those nights he would sleep right the way through. Due to his disability I had some lovely ladies who would help me with his care. One would always be there to help on his long bath soak nights and one week she was complaining of pain in her hands... She bathed my son and her hands were in the bath water with him for around 30 minutes. Next morning she called me all excited her pain in her hands was gone... She then wanted me to order some for her next time I ordered in my supplies.

Well fast forward. Few months and my son went in for her orthopaedic surgery and was in lots of pain and his spasms were out of control. As a solo parent I could only stay in the hospital during the day while his siblings were at school. But the oils always travelled with me and I kept a small amount hidden (didn't want my precious find to be stolen) on the second night after his surgery he was in a lot of pain and this was causing the spasms to go crazy... The poor nurse had given him as much medicine as she could and nothing was helping him. She was seated beside him massaging his poor legs when another mother in the room mention the oils and said there might be some hidden in his bag. The nurse went and found my secret bottle and the mother advised her to use that while massaging his legs... Apart from the room smelling divine (the nurses exact words) my son drifted off to sleep within minutes... She was super excited and called me up to chat about the oils. I explained as much as I could to her and said I had some papers that came with the oils I could bring in for her to look at. Well next day I took in the papers (great idea handing out the information with the oils) and my 'special oils' were the talk of the ward. Parents from other rooms were coming in and asking me about them. Again I explained as much as I could, the lovely ward clerk even made copies of my sheets to help parents out. It became an ‘in joke’ that if I got paid by referrals for the oils I would be able to never pay again for my sons own supplies. After 10 days in the hospital and numerous parents and hospital staff talking to me about the blends my son and I went home, he had next to no pain medication needed by this time.
I used the blends on off over the years. I went on to explore other blends from Balanced Essentials but always made sure that BE Sport and BE Relieved were always in the house. A few years went by and suddenly I had ran out and tried to order more and went online to TVSN to place an order but they weren't listed. I was worried. I then went looking for the Balanced Essentials website ( I felt I didn't need the money back satisfaction option anymore as I was fully satisfied with the products). I called up to place an order over the phone as I had a question or two as well and I was shocked to find that Cheryl herself answered the phone. While chatting with Cheryl I gave her a brief outline of our experiences with Balanced Essentials and she was so glad of the difference it had made for my son and those around us.
Sadly in July 2005 the hospital advised me that my son’s time was limited. Again I didn't want him to be full of medications as I wanted his time left to be enjoyable and not drug induced. So out came the oils and I used them on him in his room. I even wiped down his bed with the oils so that the sweet aroma was all around him. The months that the doctors advised turned into years and my son loved every moment of that time as he wasn't drugged up to keep him comfortable, his doctors loved coming and doing home visits as they commented on how relaxed he seemed and how beautiful his room smelt (some would even ask what air freshener I used, I laughed and gave them the web address). My son final lost his battle in August 2009.

I look back to that first eventful day that I stumbled across Balanced Essentials and I thank my lucky stars it happened. As in my mind it allowed me to give my son a better quality of life and a more pleasant one for the rest of us around him. I used the BE Relieved and BE Calm blends to help myself and my younger children deal with the loss of our precious angel. I am extremely grateful to Cheryl for making such amazing products and helping me to extend my son’s life and lessen his pain in the process.

So with that I take my hat off and say thank you from the bottom of my heart Cheryl you are truly heaven sent.

Kind regards, Fiona F. (Posted on 3/06/15)
My unconditional love for this miraculous product. Review by Linda G
Balanced Essentials is part of my daily life, there are so many stories I could share but this is the most important and the one that started my unconditional love and respect for this truly miraculous product.

I remember many years ago while visiting my parents a package arrived from TVSN. It was ‘these oils” my mum had been talking about, she had seen them on the home shopping channel and thought she would try them to help with the pain she had been experiencing.

Earlier that year my mother had been diagnosed with a terminal cancer called multiple myeloma and it was in this year that I decided to leave my career and care for my mother and hopefully in the process try and help heal the great divide that had come between us. I had just turned twenty-eight and thought I could do this for a year or two. For the next five years I would care for my mum as she went through countless rounds of chemotherapy, a very early and experimental stem cell transplant, different forms of experimental medications including the drug thalidomide and much much more. All of these treatments just buying a little more time but at the huge cost to her physically and emotionally.

“That oil” that arrived in the mail would turn out to be our godsend and a vital part of the healing of not only my mother but also of myself. During my five years as a carer I become pretty good at knowing how to manage different medications, symptoms and side effects. When it came to the Balanced Essentials I was an expert at applying different combinations to help ease both physical and emotional symptoms. We have used all of the Balanced Essentials’ range and they all work on many different levels.

BE Relieved and BE Sport aided with pain relief, nerve numbness and also helped with pre-hospital anxiety and nerves.

BE Lite uplifts the mood almost instantly and my mum would put this on just before a doctors visit or a hospital admission. We would share the magic of these oils with many patients and hospital staff over those five years. It also helped with cramps and circulation problems and veins that had been badly damaged.
BE Aware, BE Calm, and BE Uplifted all do what they say and BE Vital always for the face.

As I massage my mothers body with these special oils our healing of mother and daughter also began we were no longer strangers but women who had come to love, admire and understand each other. Balanced Essentials always with us, aiding us to both heal on such a deep and profound level. Balanced Essentials was the link that helped connect us.

When my mother died in 2005 she was at home surrounded by her family and smelling of her favorite Balanced Essentials, BE Lite and BE Relieved. In life and death Balanced Essentials was part of us.

Recently my eight-year-old niece had said she wished she would have known her Nana. I had shared many stories and photos and now I would share not only her smell but also the healing abilities of Balanced Essentials. So out of my bag I pulled a bottle of BE Lite, yes it travels with me. I massage her legs and her hands as I would do daily for my mum and told her how these oils had been so important to her Nana and to myself. This is the smell of your Nana, this was part of her life and now it is a part of yours. I left the bottle by her bed and felt grateful that a third generation would be linked in this very special way.

Thank you Balanced Essentials and here’s to the Future.
(Posted on 2/06/15)
Who would be without Balanced Essentials? Review by Cathy
Who would I be without Balanced Essentials? Their exquisite perfumes, enriching
ingredients, healing properties are part of my daily routine, have become an essential part of me. 'I knew you'd been in the cubicle before me, I could smell you,' my friend and colleague broadcasted across the open plan office after visiting the toilets, 'I mean you always smell divine,' she added quickly.

I have been stopped in Bunnings by the man stocking shelves, already overflowing with joiners, pipes, brackets; basic plumbing accessories, and he was the type of man you'd expect would look after plumbing and keep the shelves well stocked. Large, gruff, capable, not the type to wax lyrical, yet he suddenly turned took a deep breath and said: 'You smell like a spring morning,' and gave me a smile like one.

I'm no longer the type of girl that encourages such comments, actually I'm no longer a girl, I'm a grandmother, but I was smothered in BE Sensual because it seemed the perfect antidote to Bunnings. I also use BE Lite every morning and I'm still happy to wear a short skirt. My husband tells me I have lovely legs and although they're not airbrushed, just bristle brushed before applying the oil, they are not bad for someone in her mid fifties.

BE Vital is my morning slap on the face and decolletage. It knows that the day is for living and quickly brings me to the same point of view. It can be replaced by BE Sensual on weekends, special evenings or occasional trips to Bunnings.

BE Sport and BE Relieved are shared with my daughter. I prefer BE Relieved for my tight shoulders; the result of computers, work, daughters. She favours BE Sport, but I'm the sort of person that needs to be calmer and she's the sort that sometimes needs a bit of a prod. Her son is like his grandmother, so that brings me to BE Calm. We both love it and so does my daughter who would bath him in it if I let her. The thing is I pay for it. BE Calm has become my dearest friend in those middle of the night hours that never used to exist before menopause. Its' scent is like a reassuring chat.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your essence has become part of our family; I sometimes wonder, without Balanced Essentials, where we all would be.

Kind regards, Cathy (Posted on 29/05/15)
Back Pain and Bowel Surgery Review by Marlene H
I have been using BE Confident Deodorant for some time now and I love it. I also use BE Sport and BE Relieved for back pain etc. Recently I had bowel surgery and had to take very strong medication including Oxynorm, all had side effects so I tried BE Sport & BE Relieved with wonderful results. I was able to reduce some very strong medication and am gradually getting better. The nursing staff were very impressed at the relief I got from BE Sport & BE Relieved. The only difficulty I had was reaching different parts of my body without spilling some product, especially when I was in hospital. I wonder Cheryl if you ever considered roll-on bottles for BE Relieved & Be Sport. Thank you for your dedication and hard work to bring us natural products. (Posted on 22/05/15)
Trigger Finger, Osteoarthritis and BE SPORT Review by Priscilla Beath
I developed a trigger finger on my left hand which was very inconvenient as I write with my left hand.
I had injections to the base of the finger with a 50/50 chance of success and there was a definite improvement, however it will randomly freeze and I have found that massaging vigorously with your BE Sport will release it (and I wear a splint at night).

It also helps the osteoarthritis in 3 fingers of my right hand (I fell on them when doing a handstand at school). And for any other inflammation.

I wouldn't be without it and have told friends and family about it.

(Posted on 26/02/15)
A positive touch to so many lives Review by Gloria Devlin
Dear Cheryl,

You and your team have brought a positive touch to so many lives with your amazing healing oil blends My sister is desperately trying to lose weight, therefore I am surprising her with the Complete Detox pack to boost fluid loss from her limbs and body, as I know there is nothing else that truly works as effectively as BE Lite.

Also my son (who was a non-believer of Aromatherapy) is amazed at the difference that BE Relieved and BE Sport has made on his sore muscles after working out with weights.

My young grand-daughter keeps her “magic oils” in a special cupboard near her bed and the first sign of a sting, bite, knee scrape or tummy pain she calls to her mother “My oils, I need my oils”. My favourite is BE Uplifted, the aroma is divine as well as lifting my spirits every day as I help my dear elderly mother to cope with dementia.

BE Confident Deodorant, at last a beautiful product that does not irritate my underarm skin and keeps me smelling nice all day.

Each of your products that I have used over the years has lived up to expectations. I keep spreading the word. Thank you oh so much for Balanced BE Essentials. Lots of love and best wishes to you. (Posted on 18/03/14)

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