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What is a frozen shoulder and which oil is best to use?

Posted on: October 7th, 2022

Also known as adhesive capsulitis. This occurs when the motion of the shoulder joint becomes restricted, it is caused by inflammation in the connective tissue of the “head” of your shoulder, the “shoulder capsule.”

Over time, the tissue of the joint gets thicker and tighter, and adhesive bands of scar develop in the tissue and can form in the joint. Full-range of motion (particularly reaching over your head or behind your back) becomes more painful and harder to do.

It happens in 3 stages

1.    Stiffening, or pain- this can take a few years of gradually getting more painful and movement lessening

2.    Frozen- the most painful stage and can last up to 9 months

3.    Thawing- can last longer a year or more, and with treatment can gradually improve.

When and why does it happen?


Frozen shoulder often affects people between the ages of 40 and 60 years old. 70 percent of these people are women. These statistics suggest a correlation between frozen shoulder and a hormonal shift that occurs in the early or pre-stages of menopause. Possibly because in these stages of life, oestrogens and progesterone levels drop which are both inflammatory protective (especially in joint areas)

Shoulder surgery or immobility

When an operation or injury occurs this can cause the symptoms.

Diabetes and thyroid imbalances

Endocrine issues can affect joints and muscles. Frozen shoulder is reported to occur in 10 to 29 percent of those with diabetes. Sugar adheres to the collagen in cells and affects their functioning. Also, diabetes can damage blood vessels. Poor blood supply may result in scarring of the body’s elastic tissues, which can trigger a frozen shoulder.

Which oil is best?


“Being diabetic my first experience with BE oils was for a condition called bilateral frozen shoulder. I had suffered with it for 2 years and had many nights of agony until I purchased BE Sport and BE Relieved. I would rub BE Sport into my shoulders and neck of a morning and BE Relieved at night.  What a relief they worked! The biggest surprise came after just six months the frozen shoulders went away and they have not come back in 4 years. My first happy experience.”  Merilyn Godfrey