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Aromatherapy Essential Oils Australia

Posted on: May 31st, 2019

Quality Aromatherapy Essential Oils in Australia for Personal and Home Care

We ship our aromatherapy essential oils across Australia to make it convenient for you to use natural products in your home. Essential oils are versatile products that can be used for your personal care and around the house.

Buying Aromatherapy Oils Online

Buying your essential oils and natural products online is a simple way to stock your home with natural products for:

  • Stress and anxiety – Our blended products are designed to manage and reduce stress and anxiety. BE CALM can be used in vaporisers, diffusers, or in the bath to help you feel restored and refreshed. BE UPLIFTED includes lemon, lavender, and lemongrass. Great in times of stress and anxiety.
  • First-aid – Single oils can be used in first-aid applications when mixed with a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond oil. Lavender is one of the most versatile oils and has been used for centuries to treat cuts, scratches, and other skin issues. It is also calming and can be used to promote deep sleep. We also use Frankincense in our blends; it has an earthy, spicy aroma that is calming, relaxing, and anti-inflammatory.
  • Dry skin – Sweet Almond, Wheatgerm, and Macadamia oil can be used on their own or blended with essential oils. These oils can be used as moisturisers to treat dry skin and promote soft, supple skin. Carrier oils such as these are combined with essential oils and used topically to treat injuries, inflammation, skin conditions, and a wide variety of other ailments.

Want to use aromatherapy oils and wondering where to buy high quality products. At Balanced Essentials, our products are all natural and are made using blends of high quality therapeutic essential oils.

Related Services We Provide to Aromatherapy Oils in Australia

Our product line extends beyond single oils and blends to include the following:

  • Our incense, BE INSPIRED, is all natural and does not contain any synthetic chemicals. A combination of protective oils including lime, frankincense, pine, sage, ylang, and sandalwood this incense can enhance your meditation practice while freshening the room.
  • Our range of natural personal care products is safe for the whole family. We carry award-winning BE NATURAL HAND CREAM and BE CONFIDENT Natural Deodorant. We also carry Grants Natural toothpaste.
  • We stock Dr. Bronner’s Natural Soaps, that are made using traditional castile soap making methods. You can support your body’s detoxification processes by using detox foot patches on areas that are experiencing pain, discomfort, or swelling.

Why Trust Balanced Essentials Regarding Buy Aromatherapy Oils Online?

Balanced Essentials first opened in 1995 and we are now one of Australia’s most respected aromatherapy companies. We manufacture and stock a variety of natural products that aim to provide a balance between conventional and alternative whilst supporting people in their endeavour to heal themselves. Our business is now online with a regular email newsletter full of helpful information about essential oils and other natural products.

Contact us with any questions you have about using essential oil products or signing up for our newsletter.

Find Aromatherapy Essential Oils in Australia with Balanced Essentials

If you are unsure as to what exactly aromatherapy essential oils in Australia are, allow us to elaborate. Essentials oils are powerful natural medicines that have been used historically over many years to help aid minor ailments, skin conditions, arthritis, pain relief and much more.

The Benefits of Aromatherapy Essential Oils in Australia

There are many benefits to using essential oils in your daily life. Here are a couple to consider if you are still undecided.

● Aromatherapy essential oils in Australia can be used to relieve stress. In this modern age, we deal with all kinds of stress every day and having a way to relieve some of that anxiety and uplift your mood quickly and naturally can become a part of your daily routine without any unwanted side-effects. Lavender is a favourite of ours to alleviate anxiety along with neroli.
● Essential oils may help combat minor ailments. Pine, lime and frankincense are known to help with respiration, so if you are fighting the flu, a blend of these oils rubbed on your chest or inhaled through a diffuser can work wonders. Lemon and lavender has anti-bacterial properties, which can help reduce acne and infections.

About Balanced Essentials

Cheryl Gilbert, the owner and founder of Balanced Essentials, aims to share her knowledge and experience with essential oils with as many people as possible and has been doing so for over 20 years now. She has a background in conventional medical care and has experienced herself what essential for oils can do.

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