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Linda’s Story

Posted on: October 12th, 2015

“BE Lite uplifts the mood almost instantly and my mum would put this on just before a doctor’s visit or a hospital admission. We would share the magic of these oils with many patients and hospital staff over those five years.  It also helped with cramps and circulation problems and veins that had been badly damaged.

BE Aware, BE Calm, and BE Uplifted all do what they say and BE Vital always for the face.

As I massage my mother’s body with these special oils our healing of mother and daughter also began we were no longer strangers but women who had come to love, admire and understand each other. Balanced Essentials always with us, aiding us to both heal on such a deep and profound level. Balanced Essentials was the link that helped connect us.

When my mother died in 2005 she was at home surrounded by her family and smelling of her favourite Balanced Essentials, BE Lite and BE Relieved. In life and death Balanced Essentials was part of us.

Recently my eight-year-old niece had said she wished she would have known her Nana. I had shared many stories and photos and now I would share not only her smell but also the healing abilities of Balanced Essentials. So out of my bag I pulled a bottle of BE Lite, yes it travels with me. I massage her legs and her hands as I would do daily for my mum and told her how these oils had been so important to her Nana and to myself. This is the smell of your Nana, this was part of her life and now it is a part of yours. I left the bottle by her bed and felt grateful that a third generation would be linked in this very special way.

Thank you Balanced Essentials and here’s to the Future.” Linda A Goddard