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Our 10 Christmas Specials are designed to offer you healthy alternatives

Posted on: October 24th, 2017

We believe that nothing is better than a gift of health using a natural approach.

I’m sure most of you reading this newsletter will agree that aromatherapy changes lives and I am grateful every day for the privilege to bring you products made from the highest quality essential oils.  It’s been over 20 years since I started Balanced Essentials and it’s wonderful to see that aromatherapy now has such a wide audience of believers and users worldwide.  But I want you to experience and learn more and to try some of my other products that you may have wondered about but never used.

There are 10 wonderful Specials (current up until Christmas) that are very well priced plus ALL products, including the Specials now come with FREE SHIPPING, as all our products will be from now on within Australia.  Most of these Specials are about 30% or more off the retail price!

As I’ve mentioned before in other newsletters we are now waking up to a new paradigm and the choices we make now will benefit us and our children long into the future.

Essential oils are my first choice in healing and I believe they’ll become yours once you experience them. And as well as the pain relieving properties of essential oils they also deal with the anxiety that is so relevant to illness these days. If 90% of doctor’s visits are stress related illnesses then one of the great things that aromatherapy does is help you deal with stress, anxiety, shock and grief.

How many people become anxious when they’re not feeling well?  And how many once they visit their doctor or other healthcare professional and are advised that they will get better in a few days, suddenly feel so much better when they get home just from this reassurance?  Why not try aromatherapy to help you with this anxiety and hopefully you’ll find that there is no need to leave your warm, comfortable home to feel better.

THANK YOU for all your support during the year!  Balanced Essentials continues to grow largely due to you, our customers.  You help us educate and inform people about the benefits of aromatherapy and encourage others to try our products.

Cheryl Gilbert – Owner/Creator Balanced Essentials