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Balanced Essentials began as …

Posted on: October 3rd, 2017

Balanced Essentials Aromatherapy began as a vision in May 1996 to provide a balance between conventional and alternative with emphasis on educating and supporting people in their endeavour to heal themselves.

Cheryl Gilbert, owner, creator and the energy behind Balanced Essentials began her love of fragrance as a child mixing her aunt’s expensive French perfumes. An intense interest in Aromatherapy and a desire to create her own products developed into producing the Balanced Essentials range.

Most people that are drawn to aromatherapy do so out of a desire to reduce the stress in their lives and achieve benefits from these essential oils.

All the development, from the colour and quality of the packaging, unique design, blends that are simple and easy to use and support the many moods and diverse needs of individuals.

Extensive research was carried out to find the exact formulations that were the most appropriate and effective for the blends. An intuitive approach to the blending and a skill for creating appealing fragrances allowed each product to also have a wonderful aroma as well as creating all the benefits that each blend offered.

BE Relieved – A Calming Blend for Pain & Inflammation and  BE Sport – A Stimulating Blend for Pain & Inflammation (as shown on A Current Affair),  and BE Lite for Cellulite are the premier products of the company and are supported by a range of massage/facial blends, pure essential oil blends for the vapouriser, natural soaps, hand cream (winner of 2016 Nature & Beauty Awards and natural deodorant (winner of 2016 Nature & Health Beauty Awards).  All these products are made using the highest quality therapeutic essential oils and other natural botanical extracts.

Cheryl’s products – the Balanced Essentials range – has been one of the top three ranges ever promoted on TVSN (The Television Shopping Network Channel on Foxtel & Optus) in the Health & Beauty category, and have held the records for the largest amount of sales in one day and the fastest sales of any product.  Her products also have the reputation of having the highest repeat sales to existing customers and the least number of product returns. Her live TV shows which were first aired in March 2000 throughout Australia & New Zealand have attracted a large audience of customers. Their comments and testimonials to the incredible effectiveness of the products outnumber any that has ever been received by TVSN.

In March 2008 Cheryl co-authored a research paper “Pain Management using Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Validated by Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology” with Ric Williams (Industrial and Environmental Chemist) and Pauline Rose (Thermographer – Thermography Australia)   and presented it at the 42nd Conference of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists in March at The Marriot, Surfer’s Paradise.  The results of this research have been ground-breaking and support the scientific inclusion of aromatherapy in medicine, cosmetics, toiletries and perfumery.  This is an advance on the petrochemical/chemical inclusion that prevails in general products available in the marketplace now. We are seeing more and more allergic reactions to synthetic additives and consumers are now demanding (and rightly so) safe and effective natural products.

In the July 2008 issue of Personal Care Magazine (published in the UK and is distributed worldwide) our research paper “Using Digital Thermal Imaging to Validate Pain Relief with Essential Oils” was included.  It was the only technical paper to be included.

On 17 April 2009 BE Relieved and BE Sport were shown on A Current Affair as the ‘miracle oils’.

Cheryl feels privileged to be involved in the aromatherapy and health industry and is humbled by the support and encouragement of her many repeat customers. She is passionately engaged in ongoing development and research to prove the use and efficacy of essential oils. Her aim is to encourage the acceptance of aromatherapy as a first-measure treatment of pain and inflammation.