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Posted on: August 29th, 2008

“The Role of Aromatherapy in The Health of the Future”

Aromatherapy Use in Pain Management and Cosmetics

Our paper “Pain Management Using Essential Oils And Aromatherapy Validated by Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology,” was extremely well received at the 42nd Conference of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists in March at The Marriot, Surfer’s Paradise.

A large number of chemists approached us for more information about medical aromatherapy. This reinforced their thoughts that natural products are in line with consumer driven demand for the future. There is a great need to embrace these if we are to survive in an increasingly immune depleting environment.

The results of our research have been groundbreaking. Special thanks to my co-presenter Ric Williams (Industrial and Environmental Chemist) who attended, and also Pauline Rose (Thermographer) whose valuable contribution enabled the collation of my results.

The scientific inclusion of aromatherapy in medicine, cosmetics, toiletries and perfumery, can only be an advance on the petrochemical/chemical inclusion that prevails in general products available in the marketplace now. We are seeing more and more allergic reactions to synthetic additives and consumers are now demanding (and rightly so) safe and effective natural products.

UPDATE: In the recent July 2008 issue of Personal Care Magazine (published in the UK and is distributed worldwide) our research paper “Using Digital Thermal Imaging to Validate Pain Relief with Essential Oils” was included.  It was the only technical paper to be included.