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Why are diets not successful?

Posted on: June 17th, 2010

Most of us have tried to lose weight at some point in our lives. Some of us are continually trying. Have you ever felt frustrated when your weight drops initially and then the cravings become stronger? Have you noticed that adding lots of exercise only helps for a time and then you start to feel tired, sore and will make any excuse to not exercise that day? To put it simply the reason it doesn’t work is that your body needs nourishment in order to function effectively. And it needs to remove the overload of toxins that has been accumulated as fat deposits, noticeably around the abdomen, upper thighs & arms, back and neck.

The body stores toxins in the fatty tissues of the body to protect itself from the overload that can’t be released easily. If you diet you are reducing the size of your body but many of the impurities/toxins remain meaning that you now have a greater percentage of toxins as your body is now smaller. This causes a response in your body to create more fat to protect itself from this increase. A rebound effect takes place and you begin to crave and pile on the kilos that you have just shed. And often you pile on more!

If the majority of toxins are removed and you are adequately nourished your body responds by giving you lots of energy, helps you think more clearly and positively and best of all keeps the fat deposits from creeping back on.

If you have more energy and feel stronger and more positive you will automatically want to exercise and move your body. Think of young children who can’t sit still. They never think of exercising they are just continually active and on the go with lean, strong bodies.

There are a number of ways to encourage your body to remove toxins. But some of them are too severe. Rapidly detoxing your body can cause a “healing crisis” and is especially severe for those on medication. It’s all a matter of balance and commonsense. Aromatherapy is one that I love to use everyday to begin this process. It works with our body to speed up the process of elimination and due to the diuretic nature of some of the essential oils helps encourage our body to break down the water capsule around the toxins, speeds up circulation and helps rid our body of these toxins without overwhelming our body.

But you must also look to what you put in your body and work from the inside out as well as from the outside in. Minerals and trace minerals (electrolytes) are the foremost thing you should supplement with in your body. When supplementing do your homework and see if it contains all the ingredients and nutrients that support your body to function effectively and help you maintain a healthy weight.

How I’m Making a Difference to My Body …

In my last newsletter I mentioned that I was trying a nutritional supplement and I’d let you know the progress. Well, it’s now become a way of life. In the past I’ve tried vegan diets, calorie restricted diets and diets that contained lots of vitamins and minerals. I found with vegan I started to feel as if I was aging faster and had less energy. Exercising didn’t help it only made my body feel more depleted. And when you think about the lack of  nutrition in our fruits and vegetables it makes sense now that this was the case. On a calories restricted diet I eventually started craving food as my nutrition decreased. I found with vitamin and mineral supplements trying to swallow them twice a day fine for the first few weeks but with so many different ones to take my body rebelled and I’d start gagging each time I tried to take them. 
I’ve been on a nutritional cleansing program now for 2 months (including some at my office who said they’d only try it for 30 days). The first week is the most difficult as your body starts to release stored toxins. I felt toxic as I hadn’t used BE Lite or essential oils for days in anticipation of trying these products.

Day 2 I had a very bad headache and decided I couldn’t live without my essential oils so I had a BE Lite bath after work. Used BE Calm afterwards then went to bed. By Day 3 wasn’t as hungry as I thought I’d be. Went out for lunch as it was a Sunday and felt clearer in the head. Mark, my husband, was feeling a little miserable. But then he’d been on blood pressure medication for years and I guess the detoxing was harder for him. By Day 5 started having more energy at night and went for a walk. Day 6 -enjoyed a BE Lite/BE Relieved bath. Felt great. Day 7 – I was feeling energetic enough to want to walk each day and include some exercise. After 4 weeks I’d lost 34cm from my body and 6.5 kg. Carmel had lost 11 kg. Mark hadn’t lost any weight but had lost 34 cm in total from his body.

It’s 2 months now since we all started. I’ve lost 44 cm and 7 kg, Carmel 45cm and 12 kg (and has decided to continue on this program for life). Mark has only lost 3 kg but an immense 57 cm in total from around his body. He has reduced his blood pressure medication by half as it was too strong for him. We’ve all started exercising before work but only because our energy levels are so high that we want to exercise. Our minds are clearer; we feel incredibly positive and focused and laugh lots more at work. I feel younger, sleep well, don’t use my glasses as much and have noticed that my clear skin has now become even clearer and more vibrant. We all feel incredibly well. And I’m very impressed! It really is the world’s best (as they claim) and I don’t say that lightly. Those of you who have known me for many years since I first appeared on TVSN 10 years ago know that I very rarely promote other companies’ products. I continually research and from time to time try lots of things but to be honest I’ve found in the health industry many companies want the opportunity to make money not great products.

If you are prepared to put the effort in to make a change and a commitment to your health then these products are well worth a try. If you want to know more about them and how to order them yourselves then please contact me on: 1800 826 836 or by email

I thoroughly recommend them.