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Natural Oils Australia

Posted on: September 4th, 2019

Purchasing Natural Oils in Australia

Whether it’s for health or beauty, or you have an interest in aromatherapy, there is no better place to purchase natural essential oils in Australia than at Balanced Essentials. Our versatile natural oils can help you relieve pain and stress more holistically.

A Short Buyer’s Guide for Natural Oils in Australia

Not all oils are the same. Look at what puts our products ahead of many others.

● Grade: Plant oils come in multiple grades depending on their purity and safety. Lower grades are not as effective or they might have chemical or synthetic additions to them. Balanced Essentials only use Grade A oils for our products, so you have the best quality available.
● No Synthetics: Thanks to scientific advancements, it is easy to create and sell lab synthesised oils, but the results aren’t the same. Using natural oils in Australia, distilled from a physical plant, provides you with natural healing properties you can’t get from synthetic counterparts.
● No Animal Testing: We don’t believe in harming the environment for human benefit, which is why we never test our products on animals.

About Balanced Essentials

We’ve been offering a wide variety of effective essential oil mixes since opening in 1995. We’ve been featured on A Current Affair as the “miracle oils” and have the most effective and versatile oil blends. Being all Australian owned means we care about the health of our community, and you can rely on us to deliver the best available products to you.

All-natural pain solutions, massage oils and pure oils are all available through our online store with free shipping in Australia for orders over $29. Contact us today.