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BE INSPIRED Massage Blend 100mL


BE INSPIRED Massage Blend 100mL promotes perfect peace of mind to meditate and reflect.

It contains essential oils that allow a deeper connection with your inner self.  Breathe deeply with this unique blend of therapeutic quality pure essential oils of frankincense, lime, ylang ylang, pine, sandalwood and sage blended in sweet almond, macadamia and wheatgerm oils.

The Clear Quartz crystal bead included helps balance the emotions and transmits and amplifies energy. It enables thoughts to more effectively influence matter. A stone of power and connection between the physical dimension and the dimension of the mind. It helps to utilise talents and abilities.

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BE INSPIRED Massage Blend 100mL promotes perfect peace of mind to meditate and reflect.

It contains essential oils that allow a deeper connection with your inner self.  Breathe deeply with this unique blend of therapeutic quality pure essential oils of frankincense, lime, ylang ylang, pine, sandalwood and sage blended in sweet almond, macadamia and wheatgerm oils.

The clear quartz crystal bead included helps balance the emotions and transmits and amplifies energy. It enables thoughts to more effectively influence matter. A stone of power and connection between the physical dimension and the dimension of the mind. It helps to utilise talents and abilities.

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13 reviews for BE INSPIRED Massage Blend 100mL

  1. Annette

    Our family has been using BE Inspired for colds, dry irritating coughs and chest congestion for years. Applied directly to throat and/or chest BE Inspired provides noticeable relief of symptoms. Especially good at night time for a comfortable night’s sleep. From literally age 4 to 84, BE Inspired is a fundamental part of our family’s health care routine.

  2. Leokadia Vella

    I have been using your soaps lately (for the past three months) BE Inspired and BE Calm and my skin has never looked better, in fact my neighbour commented that I was looking younger. Even my physiotherapist commented on how soft my skin was. I think he was surprised given my age, I will be 55 in February.

    I am a diabetic, I have had High blood Pressure since I was 20, (no known cause). I have Glaucoma in my eyes. I have just past menopause with no HRT because I have had DVT in the past. I have arthritis in my lower back, right knee, and left hip. Spur in my right heel, and for the past three months the sciatic nerve has been giving me hell. Since I cannot take any pain relieving drugs because they would cause me to have dangerous side effects, there is nothing that doctors can do for me for pain that I experience. I have found great relief in Cheryl’s therapeutic oils, I continually use BE Sport, BE Relieved and BE Lite, they are the best, they heal the body in ways we cannot even imagine. I know I would not be able to cope on a day-to-day basis if it wasn’t for these oils.

    My family, friends and neighbour use a variety of Cheryl’s oils depending on their need. No one knows what natural therapy such as these aromatherapy oils can do unless they try them for themselves. Many people rely on drugs to help them, it is only when these drugs are no longer any use that we are even ready to try a natural alternative. The Government is complaining about how much all these drugs cost yet they will not acknowledge that natural therapy could be of greater benefit in more ways then one, (there are no side effects). The side effects that these drugs cause can also cost the Government substantially. People who use natural therapy, and can claim results, are the best proof that it works. I hope this email will help you when you do your next TVSN show. I know it takes me forever to write.

  3. Jeanette (Grech)

    The Guarantee card for the Electric Vapouriser is filled out and enclosed and I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to type a few (!!??) words to you. I can’t thank you enough for your beautiful products; I only wish I had heard about them years ago but have only recently had Foxtel installed and discovered TVSN. I have been using your massage oils, concentrated oils and soaps for just over a year now and they have changed my life and my mother’s.

    As I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I have to be very careful with what I put on my body, I seem to be allergic to almost everything. My back and bones in general are a bit of a problem what with osteoporosis, arthritis and a couple of degenerated discs. Along with the CFS comes a bout of shingles every few months – rather weird. The only thing that has helped with the pain of that little problem is BE Relieved. I was just about going up the wall one day with it and I gently massaged the oil right along the nerves that were screaming blue murder. Cheryl, it was like a miracle; I felt the relief almost at once and I actually prayed and thanked God for it. I have a lot of adhesions in the abdominal area that cause a bit of a stir every so often and also have IBS and recurring bouts of a urinary tract infection. BE Lite has done wonders in those situations. BE Lite eases the pain of the adhesions, relaxes the bowel and helps balance the urine output which helps with the burning and pain. I couldn’t be without it.

    At the risk of sounding like a walking medical dictionary, I have also suffered from depression and anxiety attacks for most of my life. BE Uplifted and BE Calm come into their own. I cut out all of my medication some years ago and do not even see a psychiatrist any more. They were not doing any good, only making me worse and feel quite ill. My family doctor is very good and a talk with him does much more good. Thanks to Balanced Essential massage oils and the concentrated oils I am able to use relaxation and meditation to keep me on an even keel. Other oils have helped me to cut down enormously on painkillers and other medication. My doctor is very interested and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has tried some for himself. I guess you would call me a spiritual woman as I have a deep faith that has kept me going through some rather rough patches. Added to that my weird sense of humour has been an extra bonus. Using your products and being able to do without so much medication has helped me to feel ‘whole’, in charge of my life and more in tune with my maker. My mother is 95 (96 in June) years old and in a nursing home. I just wish I had those oils when she was home here with me and I was nursing her. When I or my ex-husband, who is still a very good friend to us both, go to visit Mum or bring her home for the day, this is the routine: On goes the BE Relieved for her arthritis, a little BE Calm if she has any anxiety, BE Uplifted if she is a bit depressed and sometimes BE Inspired if she has any breathing problems. For good measure any places missed get some BE Vital to moisturise her skin. She just loves the massages, feels relief straight away and the nursing staff always comment on how lovely and soft her skin is after her ‘Pamper Days’. Balanced Essentials have certainly enriched her life. You might have gathered that my Mum and I are soul-mates and I love her dearly. It is wonderful to be able to help her in this way, I am so grateful to you. She is feeling a little poorly today with a UTI so Joe, my ex-husband, has gone down there armed with the massage blends, some PowerAde and some rhubarb and custard of all things. I am left at home nursing another bout of shingles so the BE Relieved is very busy today!

    Mum and I are both on the Aged Pension and are far from wealthy, but we both feel that the BE products are a must and well worth the prices for the quality of the oils and the results. I keep a good stock as it would be a major tragedy to run out of any of them. The TVSN packages are great and I have ordered online from your web site when there is something needed that they don’t have in stock. Meanwhile, back here at the ranch, I am very busy with the BE Relieved or BE Sport, BE Uplifted or BE Inspired massage blends, the new BE Electric Vapouriser is filling the room with BE Inspired today, that will vary with my moods as I have the full range (of oils not moods). Later on I will have a bath with BE Calm/ Uplifted/ Inspired/ Aware soap, then BE Lite oil on my tummy, thighs, arms. On will go BE Lite Firming Lotion on to the saggy places with BE Relieved on the bits that hurt and any other blends that I need at the time. By then I will be feeling very much better and smelling beautiful into the bargain. My skin would also like to thank you, as it feels much softer and moisturised and at 66 years of age that is a blessing.

    The Home Library just been and gone and I have told Isabella, the librarian, all about Balanced Essential and she has gone off with one of your booklets with information on all of your products. She will log on to your web site to order for herself, her husband and her friend. You certainly don’t need to do a lot of advertising, as we users of your products just love to talk about them. I love the message on the back of the registration card. Is it a quotation or your own thoughts? Have you ever thought of making a plaque or postcard sized card with those words written on it? I might just make one of my own if that is OK with you as that thought makes us feel very special and that is a wonderful thing. Sorry to ramble on as I do, I know I get carried away, but just wanted to let you know what an important part Balanced Essentials plays in my life and that of my mother.

    Thank you again, Cheryl, and God bless you. You are a very special and unique woman.

  4. Catherine Basilicata

    have found all your products of the highest standards in quality and reassurance – I have severe pleuritic pain from severe Bronchiectasis which is a lung disease. I have found your BE Inspired to assist to uplift and less the frequencies to nil hospitalisation. I have also found BE Lite massage oil assist and actually not bring on ovarian cysts; as I was beginning to get them frequently. You‘re not going to believe this I have an IGA deficiencies, which is a blood disease, with a combination of certain products of yours keep me standing. Doctors are amazed of how I look while my blood etc inside should show a weak, run down, pale person even at the age of 34.

  5. Kerry Jackson

    BE Lite, BE Lite, BE Lite. I had a shower last night just to try out BE Lite Body Wash and it is so wonderful. I came out of the shower feeling absolutely wonderful and soft. I have never felt that soft after getting out of a shower. Usually the feeling is dry and crackly. I am very pleased.

    I also wanted to let you know that I was watching the Balanced Essentials show on TVSN last weekend and you were commenting on the effectiveness of using BE Vital on the face and I definitely believe in everything you said. I use BE Vital alternatively with Rose Hip oil every night and being a teenager and a girl, I often have problem skin but BE Vital is a wonderful moisturiser which I believe has a very glowing effect on the skin. Having just started back at school for this term, I’m using BE Aware every morning again because it does wonders for my concentration, which can often lack at school.

    I also have some wonderful news about BE Inspired in relation to colds. I recently felt a cold coming on and I immediately put BE Inspired on my chest and throat and although for a few days I had symptoms that I was developing a cold, for example a sore throat and a slight cough, within 4-5 days the cold completely disappeared. I know that I can link this to using BE Inspired at the first sign of getting a cold and every day until it was gone. The smell is amazing and I’m so happy that it helped with my cold, which may have developed much further.

    I don’t have any particularly serious ailments which Balanced Essentials has helped with but it’s the little things which have made my life so much better and I know it will continue to do so. I like to share these little stories of how Balanced Essentials has helped me in these small ways, and I’m sure you enjoy getting the feedback on your wonderful products. Thank you very much.

  6. Nola Maher

    I breed dogs (a registered Dachshund Breeder) and on many occasions they have experienced ‘Cheryl’s oils’ with great success! I suffer bad arthritis and would not be without BE Relieved, Sport, Inspired, Lite and all the rest. Also Diabetes is helped. Thank you so much. Love the soaps too.

  7. Chris Lambert

    For the last 6 months I have been applying BE Lite Cleanser, Lotion and Body Wash and have been using them daily. I now wear stretch trousers instead of baggy ones, my rings now fit so the fluid tablets I was taking have got the ‘flick’ and the dermatitis on the palms of my hands, which I used to control with cortisone creams, has now disappeared so you have actually turned me into a believer.

    I also use BE Vital and BE Inspired and my husband uses BE Relieved for muscle strain and has given it the thumbs up. I am hoping BE Calm will help soothe my nerves on my next flight. I thank you for your lovely and helpful products.

  8. Alison Edwards

    I have received my big box of BE today ordered last week from TVSN. I have been using your BE Essentials everyday for 9 months now and with this box I have some to give and of coarse some for me, with this box there is 2 I haven’t used before and love them, the new one is BE Inspired and the after shave for hubbie he is slowly coming around.

    I love the body washes and the soaps but up till now BE Relieved, BE Vital and BE Uplifted are my all time favourites to now, but I think I will be using a lot of BE Inspired too. BE Relieved has really helped my arthritis and stiff joints , and find my boys are taking to the idea of them being used for there sports injuries and stiffness. one little question for sinus problems and cough is it BE Inspired for that, up till now I have been using BE Relieved but one of your winter shows, one was mentioned for massaged in around the nose and cheeks was really nice and helped with sinus.

    I am really pleased to have found your shows on TVSN and enjoy your shows which I watch out for all the time, I have been visiting your web site and enjoy your monthly newsletter, I have sort of been using aromatherapy on and off for a few years but your blends are wonderful and really help so now I’m an aromatherapy convert, and I find some days difficult to decide on which one, now I have more and of course I can always use one on me and a different one in the BE Vaporiser which is also great, the others I have used in the past often had a nasty burn smell to oils, if it got to warm but yours is a soft heat and is slow to use the water.

  9. Rachael

    Just though I would drop you a line to let you know how wonderful your product were whilst using them during my pregnancy, well before during and after. I used BE Lite all over my belly hips and thighs each morning. I also used BE Lite on my feet and legs during the day in summer when swelling was becoming a problem. Wow, what a difference it made. Kept the stretch marks away from my belly, and helped control the fluid retention in my feet and legs, it really worked. I used BE Inspired on my neck and chest before going to work, I felt so alive.

    I also used BE Sport on my ribs and hips when they become achy during the day, and BE Relieved on my belly, back and hips at night to treat the stretching aches and pains, and help me to sleep at night. I did not have to take any paracetamol or any other medication as a result of using BE, both of pregnancies were identical, but using BE products on my second, made is so much more bearable during the later stages that I want to have another. I still use BE Lite and the Firming and Toning Lotion on my belly hips and thighs, they are looking great for a person who gave birth 12 weeks ago. I am also using BE Inspired in the mornings to keep me going through the day, as I have a 12 week old baby and 3 1/2 year old boy to run around after and I rarely need to have a siesta with them. I also use BE Calm on their feet before they go to bed at night, and sleep so well.

    So thank you Cheryl, I love your products so, so much.

    I would also like to say that I am so disappointed that you will no longer be associated with TVSN, I always tuned in when I knew you were going to be on, I always learned something new. I informed them of my disappointment also, not only do I think it is their loss I think it is the viewers loss also, especially those who have had BE change their lives.

    Keep up the great work.

  10. Shelly Oxlade

    I am just so pleased that I had to email you on a Saturday am very sorry that you are not doing shows on TVSN anymore but business is business & if it was not helping then you have to do what’s best for you & your business. I have been a BE junkie for ages, I think you will remember Cheryl I have Fibromyalgia & my mum has Breast Cancer, she also has Emphysema so she has heaps going for her. Anyway we use the BE Lite for her Lymphodoema in her left arm where she had her breast surgery.

    Anyway to try & make a long story short, I bought a bottle of BE Inspired, not sure if it was from you or from TVSN when they were clearing out their stocks. Last night I was a bit congested & felt that I was coming down with a cold, couldn’t find my pink book that you send out to see which oil would be best for me instead of just falling back on BE Relieved for everything & I was looking in my Balanced Essentials cupboard & I saw the BE Inspired & I remembered watching you on a show on TVSN & one of the testimonials was about how easier it made you breathe. So in I go to my Mum and said just try this and see if it helps your breathing at all, so I rubbed in on her back & she rubbed it on her chest. Woke up this morning, went in & asked how she slept (I had forgotten I had put some on her) and she was so happy it was the best night sleep she has had in ages & could not rave about the BE Inspired enough, she breathed so much better just from rubbing a little bit into her body she was so pleased & could not believe how much easier it was for her morning. Firstly I to breathe at night.

    Sorry was supposed to be a short email, but I can’t thank you enough, I use the BE Relieved for fibromyalgia, she uses all the BE Lite products for her Lymphodoema & now we will be ordering BE Inspired by the truckload. Only joking because that it the beauty of your products, not only do they work, but you don’t need to use a lot. A little goes a long way.

    But I would so like to thank you for BE Inspired, because there is nothing worse that not being able to breathe properly & it is helping her so I am so so grateful. That’s some of the tips that I miss from you being on TVSN, because I remembered that show & finally remembered to use it on her. Now you are not on TVSN I will have to email all my silly questions, I hope that’s okay.

    Many, many, many thanks for your wonderful products you have no idea how you have helped this sick household. Bye for now & good health to you & your staff.

  11. Ellena O’Connor

    After I received & read, Including Customer Comments in this Newsletter It made my day!. The Information was Inspiring to me .I felt I could relate to every word of those who have the Information From Cheryl Using Balanced Essential Oils,

    To treat any pain etc; that Effects our Health. Having this Knowledge & using the Oils takes away all Stress Depression etc; Because Incredibly they work!. ” With No Side Effects ” No Antibiotic’s etc; I mentioned before Made my Day, It wasn’t good even the car Battery was flat Well I replaced it & that fixed it !. It didn’t help my breathing Emphysema! I now know how to spell “Emphysema ” from Shelly Oxlade’s Comment in The Newsletter. It’s very Inspiring having “BE Inspired” to use for relief.

    My Problem started New Year’s Eve Midnight I turned TV off to go to bed & Struggeld to breath for One hour . 1am my husband came out to see why I wasn’t going to Bed ?.He saw my problem . 1/4 to 2am I went to bed. From January to June I saw my Doctor several visits I might add. Nothing was done Just Use My “Cymbicort Inhaler “I was Informed!. My Daughter wasn’t Happy @ all with this?!. June I go again to the Doctor , This time he recommended I use the Ventalair & Nebules. 1 week later Monday I go again Hardly able to walk or breath .He Immediately wants me to go to Hospital ??. No I stayed Home All Tuesday Preparing myself Packing a Bag etc; I’m Using Be Inspired all day & night That’s been Keeping me going all this time . . I also Remember Cheryl @ TVSN Saying It Opens the Airways for breathing. Wednesday early morn; My Husband takes me to Hospital Emergency, X/RAY Results Sever Emphysema. I’ve Appointment for Respiratory Dr. I see him & he’s Prescribing more medication Prendysolone etc; For the next appointment I’ve yet to attend. October. Well I’m not going on that again. Been there done that in 2000 for “Vasculitus “they said I had! September the side Effects put me in Hospital Symptoms of Heart Attack! My Dr; Refers me to another Dr After Blood tests He Said Iv’e Never Had Vasculitis?? No It’s now according to him “Cholesterol Emboli “Wanted me to go into hospital for more tests?? I said No! So, I feel safer with using my Oils, Than Medication For The Wrong Diagnosis. Guess I’d best go now Nebulair time & BE Inspired on then Bed. I Pray every day using my Oil’s. May God bless you Cheryl For Giving you The Formula To Produce The Healing Oil’s. Bye now.

  12. Vicki Martin

    I contacted you years ago when you 1st appeared on TVSN with a problem called RSD plus a chronically bad back and you suggested BE Relieved for my back pain and BE Lite for my RSD foot. I want to give you the BIGGEST thank you ever because here we are 5yrs later and I am doing so well all because of your amazing oils. I recently had to move house and I would never have gotten through it all without your oils. I “nagged” my Mother to use them for her problems and after she (like many others) was amazed by the fast relief she received is now (like me) a true advocate and tells anyone who will listen how much they help.

    I have just become a Grandmother of a beautiful baby girl and the BE Relieved was the 1st thing my son and daughter in law packed in the Hospital bag to help with the labour. I, after getting Bronchitis every year, have not had even a cold since I have been on your oils, in fact I haven’t caught any of the flu bugs while all around me other people were getting really sick.

    Cheryl, I am doing so well now and so are all the people I have told about your oils, so I cannot thank you enough. I seriously could not get by without BE Relieved and BE Lite, I have all of your oils but they are my “heroes” followed by BE Inspired which keeps my chest clear in “flu time”.

    Much Love to you, your family and your wonderful team that helps you keep this amazing product on the market helping thousands of people like me.

  13. Acute back pain and fungal infection

    At the outset I must declare that I am lucky enough to be a personal friend of Cheryl Gilbert’s (volunteers in the Rural Fire Service) but that is not the reason for this unsolicited note of thanks. Cheryl initially helped me with acute back pain by introducing me to BE Relieved (with a lovely massage) and I was able to straighten up and walk within less than twenty minutes. I have been using it for all sorts of pain ever since.

    I also regularly use BE Inspired for asthma relief plus BE soaps, body wash and creams. However, for over ten years I have suffered from an odorous fungal disease in three toes (one big toe more than 70% yellow and crumbly). For this I had tried every medical prescription including very expensive creams, varnishes, pills etc which I really just poured down the drain (literally in one case). Some of these caused significant side effects. When this ‘big toe’ became infected (luckily on a Sunday when I couldn’t seek other medical advice) I asked Cheryl for a treatment and Cheryl administered BE Uplifted. It was immediately effective for the infection and Cheryl advised to continue with it to alleviate the problem. I was skeptical as nothing else had worked but I followed Cheryl’s instructions – BE Uplifted twice a day, the nails will discolour etc. I have been doing this for over six months and the diseased nail has almost grown out. I don’t experience any nausea or topical infections. AND my feet smell great!

    Thank you Cheryl, BE has improved my life in many ways!

    P.S. My GP is also impressed and thankfully is open to ‘alternative’ treatments. She has indicated she may refer others to BE.

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