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ADAPTOGENS are natural substances found in some plants and herbs.

Posted on: June 23rd, 2021

We tend to think of stress as a state in which one can be agitated, angry, anxious, tense or fearful but, given time, an individual can become listless and depressed; hence the value of essential oils in being able to restore one’s balance.

Adaptogens are natural substances found in some plants and herbs that shield the body against the impact of stress – by balancing and harmonizing the body systems. They provide benefits which are impossible to get in any other way. They are completely unique in nature.

Essential oils work differently as they contain constituents that are both calming and stimulating.  In fact researchers have found that, depending on the state of the individual, essential oils can be either stimulating or calming.  They seem to “know” what is required of them.  So an anxious person will find they receive a calming effect from a particular oil, while another patients who is feeling listless may find a restorative effect from the same oil.  In aromatherapy, we refer to these oils as “adaptogens” because the type of effect they induce will depend on what an individual needs to restore their balance.