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When our medical system seems like a comedy of errors…

Posted on: March 16th, 2017

CARMEL’S STORY began when she tripped over the garden hose and landed on her hand.

Carmel had been filling up the water trough for her very much loved alpaca’s and miniature donkeys when she came a cropper. Thinking that not much damage was done she just kept applying BE RELIEVED.

A couple of weeks later she decided to go to the doctor and have an x-ray as it was still a little tender, but not swollen. When the doctor advised that it wasn’t broken she just assumed that it would take time to heal. Another couple of weeks passed and as it was still painful Carmel went back to the medical centre to have it x-rayed again by another doctor.

That was when she was told that it was broken in three places.

The doctor was going to send her home without treatment until Carmel asked if it could be put in a plaster cast for support. She was sent to the physiotherapist who put it in a half-cast telling her that she was to leave it on for three weeks. However it became so loose and uncomfortable and kept twisting so Carmel decided to go to another medical centre where they set it in a full cast up to the elbow.  

After a short time it too became very loose so she went back to the medical centre and they told her that the plaster had to be taken off and the hand reset.  The only problem being that the doctor didn’t have anything to cut the plaster off with so she was sent to a nearby physiotherapy practice who reset it for her and advised her to come back in four weeks. They did however request another x-ray to check on the healing but when the results came back the physiotherapist couldn’t read the x-ray properly due to the fact that the new plaster was on when the x-ray was taken.  

A couple of weeks after the plaster was finally removed Carmel noticed that her hand’s tendon was very tight and the skin was turning white due to a lack of circulation. So back she went to the medical centre to get a referral to a hand specialist. He told her that the plaster had been so tight that it had damaged the tendon on her hand.  Another two specialists later and it was confirmed that she now has Dupuytren’s Contracture (claw hand) and that this will worsen over time until she needs to have it operated on to release the tendon. However she was told that she has to wait until it is really deformed before they would even consider operating.

Late last week out of desperation she started seeing a chiropractor who has managed to relieve some of the symptoms of tightness that she is experiencing on a daily basis. The chiropractic treatment and using BE RELIEVED seems to be the only thing that is giving her some relief and peace of mind.

However, had Carmel been treated by the medical system properly in the first place she would not have endured such a long, painful and expensive recovery which has left her with permanent damage.

“BE RELIEVED has saved my sanity during this rather long and painful episode. Sometimes it feels quite laughable when I think of all the many things that I’ve experienced but I’m reminded when I look at my hand and see the deformity that I’m left with.  I’ve applied BE RELIEVED so many times when my hand’s been sore and especially when I’ve felt so very anxious and upset at the incompetence of the medical system. It has helped enormously and I can’t imagine what I would have done without this ‘wonderful miracle oil’.  I know it can’t repair the damage to the tendon but at leasts it helps with the inflammation and the pain. Hopefully in combination with BE RELIEVED and my chiropractor I might be lucky enough not to need an operation.”