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Hints for Nutritional Cleansing Program

Posted on: October 21st, 2010


*Take 30mL of IsaCleanse first thing each morning to help start the day. It’s very alkalising and is equal to eating approximately 20 servings of organic fruit and vegetables. Also taking 30mL of IsaCleanse after drinking alcohol or eating a very acid meal helps to neutralize their effect.

For constipation try the juice of half a lemon in water water (warm is best to help with peristalsis* of the bowel) or take 30mL IsaCleanse and 2 capsules of IsaFlush morning and night or alternatively eat 3-4 kiwi fruit and 1 tblsp of flaxseed oil with breakfast or with your IsaLean Shake.

*If you’re going out to a lunch or dinner and you know that the food is not going to be all that healthy then have a shake or half a shake before you go out. It will keep you from overeating and also supply you with vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes.

The Want More Energy sachets are loaded with B vitamins and electrolytes which help prevent jet lag, enhances performance and improves mood. It’s great for children to take to school in their water bottles.

The IsaSupreme contains minerals to help your absorption of vitamins and fulvic acid to help remove heavy metals in the body. It gives energy, helps you sleep well and enhances your mood.

Women can take the Men’s Essentials vitamins as well but the men can’t take the Women’s Essentials vitamins (for obvious reasons).

The Essentials combined with the Antioxidants are equal to 1 ton of organic food. They also help increase weight loss. Isagenix vitamins contain no synthetics and are coated with a vegetable base.

Take your IsaLean Shake within 20 minutes of making it as the digestive enzymes are live and will work best for you. The whey protein in the shake boosts your immune system by 300%.
*Keep a log of your weight loss and body measurements. You’ll be 69% more likely to continue losing weight.

*Peristalsis – a series of organized muscle contractions that occur throughout the digestive tract. Peristalsis is also seen in the tubular organs that connect the kidneys to the bladder. It is an automatic and important process that moves food through the digestive system. It also moves urine from the kidneys into the bladder, and bile from the gallbladder into the duodenum. Peristalsis is a normal function of the body. It can sometimes be felt in the abdomen as gas moves along.