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The truth is out – you infected me with the aromatherapy β€œbug” 😊

Posted on: June 23rd, 2021

“Hi Cheryl,

Thank you for all your help, and for clarifying my concerns.

I am so happy that I can still use the BE LITE Firming & Toning Lotion, it is such a beautiful product – like all the others. I just adore them. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into creating them.

In fact, listening to you during the show presentations on OpenShop I got interested in Aromatherapy. I always loved pure essential oils and have used them in the diffusers, but you made me look at them from the health benefits side. I just want to know more about them, how they work, and all their benefits and of course the safety precautions of using them.

Don’t laugh at me but last weekend I went to couple of bookshops and purchased all the books they have on their shelves about aromatherapy and essential oils. I don’t remember when I had such a wonderful relaxing weekend.

I wasn’t reading these books – I was totally consumed in them.

The truth is out – you infected me with the aromatherapy β€œbug” 😊

Thank you again for all your time and kindness.”

Warm regards, Dorota M.