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Healing takes many forms

Posted on: March 18th, 2014

Allopathic medicine should be chosen for what it does best:

Trauma management, diagnosis and treatment of surgical emergencies, prevention of some infectious diseases by immunization, replacement of hips, knees, and other damaged body parts, reconstructive surgery, diagnosis of hormonal deficiencies.

Alternatives should be chosen where allopathic medicine fails:

Treatment of viral infections, cures for most chronic degenerative diseases, effective management of many kinds of mental illness, most forms of allergy or autoimmune diseases, management of psychosomatic illnesses, cures for most forms of cancer.

Aromatherapy works best for:

Infections and acute conditions especially susceptible to quick intervention, improving immune response.

I have suffered from a debilitating ear infection for over two years. Becoming frustrated with frequent antibiotic treatment that was proving to have no effect on it I decided to try some BE Relieved and have not regretted the decision. Felicia Vanstone

Aromatherapy works well for:

Nervous system imbalances.

R.S.D. is a shocking condition to have, it is also known as causalgia which affects the entire nervous system as well as the actual injury, which remains swollen, burning, muscle spasms, horrible discolouration of the skin and the list goes on and on. The pain was unbearable until the ‘Universe’ guided me to you and your oils. Vicki Martin

Aromatherapy works fairly well for:

Autoimmune diseases.  (These conditions are often the result of many years of assault on the body that led to seriously impaired or permanently destroyed body functions).

Thanks so much Cheryl for your wisdom and skill in creating such high quality products.  I have a work background in Law but turned to your products after suffering a serious autoimmune condition at the tender age of 28.  Am now 41 and can’t manage my physical ailments without the BE products.  Anita Sekar

This information is from Medical Aromatherapy – Healing with Essential Oils by Kurt Schnaubelt.