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Essential Oils help with Anxiety and Fear. There is so much more to our products than meets the eye and it is this complexity which enables them to help heal the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

Posted on: September 7th, 2021

Some of the essential oils that were chosen for inclusion in our very popular BE RELIEVED and BE SPORT are not just good for pain relief and inflammation they also help support the nervous system, calm anxiety, increase body relaxation, help the body adapt to stress and even help reduce the occurrence of irritability.

While some essential oils, for example, such as bergamot, vetiver, petitgrain and lavender have incredible anxiety and stress relief properties they are often more effective when blended together in a synergistic blend of essential oils which promote symptomatic relief and healing.

When we fall ill and our thoughts turn to “what if” or “will this pain get worse” we start feeling anxious or panicky and this delays our healing and can often make it much worse.  One of the comments I often receive from our customers is that after using BE RELIEVED or BE SPORT they feel calmer, less anxious and they relax into a state of calm as their pain is lessened or removed altogether.  Another comment is that they healed much quicker than anticipated.