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Customer Comments

Posted on: August 1st, 2023

“I have been a dedicated fan of all things Balanced Essentials since I first came across Cheryl and the brand many years ago and have used them for various things.

My granddaughter used to ask me for “Nanna’s magic oil” if she had an ouchy or tummy ache and she loved it.  My husband was very sceptical until he was suffering from a painful trigger finger awaiting surgery and in desperation he got up one night and used BE Relieved on his hand! The relief was so dramatic he was converted and uses it regularly himself and even reminds me to re-order if he notices the bottle is running low.  He’s also recommended the products to many people since his conversion.

I know it works and it’s no placebo effect as my last dog used to suffer badly with insect bites in summer and he’d scratch away and not only would it bother him but the constant scratching, particularly at night, would drive us crazy too.  I decided one night to see if BE Relieved would help him and I smothered his problem area in it……no more scratching, it was amazing.  After that whenever he got bitten or had a skin issue my go to was the BE Relieved NOT the vet.

I can’t praise these products enough and Cheryl has a world of knowledge she is always happy to share.  I can honestly say I have loved every single one of the products I have tried over the years and BE Relieved is a constant staple in my cupboard.”

Kindest regards, Karen Coleman

“Hi Cheryl,

Firstly, thank you for your amazing products and service.  I would like to share a story about my beautiful mum whom I am sure you know Carole Okely.  She has been your number 1 fan and has been using your products forever in particular BE Relieved.  My Mum and Dad lived in Tassie for many years but decided to come home to Ipswich to be closer to us.  After being back home for a few years they decided to go back to Tassie unfortunately as they were planning their move back to Tassie my dad got sick and passed away.  Dad said to mum before he passed when she was ready, she should go back to Tassie.  My mum decided this year she would return to Tassie on her own.   Last week she had a bad fall on the paved area at her house falling backwards and hitting her head pretty bad. The ambulance came and checked her out and advised she should go to hospital, she decided not to go, and they let her know what signs to look out for during the night just in case.  It is very hard when you live in another state and something terrible happens and you can’t do anything to help.  But never fear as there is BE Relieved, mum had a big egg on her head and was in a fair bit of pain, I said mum get some BE Relieved and rub it on your head where it’s hurting and around the egg on her head (daughter telling the mum what to do love it).  The next morning when I called to see how she was going, her head was feeling so much better and no egg on her head unbelievable.  BE Relieved is such an amazing product, mum is never without her supply, and I always have a bottle here for aches and pains.  I love BE LITE Lotion and oil and use it every day.  Your products really are magic in a bottle, and we would not be without them.”

Kind regards, Karen Lea

“Writing is not my strength, however below for your use.

Injury with 3 broken bones in ankle, BE Relieved applied twice daily as gratefully unlike the old plaster Cast CAM boots are removable so easily applied.  Interesting I later read listed in Hospital Discharge Plan, list of pain medications and to ‘wean off opioids as able’. As I had not used regular plain relief medication while using BE Relieved.  One morning arriving for early rehab session, my face hurting as I had landed on my face with the incident, I’d forgotten to apply BE Relieved to my face as well as ankle area. Rejecting pain medication, BE Relieved was fetched from my room for me, when applied to face, I recall the relief after a moment or two, while being observed by the physio. Thanks for the amazing BE Relieved.”

Carol M