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So, we have actually two major arms of the immune system. One are the lymphocytes that are directed against viruses and the virus infected cells and the other is the leukocytes which are directed against bacteria. They take care of all the viruses that you are confronted with and all the bacteria.

Posted on: July 27th, 2021

Scientific publications have just been published that show our immune system already recognizes the coronavirus which means that it will respond in time to save our lives.  By Professor Sucharit Bhakdi M.D.

“The reason vaccines were deemed necessary was that they thought our immune systems would not recognize the SARS-CoV-2 virus but its descendants are not so different from the old coronaviruses.

Immune systems can make many components.  One of them is the antibodies which it makes when it meets a new opponent or a virus. If our immune system has not seen this virus before this first response will be slow and it will take about 4 weeks for the antibodies to be made. These antibodies are called IgM (Immune Globulin M).

If however the immune system has seen this virus before and remembers it (the immune system has a memory) then it quickly makes other antibodies which are called IgG and IgA.  These are “recall” antibodies and they serve principally two functions.  One function is that if it is a virus that the antibodies are supposed to combat the antibodies can stop the entry of the virus into your cell.  This is what the antibodies of the coronavirus are supposed to do. They are called “protective” antibodies because they protect the cell from getting infected by the virus.  If however the cell gets infected then lymphocytes are there behind the scenes and will come out and recognize that the cell is infected and those “killer” lymphocytes have a duty to kill the cell. So once the cell is killed the virus factory is destroyed and the virus cannot be produced any more and you’ll get up and go back to work.

The other function of antibodies is that if the antibodies are directed against a bacterial infection or a fungus then these antibodies would bind to the bacteria and that will cause another arm of the immune system to be activated. This is a so-called “complement” because it complements the action of the antibodies and leukocytes. Leukocytes are the cells that eat. These are cells that are in your blood, and they are circulating all the time, and they are waiting for these bacteria to come into your blood, be coated with the antibodies and then they will come and eat them. And that is how you are protected by your antibodies against bacteria.

So, we have actually two major arms of the immune system. One are the lymphocytes that are directed against viruses and the virus infected cells and the other is the leukocytes which are directed against bacteria. They take care of all the viruses that you are confronted with and all the bacteria.

Is our immune system really blind to the so-called new SARS-CoV-2 virus?

And this can be answered very simply. And for that one has to inject the virus into the body and see how long the immune system takes to make the antibodies against this gene. And this was done by three independent American research groups in the last number of weeks and published. Two questions arise from this. First was the antibody response fast or slow? 5-10 days would be fast; 30 days would be slow. If it was fast did the antibodies carry the correct label Igg/IgA or the wrong label? The American scientists measured in the blood the appearance of the antibodies every day. The people that are telling you that you must get vaccinated are going to say “of course, there were IgM antibodies because this was blind (new) to them but the fact is the opposite. All groups found out that everyone who had been vaccinated responded with IgG and IgA antibodies within days of vaccination and this is absolute proof of a recall response to something that the immune system has recognized.

You may ask how can this be? The answer is very simple. This is the “hand” or the spike of the virus and the spike is then to grasp the hand of the door to your cell to get in. The antibody comes and forces itself into the jaws, like a crocodile if the jaws are open and it stops the crocodile from closing its mouth. Of course, this is not completely correct but it helps to visualize a picture for you. This key that enters into the mouth is not a perfect fit so you can change a thing or two and it will still go into the “mouth”. This is the difference between coronaviruses and influenza viruses. Influenzas are flu viruses which have really caused pandemics because flu viruses can completely change the whole “hand” so that the “hand” looks very different and then your antibodies don’t fit into that because this is something that the coronavirus can never do. They can’t. They can only change the shape of the “fingers” and this is not enough to fool the immune system, it’s that simple!

And this applies to all the variants so forget it if someone tells you that you are not immune against the variants. The fact is of course that the immune system doesn’t splurge. It keeps its antibodies in a locker. Just like you have money in the bank. You don’t go around throwing your money out of your pocket. You get your money out of the bank when you need it. And that is what happens to the immune system and wonderfully enough another publication coming from Denmark shows that true infections with SARS-CoV-2 do exactly the same. Meaning that everyone who has had an infection ever if he is asymptomatic and has no symptoms the virus does get in the throat, multiplies a bit and gets thrown out again. But even then the immune system responds by making IgG and IgA antibodies. This means the herd immunity is already present but kept under lock and key, like a treasure but it can be mobilized at any time you want. This is like a dog and his master. The dog is the immune system, the master in this case is the virus so the moment the virus comes near the house the dog senses that the virus is coming and begins wagging his tail, barking, throwing out the antibodies to say hello to the master. This virus always first enters through the front door, goes into your throat and it takes days to multiply and if it multiplies in your throat it doesn’t matter, it only kills you if it goes to your lungs. But now we know that there would be enough time for you and me and anyone for the Danes showed us over 99% of all people have these treasures in their throats and they can mobilise the IgG and the IgA antibodies even when the virus was only in the throat. Isn’t this wonderful news!

It causes us to realise that we can caste the dread of this pandemic away and return to a wonderful world. Return to our friends, our beloved ones, join hands with them and rejoice. The pandemic is not present as the mortally dangerous new disease. This will mean that vaccination will be unnecessary but also if the vaccination causes any damage whatsoever it must be stopped because there is no benefit and it only contains danger, then it is the duty of the doctor and the authorities not to undertake vaccination.

Something alarming is also emerging from the publication that has just appeared. They also found in the vaccinated that the IgG and the IgA came immediately. Then they waited another two weeks or three weeks and they gave the people a second shot. What they saw was that the IgG and the IgA levels immediately continued to rise which is what a booster is supposed to do. However, it is now know that the genes that are injected into your body and will enter the blood stream and it is absolutely certain now that these genes will enter the cells that line the vessel wall because these are the cells that they contact. Now what happens when the cells that line the vessel walls begin to product these spikes. The spikes will then be produced by the cell and protrude from the cell surface into the bloodstream. Now these cells are going to be recognized by the lymphocytes that have been given to you to kill the virus or protein or any protein. These lymphocytes are then going to mound the attack on your vessel walls. This is the first way to clot formation that we know is happening all over the world. Now at the beginning after the first vaccination it is already bad and is already terrible in itself if your killer lymphocytes start trying to kill you but at that time after the first 7-10 days there is still yet no antibodies. However after 3 or 4 weeks there are masses of antibodies all over the place in your blood. And if you repeat this performance and start to put those spikes out into your blood God help you. Because now not only the killer lymphocytes going to attack you but the antibodies and “complement” and leucocytes are also going to attack thinking that your cells that are producing these spikes are bacteria. And they are going to try and eat your vessel wall cells.

Now this attack has never been seen before. There is no situation, because either you are combating a virus or you are combating a bacteria. Mixed infections that go through the body are actually virtually unknown. So we have this unique situation that has been created by the vaccination that is in a way extremely interesting because no one knows what the outcome will be however the vision is so horrible and so awful and terrifying that I myself don’t really want to know the answer and I don’t want this answer to become known. I want you to decide to not take the second shot. Not only the second shot but any shot thereafter, that is going to place your life in danger. This is what I am convinced of now especially because of the publications that have just appeared.”

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi M.D.

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