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The best thing about essential oils.

Posted on: July 7th, 2017

I’ve been involved in the natural health industry now for just over twenty years and if there is one thing that I love the most about essential oils it is their versatility.

No other form of healing can match them.  Be it in the way they are applied – taken by mouth (as in France), applied to the skin; vapourised or added to a bath; and for the incredible number of conditions that they treat.

These concentrated extracts from plants are DNA encoded to help humans and animals. They lovingly embrace us when we feel sad, they remove our pain, they help us breath better, they encourage our skin to heal and cleanse our body of toxins and bacteria. And they leave their lasting impression, a scent to linger in the air and in our mind for eternity. 

I firmly believe that essential oils will become in the future the first choice of treatment for many diseases and will be readily available in our hospital system. We will change from over-using pharmaceuticals with their synthetic actions to following a holistic approach that honours us. We will always have access to the other allopathic treatments but they will simply be there as a secondary measure. It will become the norm to use natural first.

I can also envisage a future where our waiting rooms will be places of comfort, with a beautiful refreshing aroma and that an oil (such as BE Relieved) will be applied when we first arrive so that during the time we wait to see a doctor our inflammation will be dealt with and our pain relieved to the point that our anxiety and fear will be minimised.

This future is not too far off.  I can smell a change coming.

Cheryl Gilbert – Owner/Creator Balanced Essentials