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About Balanced Essentials

Balanced Essentials supports a balanced approach to health and lifestyle
as the key for a successful and happy existence.

Cheryl Gilbert is the owner/creator of Balanced Essentials and has a background in traditional medical care. With this in mind, Cheryl developed a range of aromatherapy blends, perfumes, incense and aftershave made from pure essential oils, which are energised using crystals. These products were created with the express purpose of enhancing awareness and activating self-healing.

They combine pure essential oils of the highest therapeutic quality. Each oil is subjected to quality control procedures to ensure scientific evidence of its properties.

This unique collection of products, superbly presented, is created using blends of essential oils that describe the effect and are colour coded to relate to an energy centre of the body. The inclusion of crystals to promote and amplify the properties of the products support results that offer a profound and beneficial approach to health and wellbeing.

Cheryl began her love of fragrance, when as a child she mixed her aunt's expensive French perfumes. Her guiding inspiration came after working as a trainee nurse 20 years ago where she recognized that to facilitate true healing, the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the individual must all be addressed.

An intense interest in Aromatherapy and a desire to create her own product range developed into producing the Balanced Essentials range. Through owning and operating her own shop in 1995, she recognized the need and desire for aromatherapy products to be simple and easy to understand. Using an intuitive and innate olfactory ability to blend aromatics and using knowledge gained in medical, therapeutic, alternative and complementary health fields, she has developed a unique range of essential oil products, and is passionately engaged in ongoing development and research to prove their use and efficacy. Currently, her aim is to encourage the acceptance of aromatherapy as a first-measure treatment of pain and inflammation.

In 2000 Cheryl developed and listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration three products:

  • BE Relieved - A Calming Blend for Pain & Inflammation,
  • BE Sport - A Stimulating Blend for Pain & Inflammation, and
  • BE Lite for Cellulite. BE Lite for Cellulite was developed for aiding in the treatment of cellulite and for detoxing the body.

These products are the premier products of the company and are some of the most potent available in the market today.

Cheryl's products - the Balanced Essentials range - has been one of the top three ranges ever promoted on TVSN (The Television Shopping Network Channel on Foxtel & Optus) in the Health & Beauty category, and have held the records for the largest amount of sales in one day and the fastest sales of any product. BE products also have the reputation of having the highest repeat sales to existing customers and the least number of product returns. Her live TV shows throughout Australia & New Zealand attracted a large audience of customers. Their comments and testimonials to the incredible effectiveness of the products outnumber any that has ever been received by TVSN.

Balanced Essentials

Balanced Essentials is an Australian-owned aromatherapy company devoted to health and wellbeing, using the highest quality therapeutic essential oils in its extensive range of natural products for the face and body.


  • Post : PO Box 276, Glenorie NSW 2157, AU
  • Email :
  • Free Call : 1800 836 826
  • Phone : (612) 9652 0555
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