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A Current Affair Interview 2009

Posted on: June 1st, 2023

I’ve included this video of an interview that was done in 2009 which explains some of the history of Balanced Essentials but more importantly gives an overview of the Thermal Imaging Research which is so important in helping people visualise the pain relief changes that occur within minutes of application of BE RELIEVED “our first-aid in a bottle” and BE SPORT.

There is also an interview with Esther Steel who describes her car accident and recovery using BE RELIEVED which she terms as the “miracle oil”.

Pauline Rose of Ecological and Complimentary Medicine is also featured using Thermal Imaging to show the remarkable changes that take place after using the product on one of her patients who has problems with her neck.

P.S. Belinda Russell of A Current Affair introduces me in the very beginning of the video as Cheryl Watt which is not correct and should have been Cheryl Gilbert. There is also a Dr Rick Gordon that comes on near the end of the video who does not seem to understand how essential oils work and is not very complimentary.  Not unusual considering they always have a doctor to debunk natural therapies!

Even though this video is 14 years old I hope you find some of the information of interest.

Click here to watch video

Warmest regards

Cheryl Gilbert