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BE Lite for Cellulite – toxins & fluid

Posted on: April 11th, 2014

BE Lite for Cellulite is detoxifying and diuretic in its actions.  It encourages the body to speed up its process of elimination which is important for health.  Each day we ingest/inhale toxins & chemicals from various sources – food preservatives and chemicals, polluted air, water etc.  Our body from the time we are born tries to maintain homeostasis or balance.  If our ingestion of toxins and chemicals is greater than can be excreted each day our body stores these in the fatty tissues of the body and surrounds it with water to protect it from being excreted too quickly and overloading our body.  Some herbal detoxing products if taken in excess can cause our body to excrete these toxins too quickly and throws our body into a healing crisis.  

Aromatherapy works with our body to speed up the process of elimination and due to the diuretic nature of some of the essential oils helps encourage our body to break down the water capsule around the toxins, speeds up circulation and helps rid our body of these toxins without overwhelming our body.  That’s why I encourage everybody to use BE Lite for Cellulite each day as a moisturiser all over the body.  Our lifestyles are such that we need support to deal with the number of toxins and chemicals we are bombarded with each day.  By using it each day we give ourselves the best chance to maintain optimum health.  Any toxins or chemical stored in our body can over time turn cancerous.  BE Lite for Cellulite also helps our digestion with its antispasmodic properties and stimulating ingredients.  Therefore we are not as likely to suffer from constipation, which can lead to diverticulitis and bowel disease.  It also suggest using BE Lite for Cellulite when there is excess fluid present such as ankles, knees and joints and also for insect bites and stings.