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A very honest perspective from one of our customers who shares her journey with us.

Posted on: September 16th, 2021

I just want to say thank you for your updates re what is happening re Covid.  I really did not know the extent of censorship and control that was/is being exerted in Australia.

I went looking for information about the mRNA “vaccines” and ended up absolutely fired up over the suppression of other treatment options.  I addressed my concerns to a number of politicians and health agencies and when I pressed the ‘Send’ button, “I had a surge of “what did I just do?” and still feel a bit shaky that I did it.

Going to have a green tea and load my diffuser with “BE CALM” – your products have never failed me and it is only when I need them most that I realise just how powerful they really are.


I keep hearing that my age group is lagging in the vaccination stakes. I am 69 and just want to explain to you why I am not yet vaccinated. I am sure there are many other people in my age group who have their own reasons for being “choosey” as we have been somewhat disparagingly described on the 11am Covid show. Perhaps consideration should be given to the fact that we are not uneducated, not without intelligence and life experience, and platitudes such as “My parents had their jab and they’re okay” does not qualify as information upon which to make an informed decision. It is also noticeable that some 11am Covid show narratives seem to be creeping towards blaming the unvaccinated for the so-called ‘fully vaccinated” getting Covid-19. 

 I am a nurse’s daughter and I believe in the life saving and life enhancing value of vaccines and also am well aware of the arrogance of the bureaucracies that constitute our health system. I am more spiritual than religious and I am in no doubt that God works through doctors and scientists of all ilks. My previously rock solid faith in a world that is essentially benevolent has been shaken. That is who is sending you a message right now.  

Why I rejected the Viral Vector from the get-go 

When I read the words “Viral Vector” I recoiled with a gut reaction that has always saved my life.  I never ignore it and even if the reason for the warning is not what I think it is (falling down dead) it is so strong and persistent I would be an idiot to ignore it. The first batch of blood clotting merely validated that reaction. 

 I was prepared to get the mRNA 

At first glance the technology whilst fascinating seemed a tad brutal to inflict upon the natural immune system. Felt a bit uneasy yet prepared to have it, because even at that stage there was the spectre of being locked out of everything if I was not vaccinated. The Prime Minister had said “trust the science”. What science and where? 

 Accessing information has been like walking the Kokoda track in the wet season. One step forward one long slide backwards, because of the heavy censorship of scientists and medical practitioners by social media giants like Facebook and YouTube. I would see a research article or a YouTube video that I would bookmark to return to later.  When I returned the article had disappeared or YouTube advised the item was no longer available for “security reasons”, same with practitioner sites. It did not take me long to twig that what was being censored is material, including peer-reviewed research, that carries information or a view about the vaccines that suggests or claims outright there might be concern about their efficacy and safety. It is something that had I not seen it for myself I would not have believed could happen in democratic countries.  

 The Pfizer site has a section that purports to explain things in plain language, but it barely covers the basics. The WHO site “Science in 5” does not actually talk about the science in detail. On there is something called “Is it true?” but it deals only with very basic information which has not much to do with the science of the vaccines. The TGA site has surprisingly little information aside from the issue with non testing of Pfizer earlier on. The FDA doesn’t do much better in terms of the science. I was intrigued that it describes viral vectors and mRNAs as “genetically-based therapies” but labels them “vaccines”.  

 On the other hand, the publication of science and medical advice against further use of the viral vector and the mRNA vaccines is profuse, even with that ridiculous censorship, and is coming from people who design vaccines and who teach vaccines and includes a former Vice President of Pfizer. Even though they disagree on certain points they are calling for safer vaccines to be used.  

Then an eye opener. I am shocked to discover that there are treatments for Covid-19 that do not involve hospitalisation or ventilators. Also there seems to be a disparity in what an ICU thinks it is treating and what doctors with successful outcomes are actually treating. Some ICUs seem to be more flexible in their application of treatments, but have not taken into account the timetable that the virus follows and also persist in using oxygen inappropriately according to most of my information search.  

I am not eligible for the mRNA 

That’s just fine with me. At first, I was annoyed because of all the time and effort I put into finding out about the mRNA. But now I consider it a blessing in disguise. It has dawned on me that we are being constantly pushed into accepting an experimental gene-based therapy as a vaccine for something that has always had a recovery rate in the high 90%. What I have learned about the actions of mRNAs over the past couple of months of daily searching has me very concerned for relatives and friends who have already had this Clayton’s vaccine. There is no amount of money in the world, no promise of privileges, no threat of imprisonment or destitution, nothing at all, that would induce me to insult/assault my body with an mRNA as a vaccine against Covid-19.  Much of the information I have seen say that the vaccines should not have been given to humans in violation of the scientific practice of needing to have successful animal studies first. They say they cannot be called safe because nobody knows that for a fact. I’m not about to second guess any scientist, virologist, vaccinologist, immunologist, or medical practitioner who is telling me there is not enough data to say these vaccines are safe and plenty to say they are not, and they are risking so much to do that. 

 Will I be able to access an alternative vaccine? 

I don’t know. It depends on ATAGI’s recommendations. They will probably continue to restrict my cohort to the viral vector and in view of the choice of vaccines given to other groups there’s a lot of anguish in my age group over this. 

I’m looking at the sub-unit protein and even though I know it does not work exactly like the viral vector or the mRNAs, and I believe it is designed with safety in mind, I want to know more about it. I am past trusting anybody, especially a politician, who looks into a camera and says “it’s safe”. I suspect that because of the shortening of the time between first and second jabs of the mRNA, those fully vaccinated may need another booster sooner so I will still be waiting. Someone told me that one of the universities is working on an attenuated vaccine so I will also follow that up. If my rights as an Australian citizen rest upon my getting an injection, which it does because, in the face of a huge body of real world evidence of successful other treatments, no other treatment is approved or recommended by ATAGI or the Health Ministers, I need to be sure I know exactly what I’m doing in taking a vaccine. Yep. Choosey.    

I tend to believe that political and medical machines for the most part act for the best outcomes, but I can’t quite manage that right now. I know that Australian doctors are being censored because I actually got an email requesting support for a medical doctor who was put in the position of having to defend his Facebook discussion about prophylactics for Sars-CoV-2 and to prove he is not a danger to us. And where have the journos gone? Never have I known a time when only one narrative is permitted and there is no journalist to challenge it.  

I am not a scientist or doctor and have no training in research, and I have no doubt misinterpreted data or made some other error in my efforts to get salient information. My focus is based on what I found about the precise actions of the “vaccine” in my body and what happens next and I am confident that my decision to not have the mRNA is informed.  I think people who stuck out their arm for the jab are brave, but then again, did they really have full information?  

I am asking: why, this far along in the pandemic, is there no support for prophylactic treatments until a true vaccine comes along (as per Dr Vladimir Zelenko), or even treatment alternatives to being vaccinated (as per Dr Shankara Chetty who had no choice due to remoteness)? Would it not be in the best interests of Australians for the authorities to encourage the use of such protocols with the same zeal that the vaccines which still have no proof of efficacy or long term safety were presented to us? And given that these protocols can be customised by doctors for their individual patients, and given that they stand to free up the ICUs and ambulances which are right now under the gun, what is the stopper? What is the objection to a treatment that reduces, or even nukes, the viral load in the nose and throat before it moves to the lungs? Who has decided that the only way to deal with a corona virus is a gene-based therapy injection? And why was that decision made? I would have thought in a pandemic you need all the treatment strategies you can get, especially when you still can’t manage sufficient quantity and diversity of vaccine types/methods.  

I heard Dr Chant say she dreams of making Australia the most vaccinated country. My dream right now is to get hold of a true vaccine. I’m thinking I will be in self-imposed lockdown conditions for quite some time if the current pace of vaccine diversity and availability does not improve.   

If I cannot access prophylactic treatment and get Covid-19 while I am waiting for a vaccine and cannot access alternative treatment I will not go to hospital. I do not want to die in an ICU with a tube in my throat giving me oxygen that is no use at all at that stage. I would rather die where I can see the sky instead of the strained faces of our magnificent but traumatised ICU doctors and nurses. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks like this. That should tell you that something needs to change right now, and it is not the Australian people, it is a health system answerable to bureaucracy instead of to its doctors and the Australian people, and so-called expert advisors who apparently did not even consider that there are multiple treatment stages and options for this virus. I call that a crime of omission against Australians. How many people might have lived if they had access to prophylactics whilst waiting for the supply of vaccines?

(Name withheld).