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Customer Comment

Posted on: October 20th, 2023

“Good afternoon Cheryl and the BE Team,

You recently ran a competition where you asked for readers’ stories of how Balanced Essentials had helped people and their ongoing stories.  At the time I thought I have told my story several times over the years, so nobody wants to hear it again and I didn’t enter the competition. On reflection I think that if one person who reads my story, is sitting on the fence, and decides to try Balanced Essentials then it is worth telling this story again.

I first heard about Balanced Essential’s products on the shopping channel, TVSN when Cheryl first appeared many years ago. Thus my BE journey began. I first tried BE Relieved and it worked. I live with debilitating osteo-arthritis and as other sufferers know this affects your ability to carry out even the smallest of tasks on a daily basis, but with the help of BE Relieved, BE Sport and BE Lite my daily life is vastly improved.

Over the years I would say that I have tried almost, if not all, BE products from foot patches to ear candles and all of the oils in between. Nothing has ever disappointed me.

My husband , who suffered burns to his face when he was younger, used to call the oils “my witches potions”, until he tried BE Male. He had previously tried many different creams, lotions, etc. over the years and nothing worked. Every time he shaved his face became red and blotchy ad itchy. That was until BE Male came on the scene. It immediately worked . He was hooked and never let it run out. I think he could have been a “brand ambassador” for this product.

Over the years many members of my family and friends have been the recipients of Balanced Essential’s gifts from me. My daughter-in-law lives with endometriosis and BE Relieved and BE Lite help her greatly. My son suffers debilitating migraines and BE Relieved once again comes to the rescue. When any of my friends mention pain I immediately go to BE Relieved or BE Sport and sometimes BE Calm.  All of these oils help in some way and work differently in each person.

Unfortunately earlier this year my husband of 54 years passed away. He was suffering greatly with many ailments which included fibrosis of the lungs, osteo-arthritis, sugar diabetes and the list goes on. He also suffered from dementia. He was in a lot of pain and always asked for BE Relieved and BE Sport and BE Calm mainly to be rubbed on his chest and back every morning and evening which gave him some relief and rest. I will be forever grateful for your oils Cheryl. They helped immensely over a long and painful period.

Just recently, I was in a fair bit of pain with my legs and feet. My daughter-in-law visited and gifted me BE Relieved and BE Lite. So now she is gifting your wonderful products and hopefully the cycle continues with other family and friends.

I love and believe in all of your products Cheryl and hope that by reading my story other readers will, if they have not already, try your wonderful products. I will keep buying, gifting and using your products as long as you continue to make them.

Forever grateful, I am a true BEliever.”

Yvonne Thompson 6 Oct 2023