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Aromatherapy Changes Lives

Posted on: January 24th, 2019

“Oh I have been meaning to write a letter about the life that Balanced Essentials has given not only me but my whole family. It was around 18 years ago I tuned into TVSN to watch my favourite bear show… But it wasn’t to be, instead they were having a long event celebrating a new supplier and Cheryl was there to chat with customers and answer questions. 

I watched thinking maybe this could work… When they started talking about BE Sport and BE Relieved I was more intrigued… You see I had a young child who was born with cerebral palsy and as such had lots of muscle spasms and was about to have major orthopaedic surgery and I was concerned of the amount of medication that would be needed to ease his pain. 

So I took the option to call up and explained this to Cheryl, she was lovely and advised that the BE Sport and BE Relieved would be a great help to him (as I was only on a pension the send it back if not satisfied option sold me) I placed my order and eagerly awaited the first shipment. 

 A few days later I got the blends and straight away started using them on my son. Best was when I gave him a nice long soak in the bath and placed some BE Relieved in the bath with him, he would drift off to a peaceful sleep within an hour of his bath and those nights he would sleep right the way through. Due to his disability I had some lovely ladies who would help me with his care. One would always be there to help on his long bath soak nights and one week she was complaining of pain in her hands… She bathed my son and her hands were in the bath water with him for around 30 minutes. Next morning she called me all excited her pain in her hands was gone… She then wanted me to order some for her next time I ordered in my supplies. 

Well fast forward. Few months and my son went in for her orthopaedic surgery and was in lots of pain and his spasms were out of control. As a solo parent I could only stay in the hospital during the day while his siblings were at school. But the oils always travelled with me and I kept a small amount hidden (didn’t want my precious find to be stolen) on the second night after his surgery he was in a lot of pain and this was causing the spasms to go crazy… The poor nurse had given him as much medicine as she could and nothing was helping him. She was seated beside him massaging his poor legs when another mother in the room mention the oils and said there might be some hidden in his bag. The nurse went and found my secret bottle and the mother advised her to use that while massaging his legs… Apart from the room smelling divine (the nurses exact words) my son drifted off to sleep within minutes… She was super excited and called me up to chat about the oils. I explained as much as I could to her and said I had some papers that came with the oils I could bring in for her to look at.

Well next day I took in the papers (great idea handing out the information with the oils) and my ‘special oils’ were the talk of the ward. Parents from other rooms were coming in and asking me about them. Again I explained as much as I could, the lovely ward clerk even made copies of my sheets to help parents out. It became an ‘in joke’ that if I got paid by referrals for the oils I would be able to never pay again for my sons own supplies. After 10 days in the hospital and numerous parents and hospital staff talking to me about the blends my son and I went home, he had next to no pain medication needed by this time. 

I used the blends on off over the years. I went on to explore other blends from Balanced Essentials but always made sure that BE Sport and BE Relieved were always in the house. A few years went by and suddenly I had ran out and tried to order more and went online to TVSN to place an order but they weren’t listed. I was worried. I then went looking for the Balanced Essentials website (I felt I didn’t need the money back satisfaction option anymore as I was fully satisfied with the products). I called up to place an order over the phone as I had a question or two as well and I was shocked to find that Cheryl herself answered the phone. While chatting with Cheryl I gave her a brief outline of our experiences with Balanced Essentials and she was so glad of the difference it had made for my son and those around us. 

Sadly in July 2005 the hospital advised me that my son’s time was limited. Again I didn’t want him to be full of medications as I wanted his time left to be enjoyable and not drug induced. So out came the oils and I used them on him in his room. I even wiped down his bed with the oils so that the sweet aroma was all around him.

The months that the doctors advised turned into years and my son loved every moment of that time as he wasn’t drugged up to keep him comfortable, his doctors loved coming and doing home visits as they commented on how relaxed he seemed and how beautiful his room smelt (some would even ask what air freshener I used, I laughed and gave them the web address). My son final lost his battle in August 2009.

I look back to that first eventful day that I stumbled across Balanced Essentials and I thank my lucky stars it happened. As in my mind it allowed me to give my son a better quality of life and a more pleasant one for the rest of us around him. I used the BE Relieved and BE Calm blends to help myself and my younger children deal with the loss of our precious angel. I am extremely grateful to Cheryl for making such amazing products and helping me to extend my son’s life and lessen his pain in the process. 

So with that I take my hat off and say thank you from the bottom of my heart Cheryl you are truly heaven sent.” 

Kind regards, Fiona Forrest