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Pigeon with swollen toe and BE Relieved

Posted on: October 21st, 2010

Pigeon with swollen toe and BE Relieved

Watch Dr Ross Perry treat an injured pigeon with BE Relieved.

His calming approach is just AMAZING!

25 October 2010

Dear Balanced Essentials,

I was totally amazed to get your email with the link to the bird vet, the timing is impeccable as I just picked up an injured pigeon outside the Coogee Bay Hotel which I am keeping at home in the cat basket, it has an infected amputated foot. I watched the video link and it is exactly what Dr Perry is treating a pigeon for with BE Relieved!

I just gave this little bird its first ‘BE Relieved’ foot massage. It appeared to enjoy it 🙂

Last week I was away with my boyfriend, a chronic shift worker with sleep issues and I said to him have a hot bath with BE Relieved in the water, as it always knocks me out. He tried it and could not believe how well he slept.

What an amazing all rounder product!

Thank you,

Tina C

2 November 2010 Dear Cheryl,

Pigeon just flew off free in spectacular fashion, its amputated leg stump had healed and swollen into a lump it could use to walk on, thanks to your oils!