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As well as celebrating our 60,000th order we would like to announce the names of the customers who have been chosen as the 10 best and most interesting comments. 

Posted on: April 1st, 2021

We thank the following customers for inspiring us with their amazing, wonderful and sincere experiences with our products: 

Linda Belle, Mark Lee, Sue Dennison, Sherrine De Silva, Leokadia Vella, May Carlson, Yvonne Thompson, Larissa Morozoff, Jan Collins and Linda Goddard.


Hi Cheryl,

Just got your newsletter, and would love to share my feedback on Balanced Essentials!

“I first started using BE when I was a teenager – my Mum introduced me to the products.

I started with BE Relieved to help me with period pain, then I moved onto BE Lite for fluid retention and bloating. I was absolutely amazed at how well the products worked and also how soft they left my skin!

I remember burning BE Aware in my oil burner whilst in the throes of late night studying in Year 12 too!

As I grew older and became a bit of a gym junkie, I added BE Sport to the mix, and found it really beneficial pre- and post-workouts.

In my 20’s, I decided I didn’t want to take pain killers (like Naprogesic or Nurofen) anymore, so would only use BE Relieved for any aches and pains, especially headaches or an upset tummy.

I also find both this blend and BE Calm exceptional for being able to get me back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night (and can’t fall back asleep on my own).

Now that I am in my 30’s and pregnant with my first baby, I’m so happy that I can continue using the Balanced Essentials range throughout my pregnancy – honestly, it’s music to my ears, as I just can’t be without these products! They are truly “nature’s first aid kit” for me, and as long as I have these blends in my cupboard, I don’t need anything else.

Over the years, I’ve converted so many of my friends too – because these products just work!

Thank you, Cheryl, for creating a beautiful brand with the most efficacious products of their kind on the market.

Please don’t ever stop doing what you do – you help so many people!”

Warm regards, Larissa Morozoff 


Hi Cheryl and the Balanced Essentials team,

“My journey with Balanced Essentials began many years ago when I watched Cheryl on the shopping channel (TVSN).  She was talking about this oil named be relieved so I just had to buy some to try it. When I first purchased be relieved I used to suffer  terrible period pain and bloating . To my amazement this oil really worked. Then I read about be lite to help relieve the symptoms of bloating …again this oil helped.  Over the years I have tried all of the balanced essentials products. My favourites, be relieved, be sport, be calm, be lite and be lite firming and toning lotion.

When I first started using these oils my husband used to refer to them as my “voodoo cures” but that would soon change! My husband used to think that the only cures came from a doctor’s rooms in the form of prescriptions. Many years ago he suffered severe facial burns as a result of a bbq accident. Every time he shaved his skin was red and blotchy. I had purchased be male when it was on special and urged him to give it a try. To his amazement no more red, blotchy skin. Over the years he had tried many different lotions and creams but now one that actually works!  My “voodoo cures” now became real cures. To this day (almost 20 years later) he still uses this oil and makes sure that we never run out. It was very frustrating when it was out of production in recent times. We will never run out again.

I still use, on a daily basis, the electric oil burner that I purchased a long time ago. These days I cannot always afford the pure essential oils to use in it so I use a few drops of whatever blends that I have. This still gives our home a lovely aroma and feeling of well being. My son, whose beliefs were much the same as my husbands’ now uses be relieved for help with debilitating migraine headaches…….my daughter-in-law suffers with endometriosis and has severe period pain, she uses be relieved for the pain and be lite for the bloating which she says really helps with a better quality of life than she had prior to using these oils. I suffer with severe arthritis and my specialist, after looking at my x-rays, asked me how I managed to walk and get around on a daily basis. I told him that I have my “oily friends” to thank. I use be relieved and/or be sport on a daily basis morning and night and in between. The arthritis affects all parts of my body but particularly my hands, feet and legs. These oils also help with my varicose veins, making them less sore and itchy. I also suffer with fluid retention, which has been a problem for many years. I use be lite lotion and be lite firming and toning lotion on my legs, feet and particularly ankles. I also use the lotion on my underarms, stomach and buttocks for a firmer and more toned skin.

Occasionally I have a full body massage and always take be calm or be relieved along with me. What’s the point of having a massage if it’s not going to completely relax you?  My husband now uses be relieved when he is in pain….he has had two hip replacements and developed golden staph so he has had his share of pain. As we age and our bodies become more fragile it is a comfort to know that we don’t have to suffer pain and can find relief naturally. Cheryl, I don’t know what we would do without your beautiful, natural oils to help us along the journey of life. My family and particularly myself are true BElievers.”

Yvonne Thompson



“I have been using BE Relieved for several years, to help me cope with lower backache and sore shoulders (a result of sitting at a desk, typing for long hours for over 30 years in the workforce – we didn’t have ergonomic chairs in those days, not was any boss worried about us not taking regular breaks etc. – you didn’t go home until you had finished your day’s work).

I always buy the twin pack of BE Relieved – and almost always have gifted the spare bottle to someone who complains about pain.  I even took my spare bottle to Sri Lanka when I visited my 80-year-old friend for her birthday in 2019, and gifted it to her when she spoke of having pain in her knees and legs.  She has found great relief from using it, and I mailed a bottle to a friend in Melbourne to take to her on his next visit to Sri Lanka (unfortunately his trip had to be postponed due to the Covid crisis, but as soon as he is able to do so, he will visit her in Sri Lanka with the bottle of BE Relieved).

I also introduced two of my sisters to BE Relieved – just last month to my sister in Sydney whom I visited.  She suffered a stroke the day I visited her and had to be hospitalized.  Thank God, she is recovering well, and she told me a couple of days ago that she had applied BE Relieved to her painful foot and knees and also to blotchy skin on her thighs and has noticed a difference (she has been a type 1 diabetic for over 30 years and is awaiting bladder and bowel surgery).

I continue to use BE Relieved daily.  It helps enormously after I have done gardening, and massage it on my lower back and shoulders after a hot shower.  It also relieves sunburn.

If I am lucky enough to be considered for a prize, instead of sending it to me, I would be very happy if it can be sent to my younger sister in Sydney, who is recovering from a stroke.  I can provide details if required.

I love the aroma of BE Relieved and have also used the BE Sensual perfume and the deodorant.  BE Sport helps if I massage it lightly on my legs before my line dancing or before I go for a walk.

Thank you for developing these wonderful products, Cheryl.  I would be lost without BE Relieved.”

Warm regards, Sherrine De Silva


BE Relieved has been my hero product for many years now. 

“Initially purchased for the beautiful aromatherapy experience and to target muscular strain, I was astonished to discover so many other uses.  It became my ‘go to’ remedy for Hayfever and Sinus issues and I also realised it was a calming, relaxing aid to sleep.  I continue to find additional benefits such as soothing headache/neck pain and quick relief from insect bites.  Now my grandchildren ask for the ‘magic oil’ whenever they feel unwell, have nasal congestion, aches, pains or skin irritation. I love the effect this exquisite natural formula has on both body and mind.  For our family, BE Relieved has led to the significant reduction in use of synthetic pharmaceuticals such as painkillers/anti-inflammatories/ antihistamines. Now that is absolutely priceless!!”

Thank you so much, May Carlson


I want to thank you for your oils. 

“I started using them over 20 years ago and have never looked back.  My son now 25y suffered severe eczema and was using everything but it got worse and I couldn’t control it so you recommended BE Vital.  That was the only oil that worked and he has not used it for over 10 years now.  Your BE Lite is amazing I use this every day for my tummy area.  I had bowel cancer 7 years ago and have used this oil ever since.  I also use BE Relieved for my aches and pains, but most of all for my migraines.  My family love BE Calm as this helps us relax and sleep better.

I love your products and will continue using them.  I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Thank you so much for your products and keep up the amazing work you do.”

Sue Denison


Balanced Essentials what a friend you are!

“There are so many healing benefits to Balanced Essentials but the element I love the most about these very special essential oils is their ability to teach you a little about the importance of self-care.

Have you noticed when you apply any of the Balanced Essentials how you are just that bit kinder to yourself, how these oils can uplift you, calm you, inspire you and relieve you of not only an ache or pain but a worry or two.

We are grateful that balanced essentials are part of our family’s daily life and part of our family’s healing story.

As a long term customer I wanted to say thank you for all your wonderful oils, they truly contain great healing powers and hold a special place in our home and the homes of our loved ones (because we love to share the Balanced Essentials power).”

Kind Thoughts, Linda Goddard


Two and a half weeks ago I had a Total knee replacement.

“I am allergic to most opioid pain killers, morphine, pethidine and so on.

Doctors were pretty concerned on how I was going to cope with the pain of having g a joint replacement, as was I to be honest. Laying in recovery I could feel the epidural wearing off, (I’m allergic to general anaesthetic also) and I was feeling a small amount of pain coming.

Once in the ward all I could have was Panadol and anti-inflammatory medication.

Luckily pain was not a major issue, however the swelling and the pressure that creates was extremely uncomfortable and I was coping very well, there’s not a lot that can be done for that apart from ice packs 24/7.

After 4 days I was sent home and this pressure from the swelling was extremely difficult to handle, I remembered I had 1/2 a bottle of be relieved in the bathroom and I was needing relief and a decent night sleep.

I applied around my wound and my thigh and calf, seriously 10 minutes later the relief was a Godsend. The next day I put it on 3 times during the day and had the same result.

So, I ordered 2 more bottles, (you can look up my purchase record) this oil is magnificent.

I’m 16 days post-surgery and I’m riding an exercise bike and can do all of the exercises required, my physio is in disbelief has to how quickly I’m recovering as I can bend the new knee 100% which is unheard of at week 2.

So, your product is getting a massive plug from me at my surgeon’s office and Physio as I hope it can help others.

Thank you.”

Kindest Regards, Mark Lee


I have been using Balanced Essentials since I was in my fifties, I am now 72.

“May I just say I could not live without it. With age come many aches and pains.  I have osteo-arthritis in both feet, hips and fingers.  Plus, I have had many falls, some serious like a broken leg in 2016 a broken arm in 2017, compound fracture, I have two plates inserted in it.  Others battered and bruised, some taken up to two weeks to recover.  I can count 10 falls since 2016, beside the broken bone ones.  I am also a Cancer survivor it will be 17 years this Christmas.

I started using BE Relieved when I started menopause, in every symptom I could have experienced I had none.  Soon I added Be Sport, to help with muscular pain and circulation,

in my legs.  My sons were doing sport and were experiencing aches and pains, I suggested BE Sport, no, they did not believe in Aromatherapy oils, my greatest saying is this, “you can try the oils or suffer in pain’.  Reluctantly they allowed me to rub their aching body.  Surprise it worked.

Now I also added BE Lite. Oil and BE Lite Lotion I use them as a moisturizer for my whole body, even my face.  It is great for circulation in the legs as well, No wrinkles in my face so far.  (smile)

BE Lite Lotion. is used for mosquito bites and eczema, for my granddaughters. They love the Be Relieved oil when they are hurt from a fall.  They ask for BE Relieved. When they itch BE Lite lotion is perfect.

I myself have used BE Relieved for all my aches and pains, from my arthritis, falls and bruising.  I have used it for an ear infection.  Post-operative care. I cannot take anti-inflammatory medication. I have allergies to them.  BE Relieved Oil helps me to be able to be mobile. It relieves my pain otherwise at times it would be unbearable.

Many years ago I caught the flu felt horrible, don’t laugh, I rubbed the BE Relieved, BE Sport and BE Lite oils all over my body went to bed and woke up in the morning perfectly well

A few years ago I was heating soup in my microwave, as I took it out I burned my hand, the soup went flying up in the air, landed on my arms and chest, quickly I soaked the burns with tap water until no sting was left, I then spread BE Lite oil all over the burn area.  When I woke up in the morning not a red mark on me.  Good for sunburn as well.

To everyone I have recommended these oils they are very grateful, even the sceptics now believe.

Cheryl, thank you for all these amazing oils.”

Leokadia Vella


My husband and myself have been using Balanced Essentials for many years.

“I started using it first for my back pain.  My husband had a lot more to deal with. He had degeneration of the neck and back. Doctors had him on so many painkillers. So, I said enough you must try BE Relieved and he did. Well after using it as often as he could to start with, he could not believe how good it was.  His pain had reduced so much he was able to come off all the painkillers.  Amazing. We will never be without these products.  Thank you so much Cheryl.”

Jan Collins


Here is a review for the ‘Ultra Rich Body Lotion’ that I promised, sorry it’s taken a while I’ve been pretty busy.

“This moisturiser deserves to be on a world stage because no product in the world even comes close to it!

I am literally a skincare junkie, honestly there is nothing that I haven’t tried! Furthermore, I have extremely sensitive skin AND extremely sensitive eyes. My eyes are so sensitive that even very expensive creams dubbed as ‘eye creams’ actually hurt and sting my eyes so much that my vision is blurred!

However, I must stress that this ‘Ultra Rich Body Lotion’, which is actually a Body Lotion as the product is labelled, is the only cream I have ever tried that does not hurt my eyes in the slightest when I apply it on my eye area as an eye cream! How crazy is that!!

Furthermore, even though it is a Body Lotion what I have observed is that this lotion also heals harsh irritation to the skin on your face!! Having such sensitive skin this moisturiser is definitely my go to moisturiser, I couldn’t live without it!

I consider myself so blessed and privileged to have stumbled upon this product!!”

Kind regards, Linda Belle


Yes, I would like all the products to go to my sister.

“I was speaking with her today and she had had another bad day with pain in her foot.  She told me that she doesn’t want to take Nurofen too often, and has been relying on the BE Relieved to give her some relief, until she gets the results of an ultrasound tomorrow.  It would be lovely for her to be surprised with your amazing gift.”

Warmest regards, Sherrine De Silva