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Our new skincare range is nearly finished

Posted on: May 22nd, 2014

Our NEW SKINCARE RANGE is nearly finished.  We have sent samples of the Eye Cream and Hand Cream to some of our Customers for their feedback and it’s been extremely positive.  Can’t wait to launch this as it will be an all natural range based on native Australian extracts and essential oils.

I love the new Eye Cream!  It has worked wonders on the dark circles and dry skin around my eyes and the puffiness which was my main problem.  I have very sensitive skin and I’m happy that the Eye Cream doesn’t cause any reaction like some of the products on the market that I’ve used in the past.  Yvonne Gambrell

I am in love with the hand cream its so rich and smells heavenly – but we would expect nothing less given it is one of Cheryl’s creations. Jenny

I really like the feel and the smell of the hand cream. I put it on last thing at night and my hands feel great in the morning. Cosmic

Thank you for the opportunity to try the new products. I have been using them both this week and wanted to let you know my initial results and thoughts. The hand cream is rich, luxurious and smells fabulous. It’s results remain on the hands for a long time and in the morning, after putting it on when I go to bed, my hands feel great and my cuticles feel moisturised! The eye cream has a fabulous texture and I love the tightening effect you feel just after applying it. My eye area remains soft and supple all day and there is a subtle glow on my cheekbone that I really like. The only slightly negative comment I could make, is that I don’t love the fragrance of the eye cream. I am not sure what it is, but it has a smell slightly reminiscent of when you enter a health food shop. Not offensive in any way, but not as fabulous as your other products. This wouldn’t stop me from buying the eye cream, but I just wanted to mention it.  Thanks so much!  Moira