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Certified Organic Essential Oils aren’t always different from Non-Certified

Posted on: August 26th, 2013

The definition of Certified Organic Oils are those cultivated,grown and processed using procedures that are approvedby the certifying body whose symbol appears on the label,and for this you pay a premium price.

However, there are 8 certifying standards in Australia alone,with many more throughout the world. As all of these differthere is no guarantee that one certified product will matchthat from another country.

Most (if not all) essential oils do not require fertilisers orpesticides, as the herbs are native plants that can grow wildif not grown in “plantations” and the essential oil is nature’sway of protecting the plant.

The processing is by way of cold pressing and steamdistillation which are ways that do not require the use ofchemicals that are classed as contaminants. Even SuperCritical Fluid extraction uses very low temperature liquidgases that are expelled when the extraction process iscompleted.

I have spoken to many chemists in the industry and they tellme that they do not detect contaminants from the abovesources, and they find that the pure oils are contaminant freein any case, even with non-certified organic oils.

So really the only difference in this case is that the ‘certified’will cost you more for the same pure essential oil.