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I’m feeling GREAT

Posted on: August 11th, 2010

I’ve been on a Nutritional Cleansing Program now for just over 3 months and I’m feeling GREAT.

After writing to you in the last Newsletter I’ve noticed other changes apart from the 10 kilos and 62 cms in total I’ve lost. (Why do we as woman always think about this first)? What I have noticed is that I now look at food very differently. I don’t have cravings that are hard to control so I’m much more selective about the quality of the food I eat. I’ve become very interested in the acid/alkaline balance of the body and am reading everything I can to learn more. As this balance also helps in keeping us lean and healthy I now try to eat a balanced meal of 75% alkaline to 25% acid.

Many of you have contacted me wanting to know about the Nutritional Cleansing Program and a number of you have also started on it. This program is about taking charge of your health, cleansing your body of toxins and flooding your body with nutrition in order to maintain a lean healthy body and live a long healthy life.

I’m concerned by the number of medical professionals who are unaware or uninformed of the toxic dangers we all come into contact with each day. And Australia has one of the highest rates of cancer in the Western World! I’ve managed to convince some of our local volunteer fire brigade members to try this program. They are in contact with toxic ingredients all the time (including a fire retardant impregnated in their uniforms). My hairdresser (who already uses my oils) is now on a 30-day program after being concerned about all the toxic chemicals that he is exposed to. There are many toxic occupations and those people working in them need to look at regularly cleansing their bodies to protect themselves from the chemical effects.

But everyone these days needs some kind of regular cleansing to maintain optimum health. We clean our teeth and shower/bathe each day yet we very rarely think about cleansing on the inside or know how to.

Cheryl Gilbert (Owner/Creator) Balanced Essentials