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Many people are now having to treat themselves as the health system fails us.

Posted on: March 16th, 2017

When I was young I looked up to my doctor with awe and respect. To be honest I was very scared of him, but I knew never to doubt his authority over my body.  What he said was taken as truth by my mother and so if I needed medicine or treatment of any kind it was never questioned. It took many, many years for me to even realise that there were other ways to heal myself as my faith in my doctor and his allopathic system was absolute.

Now, a large percentage of people don’t even have a regular doctor as our reliance on medical centres has grown due to the shortage of good general practitioners. And along with Americans, Australians are the most likely to report a medical, medication, or lab error, with 20 percent saying they’ve experienced one of the above over the past year. For those with chronic diseases, the rates are even higher.

You would not be human if you were not concerned about the deteriorating health care system and doctor-patient relationship. But what is the alternative? It would be foolish never to visit a doctor or medical centre as advanced medical technologies are vital in the treatment of trauma, medical emergencies, serious infections and burns, premature birth, cosmetic and rehabilitative procedures. Occasional visits can not be avoided. But, natural health and healing remedies and therapies can help supplement a doctors visit and speed healing.

Taking your health into your own hands between doctor’s visits is one of the best things you can do for your body and your mind.

Become more informed and then should be able to judge what medical option is best for you: conventional therapies, alternative medicines or a combination of both.

There are alternatives to doctor-prescribed medication and thankfully today we enjoy the freedom of choice.