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Why BE RELIEVED is one of the most versatile and fast-acting pain relief products on the market.

Posted on: December 6th, 2021

BE Relieved is versatile, effective and a natural alternative to modern painkillers.  It’s made from 11 Grade 1 essential oil ingredients in a base of sweet almond, wheatgerm and macadamia oils that also help to moisturize and protect the skin.

Based on research using Thermal Imaging BE Relieved begins to work within 3 minutes  of application.

It’s easy to use … just apply a small amount to the painful area, be it your back, neck, head, knees or even to sensitive areas such as for those suffering with haemorrhoids.

Essential oils are well-known for their analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties but did you know that they are also good at helping you if you have mild-anxiety or are having trouble sleeping.  BE Relieved is a calming blend that can be used throughout the day or applied at night when you are in pain and simply just need a good night’s sleep.

It’s moisturizing action absorbs quickly and the soothing aroma helps calm and relieve mild anxiety.

BE Relieved can be used for arthritis, joint inflammation, muscular aches and pains, muscular cramps and spasms, maintenance of peripheral circulation, gout, headaches, menstrual pain, breast tenderness, sprains, soft tissue trauma, low back pain, fibromyalgia, nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety, stress, sciatica and whiplash, nerve pain/mild neuralgia, shingles, rash, dry skin, minor burns (including sunburn), minor wounds (cuts, scratches, abrasions), eczema, dermatitis, sleeplessness, insomnia, sore throat, tonsillitis, enlarged and varicose veins and much more.  It really is a “first-aid in a bottle”.

BE Relieved will improve your well-being, help you with your pain and inflammation and allow you to feel more in control of your life naturally.

Customer Comment:

“Our go to pain relief oil, amazing… BE Relieved has been in our house for over 12 years, for neck pain, sore muscles and general massage. Would not be without it.” Michelle

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We provide natural alternatives that are well-tried and documented over centuries of traditional use. For anyone who has developed illness or chronic conditions, it would seem an imperative to give our body a well-supported chance to heal itself by providing clean air, water and food, plus therapies free from side effects and that do not result in a hospital admission.  We formulate products for specific purposes i.e. pain relief, that are easy to use.  Our major problem seems to be in having the space on the label and carton to fully explain all that the products can do. This is where testimonials are so helpful – we can pass on the words of others to help you. To this end we hope you share our passion and enjoy giving our products this Christmas to someone you care about to help their life and bring them joy, a special new healthy feeling and a greater appreciation of the wonderful body they have and how to care for it.