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Posted on: January 14th, 2011


It’s that time of year when we make all sorts of promises to ourselves especially when it relates to the look, feel and capabilities of our body. I’ve now been using the Nutritional Cleansing Products by Isagenix for 10 months now and have lost 10 kilos (8.5 kilos in the first 4 weeks). Whilst this was initially my main aim I now stay on this program for health.

I recently attended a seminar on the Science of Longevity. What I learned there confirmed to me the importance of providing our bodies with the best possible nutrition and the importance of keeping our weight in check. Did you know that obesity accelerates the aging process and for every 2 kilos overweight we loose 6 months of life?

How do you prolong life and the quality of life?

There are three important things to remember – keep your caloric intake low (only eat 80% of what you need), eat high nutrient dense foods and exercise each day.

We live busy lives and most of us don’t eat well. We also include too much junk food and foods that are chemically treated and lack nutritional value that leads to all manner of illnesses including degenerative diseases. All degenerative diseases are caused by deficiencies in trace elements and vitamins are also incredibly important for our health as they help with the organisation of all elements of life.

What do I do?

That’s why I make sure I take 50mL of a product made by Isagenix called Ionix Supreme each morning as it helps create stability in the DNA with its 70 trace elements. And I always start the day with lemon juice in water and 50mL Isagenix Cleanse for Life.

Most days I replace two meals a day with the IsaLean Shake, either chocolate or vanilla and have healthy snacks during the day with one meal of around 600 calories (and as alkaline a meal as possible) either at lunch or at night.

So for me it’s not just about weight loss although for my health that’s an important part but more importantly for me it’s about living a long and healthy life. One of the added benefits I’ve found is that I feel calmer, less anxious and I sleep even better than before.

And for those who exercise regularly and try to watch what they eat, yet the extra pounds still won’t budge? There’s another complex issue at work – environmental toxins. Here is a partial list of what you may be exposed to:

* Trans-fatty acids (from fast foods)
* Chemical additives in prepackaged food
* Insecticide residue
* Prescription drugs
* Alcohol
* Cigarette Smoke
* Formaldehyde (from new carpets and processed-wood furniture)
* Hairs dyes, cosmetics and deodorants
* Petrol
* Chlorinated water
* Home cleaning products

However, I must admit when I first heard about the Isagenix products I was very skeptical. I’ve seen and used many products over the last fifteen years in business and I thought this was just one of them. I was also very adverse to purchasing any products from a company that used network marketing to sell their products. But I came to understand that for them this is a very valid way to distribute their products. In all the meetings I’ve attended to find out more about them I was surprised by the integrity of the owners and creators. They genuinely care about the health and welfare of people and want to make a change to impact world health.

So for anyone interested in knowing more just let me know or go to their website.

And if you’re not into wanting to distribute or refer others to their products just ignore the information and videos on their site about business building.

Eighty percent of people use the Isagenix products because they are the best and keep purchasing because they see and experience the benefits themselves. But if you want to become a distributor and let other people know about these products there is the opportunity there also.

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