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BE Lady

Posted on: February 4th, 2010

The Face of Balanced Essentials

People have often commented on the picture I use for marketing and wonder how it came to BE. Late in 1997 I attended an art exhibition at the Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery to view a collection of works by environmental artist Garry Duncan. Garry Duncan began painting full-time in 1977 and lives with his family on a property overlooking the Murray River in South Australia’s Riverland. Garry sees his art as a product of the environment without taking from or destroying it.

When I met Garry he went as “white as a ghost” – the reason being that a very large portrait Australian Sienna hanging on the wall looked very similar to me (I have naturally curly hair) and Garry felt he had captured something unique in this painting without having met me before. His wife even mentioned that for a long time the painting looked finished but that Garry wasn’t completely happy with it. One day when she returned from shopping Garry told her the painting was now perfect. She asked what had been changed and was told that the eyes were changed from blue to brown.
I was so taken with the painting (which came from Garry’s imagination) that I purchased this very special work and it became the Face of Balanced Essentials. And another reason to use this painting – it won’t age!