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The Miracle of Colloidal Silver

Posted on: June 23rd, 2021

You probably know stem cells have the ability to become any type of cell wherever it is needed by the body, but if from a foreign source, still has a genetic DNA blueprint so your immune system will try reject it. The recipient has to take immune-suppression drugs for life. To harvest these cells, the organism usually has to be destroyed, so we have controversy about using foetal and embryonic cells.

Imagine a substance that will enable your body to make as many stem cells as it needs with your own DNA. Stem cells become the new cells and differentiate to the role they need to play. Without them, healing is confined to the duplication of cells already at the site, so scars form from duplicated, deformed cells. In the presence of silver, the body makes as many stem cells as it needs, each with your own DNA.  Noted researcher, and orthopaedic surgeon Dr Robert O. Becker in seven years of research found low DC electric current accelerated bone healing and using silver electrodes, many times quicker. Dr Becker found that in the presence of sufficient silver ions the body would produce all the stem cells it needs.

Silver has been recorded through history as a preventative and as a treatment for disease. Ancient Egyptians used silver “scalpels”, while copper sword injuries were dreaded for producing uncontrollable flesh decay. Crusader knights shared and drank from silver cups reputed to be unable to spread disease. Rich people used silver cutlery over gold, for health, and were born with “a silver spoon in their mouth.”  Silver coins placed in milk prevented spoil and until recently doctors used silver when needing to hold bones together and in surgery for covering holes in the skull. Ground silver was known to cure dreadful diseases but produced argyria or permanent bluing of the skin. Antibiotics were since touted as the big cure for infection, but they kill organisms indiscriminately and could not attack virus and fungi. Modern antifungals can be damaging to the liver. They are a classic case of curing the symptoms, not the cause.

Silver has another very strange and desirable quality, which antibiotics have not. It can selectively distinguish between the friendly and unfriendly bacteria. The medical field still peddles the untruth that bacteria cause disease, when it is well known that many bacteria are essential to good health and will only cause a problem if something in the person is out of balance. George Bredig in 1880 produced a positively charged colloidal silver particle of extremely small size in an ionic form, “Colloidal Silver.”  It was more effective than ground or nitrate form and caused no argyria. Silver in contrast works gently and is very healing. How does it work? We will probably never know. New research and information in the medical profession is instigated by drug companies, acknowledging that your body can heal itself would cost them billions. There is far more money in treating the symptoms of the disease than treating the cause and the general rule of doctors is “kill the bacteria” and that is what doctors tend to do.

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