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Thousands of you over the years have taken the time to share your experiences and I thank you because these have helped explain the products in such a wonderful and personal way. Cheryl Gilbert

Posted on: June 23rd, 2021

I’ve been involved with natural therapies and essential oils now for just over 20 years but my main interest lies in helping people understand and treat pain using a natural approach to pain management without having to worry about all the problems associated with synthetic medication. BE Relieved – A Calming Blend for Pain and Inflammation is a result of my years of study and research into the incredible benefits of essential oils.

I often include customer testimonials in our newsletters to help you understand the many types of conditions that can be helped with using BE Relieved. Thousands of you over the years have taken the time to share your experiences and I thank you because these have helped explain the products in such a wonderful and personal way.

Everett wrote to me recently with her story of how this product has helped her and her mother:

“Hi everyone thought I would just leave a comment regarding how the BE Relieved worked on me. I am 27 years old and have had lower back problems for 3 years now and have had a L4-L5 disk replacement and L5-S1 fusion. The operation took the nerve pain away but after about 8 months after surgery the nerve pain has started to come back so have been trying to figure ways to relieve the pain without having to back on pain meds which I was on 24/7 before the operation. I ordered the BE Relieved after reading all the testimonials and thought it must have some truth to it if so many people are saying that it works. Well to all the sceptics out there it actually does give instant pain relief. My current pain level is extremely high I would say 8/10 so when I applied it directly on to my lower back I didn’t get complete pain relief but there was significant relief. Pretty amazing to tell you the truth as I am not one who uses alternative medicines. I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from chronic lower back pain. Even if you are sceptical such as I was just give it a shot if it doesn’t work I am sure who have spent more money on other useless gadgets in your time to try and reduce the pain.


On a side note my mother also has had a bad shoulder for quite some time now from always carrying a heavy hand bag and from travelling a lot and carrying suitcases. I was curious to see if it was just me or it worked on other injuries to and as soon as she put it on she also felt instant pain relief so it’s quite incredible to tell you the truth. I am so sceptical about natural remedies as I have always had a perception that they work but can take a very long time of constant use but the BE Relieved oil works as quick as any Opioid pain killer if not faster.


For anyone out there still on the side lines read all the testimonials and reviews as that is what reassured me to go ahead and try this because there has to be truth to it if it is working on so many people. I am just glad I am now one of those people it also works on as I have tried every gadget/trick/medication there is under the sun to help with my pain and this is definitely one of the ones that works.”

Now let us learn more about pain.

What is pain?

Pain can be of a throbbing type, a pulsating pain, or it can be a stabbing or pinching pain. Pain can be constant and steady, in which case it is often referred to as an ache.

But pain is a very individual experience and the only person who can describe it properly is the one who is feeling it.

Inflammation is usually the cause of most pain and people can go through many sensations of pain depending on the severity of it. Even the thought of it can cause distress and fear. This inflammatory process is part of the body’s immune response. Initially, it is helpful when, for example, your toe is stubbed and needs care and protection.

The word inflammation comes from the Latin “inflammo”, meaning “I set alight, I ignite”.

Did you know that inflammation helps to heal?

Neuroscientists at the Lerner Research Institute at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio found that inflammation actually helps to heal damaged muscle tissue. Their findings clash with how sportspeople with inflammation are treated – health professionals always try to control the inflammation to encourage healing. I’ve believed for a long time that an application of essential oils can be a much better approach than a cold pack which impairs the circulation and delay the onset of true healing. The researchers say their findings may lead to new therapies for acute muscle injuries caused by freeze damage, medications, chemicals and trauma.