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How Important is a Moisturiser for the Skin?

Posted on: November 5th, 2021

The benefits of keeping your skin moisturised are immense and can even include the psychological effect of making you feel better about the way you look.

Moisturisers are particularly beneficial for people with dry skin who suffer from low sebum production.  If the body is not able to produce an effective acid mantle which is a combination of sebum and perspiration, the skin will be unprotected causing moisture loss and skin problems such as blemishes.  Adding a topical moisturiser creates an artificial barrier that combines with sebum on the skin to retain the moisture which helps fight fine lines and wrinkles.

However if the moisturising agent is not a natural substance but one produced by petro-chemicals such as mineral oil it does not get absorbed into the lower dermal layers where the newly emerging cells require optimum nourishment.

Mineral oils are also known to leach fat-soluble vitamins, especially A, D and E from the body.  Lanolin which is naturally derived from the sheep’s wool may be great for protecting our lips however it is too heavy and may cause allergic reactions.

Unsaturated vegetable oils are carriers of important nutrients and vitamins.  They support the skin’s ability to function – to breathe and to absorb light – as well as regulate skin temperature.  They also soften the skin and give it elasticity.  Our base oils which are used in most of our products contain a blend of Sweet Almond, Macadamia and Wheatgerm oils.

Sweet Almond oil was used in ancient Rome to beautify the skin and treat injuries.  It nourishes and pampers the skin, has excellent penetrating properties and remains beneficial regardless of skin type or age.  It is particularly good for dry, sensitive skin.  Wheatgerm oil is extracted from the germ of the wheat kernel.  This oil is high in lecithin, vitamins A, D and E (Vitamin E is a natural preservative).  Wheatgerm oil supports the skin’s natural process of regeneration.  It aids muscle and lymph function and is particularly valuable for treating dry and aging skin.  Macadamia oil contains palmitoleic acid and is one of the few plants that do.  This ingredient is found in the skin’s sebum and as such allows the molecules of Macadamia oil to be readily absorbed into the skin and is extremely nourishing.

Adding essential oils to these unsaturated vegetable oils allows for the perfect combination that adds moisture, tightens, cleanses, detoxifies and increases blood circulation whilst helping slow down the evaporation of moisture from the skin.

Our BE VITAL Massage Blend is a completely natural, deeply nourishing oil that contains pure plant extracts and natural anti-oxidants to enrich, smooth & replenish the skin’s natural moisture balance. It selectively hydrates and promotes skin suppleness leaving a soft, silky complexion.