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Are you suffering from shingles?

Posted on: June 7th, 2023

Customer Comment

“Please read this for anyone else who is out there suffering from the dreaded “SHINGLES”.  Four weeks ago now, I was diagnosed with Shingles, which is a very painful, itchy, blistering uncomfortable skin disorder.  I went to the Dr who very quickly diagnosed this condition and took a swab just to be sure.  Then he prescribed me with a cream which would help deaden my pain and discomfort, which I collected at the price of $38.00 even though I presented a Health Care Card, and it was only a small tube of cream. I used the cream to no affect. Went back and was recommended a different cream by the name of Resolve Plus 1.0 (which was a foot cream for tinea) cost of which $11.00 again still no affect.  Mind you all this time I had my favourite and fabulous “BE Relieved” is my medical Cabinet but was a bit scared to use because of the essential oils on broken skin, even though there are three excellent carrier oils in this product.  ANYWAY AFTER THREE WEEKS OF NO SLEEP AND STILL VERY BLISTERY AND SKIN RED RAW AND VERY ITCHY WITH THE SHINGLES I RANG CHERYL, whom I might add has been my saviour in the past.  Told her of my problem who quickly suggested “BE Relieved”.

Hence I rushed to my cabinet got out my BE Relieved and applied the oil to my Shingles.  The Shingles are under my bust, (which I am very well blessed, I think I was first in the queue when God gave these things to us ladies).  Anyway I waited for the sting of the oils, but there was none, the relief I received within 5 minutes was heaven, I continued through the day to put the BE Relieved on my Shingles and for the first time in three weeks I had a nights sleep.  I still have the remains on these dreaded Shingles but only to look at, the suffering has gone.  The red raw skin is no longer there, my Dr has told me they take between 2/3 months to clear.  I showed my Dr what I was using because he wanted to know what would give such an effect – He is an English Dr. and very broad minded with regard to Aromatherapy.  He said this is an excellent product and to keep using it.

Cheryl and I have chatted on the phone about the outcome and I told her about my Dr’s approval, and upon hearing this she was delighted.  It’s a shame more Dr’s are not listening to what is out there that will heal without all the nasty ingredients that cause side effects.  With Cheryl’s products there are no side effects and I can prove that BE Relieved can be used on broken skin without the sting or discomfort, so please, please read this out because this would definitely help any Shingle sufferers out there.  This is my second time of having this complaint, the first was on my face, and I nearly lost an eye due to the Shingles, I only wish the  BE Relieved had been around 15 years ago.  Thank you Cheryl for your wonderful ideas that really work with these essential oils, which are the best on the market and thank you to your staff who help you prepare the solutions.  I and my husband use all your essential oil products. And now I have found I can use the  BE Relieved on open skin, any falls my grandchildren receive in the future, guess what they will be getting on their wounds.”

Anyway thank you once again and never ever take them from us.  Jill