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Customer Feedback

Posted on: July 28th, 2022

“I am writing to you on the ethical and balanced way you communicate the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and to share how you single-handedly changed my mindset towards aromatherapy. As a trained organic chemist, who has since had over 10 years working in pharmaceutical, medical and health sales and marketing, I have often been concerned by the unsubstantiated therapeutic claims that are sometimes made by proponents of organics and natural remedies. In essence, I believe it is one-sided to imply that just because a chemical is naturally occurring, then its effects are not only safe and beneficial, but that it has no side-effects and always achieves a therapeutic concentration. As a result, I was not open at all to any treatments beyond mainstream that had (not) been clinically trialled and tested.

I first heard you talking about Balanced Essentials on TVSN and was impressed by your demonstrable knowledge of physiology and medical practice and the logical argument that you made for the use of essential oils. So much so, that eventually, I decided to purchase BE Relieved to use in conjunction with the topical non-steroidal I was using on my knee at the time. I used BE Relieved on my knee and found that when applied before a workout, I had greatly reduced post-exercise pain and swelling and didn’t even need the non-steroidal. However, I could not discount the possibility that the improvement was not just due to time and the extra massage that was done to apply the oil.

My belief in this product did not come until I inadvertently conducted a placebo-controlled trial on myself. I was removing the old cornice from my kitchen and sanding the walls in preparation for my renovation. After a full day pulling out 2-inch nails from the wall, I just knew I was in for a sore couple of days, so I decided to use BE Relieved empirically in an attempt to minimise the delayed muscle fatigue. I applied BE Relieved to first to my right shoulder but was unfortunately interrupted by the phone and when finished I’d forgotten all about BE Relieved. The next morning, as expected, my left shoulder was extremely stiff and sore, but my right shoulder felt completely normal. I couldn’t understand this at all until I suddenly remembered the BE Relieved I had applied. To say I was shocked at the difference it had made is a mild understatement.

I have gone on to purchase many products from the Balanced Essentials range. I use it as first line intervention for myself and my 7-year-old son for all manner of muscular and respiratory ailments.  I have also found the products to be extremely helpful for regulating what I call “ our ‘emotional thermostats” and sense of well–being. So, thank you for your effective essential oil blends which have taken the mysticism (and in my case, cynicism) out of aromatherapy.” Yours sincerely, Jacqui.