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Animal stories

Posted on: July 11th, 2018

All our products are made using the highest quality therapeutic essential oils and other natural botanical extracts. However I never realised that as well as helping people that they would also help the pet and animal family of our customers as well. How wonderful!  And as our products don’t contain tea tree or eucalyptus and are also blended in the correct ratios, they have been so very comforting and appropriate to help them with their pain and anxiety. Cheryl Gilbert

“Dear Cheryl, I have been using your BE Relieved & BE Sport now for approx. 12 years after a car accident I had back in 2001 that left me in a lot of pain. I use it these days for my chronic arthritis pain; it is honestly the only thing that gives me any relief so believe me when I tell you I can NOT live without either of these oils. I have to tell you I have recently been using BE Calm on my dogs during thunder storms, my dogs are absolutely terrified of the thunder (like most dogs) and  my older dog Rebel who is now 10 years old would get so scared at times I thought he was going to die. I now rub the BE Calm on them the minute I know a storm is going to hit and as God is my witness it calms them down during the thunder. I have recommended BE Calm to a few of my girlfriends who also have dogs that are terrified of the thunder and it has worked for them also, and like me they will never be without it, EVER I had tried everything from thunder shirts to Valium ( on vets recommendation) but nothing worked till BE Calm. Thank You Cheryl for creating these amazing oils that have honestly changed my life & my family’s lives and now my dogs lives for the better.” Kind Regards, Kim Hannell

“This is for all the people who think aromatherapy is all in the mind. I have a dog with a collapsed disc in his back and he has also had a couple of operations for cancer. The vet placed him on tablets that disagreed with him and gave him the runs and not so nice side-effects. This did not give him any pain relief and in desperation I tried the BE Calm oil on him one night and it helped him.  I have also used the BE Relieved on him and now if he is in pain and can’t sleep at night he comes looking for the oils.  I now keep them on the coffee table and he will get the bottle and bring it to whoever is at home to apply it to his tummy. So for all the non-believers out there my dog has no idea what it is – just that it helps with his pain.” Marie & Rod Penhall.

“Hi Cheryl, In late August 2001 my dog had her first seizure, a second one followed in late September and then 3 weeks later on my birthday, she had another one.  I was devastated, and really thought her time with me was just about over.  I had been using BE Calm to help me sleep and was stunned by the results, so after her last seizure I rubbed some on her tummy.  She settled within 15 minutes and slept the night through.  Since then I’ve rubbed her tummy every night and since October 27th, she has not had one seizure.  Now I obviously can’t say the BE Calm is a miracle cure (even though that is what I believe), but the BE Calm is the only thing I’m using on her (no medication at all) and she has been perfectly happy and healthy ever since. On to BE Relieved.  I bought my Mum two bottles for Christmas.  It has given her great relief with her back.  She is 74 and the spaces between her discs have thinned and she had been in horrible pain day and night and of course her sleeping suffered too.  The BE Relieved put an end to all that.  Now she can walk upright again and at night a bomb could go off in the house and she would sleep right through it.  But wait, as the man from Demtel would say, that’s not all.  She developed terrible dermatitis under her arms and under the bustline.  Her skin was fire engine red and the itching was driving her crazy.  Visits to the doctor and numerous creams, prescription and non-prescription, gave no relief.  One night as she rubbed her back, she decided to try the BE Relieved on the rash with the attitude if it doesn’t help it sure can’t hurt.  When I talked to her the next morning she was ecstatic. The endless itching had stopped and the colour of her skin had returned to nearly normal.  She still uses the BE Relieved every day and hasn’t had any re-occurrence of the dermatitis.  As far as she is concerned, BE Relieved is a must have.  She has a bottle of oil that reduces pain, provides sleep and keeps her skin healthy.  For the record, my Mum is sceptic number one.  When I first mentioned that I was going to try the BE Relieved, she warned me not to be too disappointed as things like aromatherapy usually don’t live up to all the hype that is thrown around.  Now whenever there is a show on TVSN she is ready to order. Up until this time I’ve never written an endorsement of any product (I’m 44), but then I’ve never used products that have given the results that yours have.  It makes me really proud that an Australian company can make a range that actually does everything it advertises and so much more, and has the customer service to back it up too.  I hope we see many more Balanced Essential products in the future and your company goes from strength to strength.  Bless you for all the relief you’ve brought to people and animals.” Best Wishes, Linda Craig

“Hi, I’m Linda Taylor. I have an important message, and would like to talk to the host or particularly Cheryl (if it’s Live). About how wonderful the BE range is and how much it helps me everyday. After being in a very BAD Car Accident, sustaining multiple back neck injuries and other medical conditions. I have a life of PAIN 24/7, nearly three years ago. I have been on various medications due to medical problems and have developed more complications. When the pain level is high I sometimes have no choice but to take MS Contin (Morphine) Tablet.  The BE Relieved has been very good to me. Sometimes I don’t have to take the Morphine if I use the BE Relieved. It helps with coping with a higher Level of PAIN. So I don’t need to take the harsh medications. ALSO MY DOG ZOE recently came home from the vets after Heartworm Treatment and she had a really sore tummy and kept looking at her stomach. So I thought I’d try rubbing the BE Calm onto her stomach, and surprise IT WORKED I have applied it a few times. Zoe loves it. I thought that because it comes from plants it is natural so I knew it would not hurt her.  I bet you never intended it for animals. My boyfriend is now using BE Relieved, he has demanding & hard work.  He loves it that much that he uses nearly every day, especially after a tough day.  My family and friends have tried the BE Relieved and swear by it. It is very, very special.” Regards, Miss Linda Taylor

“Dear Cheryl, Just a note to say a big thank you for all your help. When I am in great pain I rub the oil into my area of pain and it eases it immediately. It has also helped both Tammy & Bonnie our 2 little dogs. As soon as I notice them limping I apply the oil to their painful areas and very soon they are running around again. My vet is very thrilled with it  …” Margaret Rose

“Hi Cheryl, We would love for you to use our comments. It’s funny your wrote back when you did as we had just received BE Inspired for the first time and I must say wow the scent is so different from any of the others we have been burning the essential oil blend every day since receiving it and I have used the massage blend a few times the first time was the best as mum and I were about to start a full day of study so we both put BE Inspired on our faces and we got 3 times as much research done as we normally do, as we were able to stay focused so much better, mum and I are undertaking B/Arts by correspondence with UNE this is now our third year of part-time study and we had been having trouble concentrating at times so now with BE Inspired we are all set. I have also started using the oils on my dogs I used to show and breed Collies I have two girls still in my backyard one who is extremely hyperactive and the other one who suffers from anxiety attacks the oils have made their lives a lot better as they were not living together well and now they are which has in turn made my life better. Abbey the hyperactive one gets BE Calm and she loves a massage, Sabrina the anxiety prone one gets BE Uplifted which has changed her more than I thought possible she will now go for walks which she has never done before it’s great I also use BE Relieved and BE Sport on them at times if they have been playing rough and got a bit sore around the hip area which collies tend to do. We are hoping you could do a pack with just the oil blends for the vapouriser as we have our electric oil burners on all the time and we would love to have all your oils for the burner.” Regards, Elisa, Irene and Piper Hordon

“I am a chronic Arthritis sufferer. Have tried everything for pain relief on market but cannot go past ‘BE Relieved’. Use it for my dog as well for skin irritation, arthritic pain around back legs and hips. We love BE Relieved.” Julie Bayliss

“My husband and I show heavy horses and tried using BE Calm on our young stallion to take the edge off his willingness whilst in the arena with several mares close by. What a fantastic result. Not only did BE Calm make his coat look superb it also allowed him to concentrate on what was asked of him and he behaved magnificently in the show ring. The judge was extremely impressed with the performance of such a young stallion whilst surrounded by many mares. He naturally won the class. In reality BE Calm was the winner!!! I have recommended BE Calm to my friends with riding horses that can be prone to ‘unpredictable behaviour’ and they equally have had a great deal of success. BE Calm has worked every time – whatever the occasion. Horses do not normally like the smell of scented products, however, they do enjoy sniffing BE Calm – they come back for more. I have also had a great deal of success with BE Sport and BE Relieved with horses and dogs. Wonderful, wonderful products, thank you.” Glenda Marianne Shannon

“I have only recently become a convert. Absolutely love BE Calm – sleep like a baby. This also calms my (2) dogs Rotties’s during storms. P.S. have also converted a few of my friends to your products.”  Michelle Oxlade. 

“I would and do recommend your products to everyone. Having moved from Qld to Victoria last December 2003 imagine my surprise to find no Bowen Therapy for at least 100kms. All this travelling was causing me extreme pain as I already suffer with osteo and arthritis and sciatica and could barely walk without taking masses of pain killers and staying in bed for days. Suddenly I was watching BE on TVSN and realised I had already bought some oils but was not aware that by putting them in my bath I could totally relieve my pain and now I put one cap of BE Relieved and one cap of BE Calm and soak in the bath for about 20 mins per day (NO MORE PAIN). The same goes for my 2 little dogs. I rub their backs every night with BE Relieved and they sleep like logs and are a lot happier.”  Jean Meiers

“Dear Cheryl, Here is another Balanced Essentials rescue story. Just over a week ago I was visiting a friend, I got too close to one of her dogs and it bit me on the nose, it was very frightening and there was a lot of blood but the oils again were my saviour. I was left with a large cut about 1 ½ inches across the top of my nose and various nicks where the skin had been scratched but not broken. As soon as I got home I started bathing the wound with water and the BE Relieved, I knew it would clean and heal at the same time. I spent the rest of the day lathering the area around the wound with the BE Relieved (must have used half the bottle) to help with any bruising. It also stopped any soreness. By that afternoon I looked like I had gone 3 rounds in a boxing ring, I looked in the mirror and cried. I had scratches and cuts everywhere, and let’s face it, how can you look in the mirror without seeing your nose? Well, I woke up the next morning and this time I almost cried with joy, even after just one day of applying the oils it had improved about 70%, almost all of the initial redness and bruising had gone and even the large cut had improved. It is now only about 8 days since the incident and I have to put on my glasses to see what is only a small scratch on my nose, I have been applying a few of the oils every day to the area. I will never be without them. If anyone has any doubts about the oils, get them to send me an email. Cheryl, thank you again my friend from the bottom of my heart, you and your oils are a godsend. Who would have thought that a blue bottle full of gorgeous smelling oil could change and improve so many people’s lives, they truly are a miracle in a bottle.” You friend always, Jill Thurston

“To Cheryl Gilbert, I could not have written this last year because I was too upset as my dog died of cancer. Fortunately he was only very ill for a few days and we thought it was flare up of his arthritis which he’d had before. After anti-inflammatories and cortisone injections from the vet his walking didn’t improve and he was miserable. He resisted “BE Sport” but when I massaged “BE Relieved” into his groin (where there is minimal hair and I knew it would be readily absorbed into his bloodstream) he immediately relaxed and went to sleep. Within 48 hours we knew he was dying and had to have him euthenaised. What I am grateful for in that 48 hours when he was very ill, each time he woke up distressed I was able to soothe him back to sleep in minutes with the BE Relieved. I wanted to thank you so much.” Kind regards, Julie Rawson

“Dear Cheryl, I have a german shepherd x named Noah. He is 7 ½ years old, He is a very confident and energetic dog, but he is absolutely petrified of thunder and firecrackers. I have been using BE Calm on Noah for about 3 years. The first thunder storm after I had purchased BE Calm he was running around like a maniac, as he passed me I poured one capful of BE Calm on his back. The next time he passed me I rubbed it in. The next time one more capful of BE Calm and then he started to relax. Within 5 minutes he had stopped running and he sat on the couch. Now, 3 years later when the thunderstorm starts he lays on his back, legs in the air. I apply BE Calm to his belly and chest and then he can relax. Noah and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you Cheryl. Regards and best wishes.  I have enclosed Noah’s photo.” Joy Egglestone

“Firstly I wish to thank your very caring employee Dorothy for her help today. I am a devoted TVSN Balanced Essentials customer, one of the converted. I use BE Relieved, BE Sport and BE Calm for my painful neck and shoulder problem as well as BE Vital, Sweet Almond oil and Wheatgerm oil for my skin. Four days ago our beloved dog Hutch was diagnosed with cancer and yesterday underwent a surgical biopsy procedure. I do not know how I would have coped without BE Calm myself. It has helped me keep a calm and positive attitude, as I am sure it will continue to do during the uncertain time ahead. I was saddened to see his pain and rang your office to check if I could use BE Relieved around the wound. Dorothy suggested I could and within 15 minutes Hutch had stopped pacing and was sleeping peacefully. Some hours later it was obvious he was once again very uncomfortable. I said to him “Do you want some more medicine” and he immediately lay down on his side so I could apply the oil. I was so happy and immediately rang Dorothy back to say thanks. Although Hutch’s immediate future is unsure, I feel comforted that these oils will be a blessing for him. With many, many thanks from a grateful customer.” Pauline Ratcliff

“THANK YOU! Words can’t express my gratitude for the wonderful products you have provided to my animals and myself, making our lives easier. I have meant to write for ages……..I love your shows on TVSN, and learn each time I watch (about other uses for the products, or about the ingredients). It’s great to be able to make such informed purchases. It’s fully understandable why the girls presenting your range get so enthused – I wish everyone would open their minds and give it a go…. they will be rewarded and amazed. My husband was very sceptical, but through my use of your products on myself and various animals on our property, he actually let me apply lavender to his nose (when he broke it) and like when he had the exquisite pain of gout (in his foot). My father died in February and I was able to keep the environment around him smelling and feeling so pleasant and unnursing home like (not sure there is such a word!) The staff were remarking and asking about your products…I wished Cheryl Gilbert could be beamed into the local M.P.S. (Multi Purpose Service) and give all the info to the staff, because I think it would help not only the residents but staff and visitors…and provide such comfort at such a vulnerable time. As a farmer you are faced with many and varied ailments to deal with, and I’ve found Balanced Essentials have many uses to help in all sorts of situations (I’m constantly trying to encourage the vet to complement his drugs with your products). I have used BE on: Cows with mastitis Cow with iron mongery (swallowed something metal) Cows with jointill (infection in back leg joint) Calf with abscess on his throat Used BE on: Horses – wire burn & cuts Dog – arthritic joint My own use is as varied as the range of products you provide. About six years ago I was kicked in the calf of my right leg by a bull and suffered nerve damage in three of my toes on that foot. Unfortunately I wasn’t knowledgeable about Balanced Essentials at that time (otherwise the injury wouldn’t have created such havoc). Due to this injury I suffered also from cramps in the calf of that leg (felt like someone had hold of my calf with a pair of pliers and trying to rip it off). I hadn’t suffered from cramps before, but thanks to Cheryl’s miracle in a bottle, I am able to get relief…and I sing the praises of Balanced Essentials wherever I go. I also have chronic back problems, due to working like a man – there comes a time to pay the price….that time has come, but thanks again Cheryl you saved my mind & body.  I wish everybody would have your products in their homes, providing them with a safe and effective alternative and giving mental support. I find the BE Lite Lotion fabulous on my varicose veins and boobs (when P.M.T. sets in). I wonder if you have time to visit health seminars and give talks about the healing properties of your great range. Our local M.P.S. (all hospital, hostel and nursing home facilities under the same umbrella) provides our area with all its health requirements and I’d love other folk to have the opportunity to hear about safe effective and enjoyable alternatives. The M.P.S. is the best in Australia. We are situated on the Victorian & NSW border area – Corryong. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate, for the gift you have for creating such health giving, mind saving lotions & potions.  Best wishes to you always Cheryl.”  Robyn J. Hill

“Hi Cheryl, Thank you so much for your time today, it truly was appreciated. I will begin with your suggestions immediately.   As I mentioned to you, I have been so impressed with Balanced Essentials not only for your excellent products, but it is a joy to discover such wonderful Customer Service as well.  BE Calm also helps my dogs as they can be anxious in the car. The days I forget to rub it on their tummies I know it. They are a problem, I wonder what is wrong with them and realize it is me. I forgot their BE Calm. I will be applying it more liberally to me in the future as you suggested.  BE Relieved I love. I always reach for BE Relieved when I have headaches, general aches and pains. I recently realized all the OTC pain medications in my home had expired, by 6 months to a year. I hadn’t needed them, as BE Relieved was doing the job. It is not just humans that can benefit from this wonderful product. My dogs have problems with their knee joints and often their legs cramp if they are too vigorous in play. I now immediately massage their legs with BE Relieved and usually within 5-10 mins they are able to move their legs again. They know the ritual and when I roll them over and open the bottle, rub it on my hands they lie there waiting for the BE Relieved to be massaged. It is so amazing to see their relief and how they are able to stretch and move their legs in such a short time. I confine them for a day or two and continue to use BE Relieved to be sure they are ok, as they are moving normally within a few hours.  BE Relieved and glucosamine has made an enormous difference to my dogs. 1 dog hasn’t had a problem with her leg at all in over a year, the Vet recommended she have surgery 3 years ago, as the only solution. BE Relieved has helped avoid surgery and canine medications that can also cause additional health problems. I now always seek the most natural solutions to health problems for my dogs and myself as the 1st option. I have found many problems are solved with natural products when they are as excellent as Balanced Essentials. I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful products and your commitment and compassion and suggestions. Again Cheryl, best wishes for your continued success.” Kind regards, Judith Stephenson

“My dog loves to have his tummy rubbed every night with the mixture of oils.  I just show him the bottle and he rolls onto his back waiting for a rub.  He has been going along well and has not had a seizure for just over a month.  I just had a gut feeling that if the oils helped me, then they should be able to help him.  He is still having checkups with the vet and has an appointment with the specialist in early January.  At this stage I am feeling more confident about his condition and I am not sure they are going to be able to shed much more light onto the situation.  At this stage I have not told the vet that I am using the oils on him, as he would not agree that the oils could play a part in helping him.  I am so relieved that the oil treatment has been working and he is behaving like his old self and is so much happier. I would also like to thank you for sending me the testimonial from one of your customers. I began to cry reading through her testimonial, as it really touched me.  She sounds like she really loves her dog too.  Our dog has gone through a similar pattern.  It can be very distress watching your animal go through a seizure and not be able to do anything for them.  If you are able, could you pass onto her my many thanks, and especially to YOU and YOUR COMPANY, for your wonderful oils.  They are miracle cures in bottles.  I would love to understand more about how they Work.  CONGRATULATIONS.  Many, many thanks and have a wonderful Christmas and Successful New Year.” Ricki & Peter Drewry

“How BE Relieved helped my dog. A little while ago, after discovering a lump on a back teat of my dog, the vet said she needed to have the teat and lump cut out. They also recommended spaying her, while doing this they found a large ovarian tumour, and removed as much as possible. A few days after coming home she became quite “down”, and where the teat had been removed it had a large red patch. I suddenly remembered my BE Relieved! The first time I approached with the bottle she clearly didn’t want me touching her…….however the next time (and each time there after) she rolled over to allow me to rub it on the 2 operation sites. The red patch disappeared very quickly, and she became her old self within a few days. After about ten days, I was able to discontinue rubbing the oil on her. I am happy to say the 2 wound sites healed very quickly……thank goodness for BE Relieved!” Tina Cushman