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A Natural Approach For Colds And Flu

Posted on: May 3rd, 2024

It’s that time of the year again. 

If you choose not to have a flu shot due to concerns about its possible reactions or lack of efficacy then here are some ideas to help boost your natural immunity.

If you want your own immune system to protect you in the months to come try boosting your immune system by drinking adequate amounts of water, eating lots of nourishing foods (including herbs); cutting down on too much sugar and grains; exercising; getting enough sleep; increasing your levels of Vitamin D and using essential oils.

Recent research has confirmed that “catching” colds and flu may be a symptom of an underlying vitamin D deficiency! Less than optimal vitamin D levels will significantly impair your immune response and make you far more susceptible to contracting colds, influenza, and other respiratory infections.  There are even some thoughts that the ‘flu’ is simply a way that our body expels an overload of toxins and that a virus does not exist. Time will tell.

Essential oils are very valuable in dealing with colds, flu and other infectious illnesses. They work by increasing the body’s ability to combat infection from bacteria and viruses. Essential oils that are antiviral or bactericidal have the ability to attack bacteria or viruses, either by killing the invading organisms or slowing down the rate at which they multiply in the body.

If the illness affects the respiratory passages (nose, throat, lungs) inhaling essential oils with steam is an effective treatment or applying certain essential oils such as pine blended with carrier oils to the back and chest helps to open the airways and ease congestion.

Essential oils also help the body to relax and sleep which allows your body to recover quicker and minimises the stressful feelings associated with being sick.

“After getting bronchitis every year, have not had even a cold since I have been on your oils, in fact I haven’t caught any of the flu bugs while all around me other people were getting really sick. Cheryl, I am doing so well now and so are all the people I have told about your oils, so I cannot thank you enough. I seriously could not get by without BE Relieved and BE Lite, I have all of your oils but they are my “heroes” followed by BE Inspired which keeps my chest clear in “flu time”. Much Love to you, your family and your wonderful team that helps you keep this amazing product on the market helping thousands of people like me.” Vicki M

“I cannot thank Cheryl enough for the improvements many of her oils have made to my life, I started using them about 2 and ½ years ago and have never looked back and have never felt better, I have not had a single cold or flu outbreak since starting these oils.” Jill T