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Posted on: July 6th, 2016

During labour some women feel little pain whilst others find the pain extremely distressing.  A study published in PubMed has found the following: Immersion in water, relaxation, acupuncture and massage all gave pain relief and better satisfaction with pain relief. Both relaxation and acupuncture decreased the use of forceps and ventouse, with acupuncture also decreasing the number of caesarean sections.

Drug interventions: Inhaled nitrous oxide and oxygen (Entonox®) relieved pain, but some women felt drowsy, nauseous or were sick.  Non‐opioid drugs (e.g. sedatives) relieved pain and some gave greater satisfaction with pain relief than placebo or no treatment, but satisfaction with pain relief was less than with opioids. Epidurals relieved pain, but increased the numbers of births needing forceps or ventouse, and the risk of low blood pressure, motor blocks (hindering leg movement), fever and urine retention. Combined spinal – epidurals gave faster pain relief but more women had itching than with epidurals alone, although urinary retention was less likely to be a problem. Local anaesthetic nerve blocks gave sa, tingling, and more babies had low heart rates. Parenteral opioids (injections of pethidine and related drugs tisfaction but caused side effects of giddiness, sweating) are less effective than epidural.

Aromatherapy can be of enormous benefit during pregnancy and labour as the oil properties are antispasmodic and analgesic and they also help with the stress and anxiety.

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