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Posted on: May 31st, 2019

“BE SPORT product that came as a package deal was just left in the cupboard and forgotten about. My mother has arthritis in her knees and it was too painful for her to do the walking she needed to do to keep her weight down and fitness up, so I took the BE SPORT down to her to see if it would give her some relief from her pains. Not wanting Pa to feel left out, I decided to give his legs and feet a thorough massage too with the BE SPORT.

He said that the treatment felt good at the time and after I finished the massage, I put his shoes back on for him. We then helped him to stand up, he commented on a pain in his hip; he shuffled to the toilet, came out and was amazed at the difference the massage had made to him. He couldn’t thank me enough for whatever I had done. He had a new lease on life – he went shuffling around the house at a rate of knots, to the extent that he got out of breath from trying to do too much too quickly, and mum yelled at him and told him to get his walker. He sat down himself and told me to sit down and join him so I could tell him everything about the oil I had used on him.

I didn’t understand the full extent of how much the oil had helped him and his condition, and went home to my place. Imagine my surprise when I went to visit the next day and he told me that “I haven’t been able to walk like this for the past 2 years!” – he was simply overawed by the change the oil and massage had made to him. I gave him another treatment to see if we could maintain the improvement. In less than 2 weeks he was out walking, with my mum and their pet dog, around the neighbourhood and to the shops, talking to people he hadn’t seen for quite some time – it has made such a difference to his life, he is out enjoying it again. He continues to have regular massages given to him by his nurses when they visit, and while not exactly Fred Astaire, he feels he could probably go dancing next week – the BE SPORT has made that much difference to his condition and improved his quality of life.”  Lynette I.